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World University of Bangladesh ( Bengali : ওয়ার্ল্ড ইউনিভার্সিটি অব বাংলাদেশ ) frequently abbreviated as ( WUB ) is a private university in Dhaka, Bangladesh .

history [edit ]

World University of Bangladesh ( WUB ) established in 2003 [ 1 ] under the private University Act, 1992 ( amended in 1998 ) and private university Act 2010, approved and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of the People ‘s Republic of Bangladesh and the University Grants Commission ( UGC ) of Bangladesh is a leading university for quality and utilitarian education. His excellence the President of People ‘s Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of the university. The WUB is a non-profit make concern – and governed by a 9 Member display panel of trustees constituted as per private universities Act 1998 ( Amended in 2010 ) .

campus [edit ]

Infra-structural facilities [edit ]

The university is located in the kernel of Dhaka city. The physical infra-structural facilities include classrooms, interrogation halls, teaching help for respective teaching education, library and lab facilities, on-line library, BDREN, facilities for games and sports and for co-curricular and extracurricular activities. In average there is about 23 sq ft. Space for each student.

library [edit ]

World University of Bangladesh has a large library in the present campus with maps and journal sphere, and a photocopy corner, database search recess, and newspaper display section. Each day around 950 users visit the library. The library contains 18663 books, a subscription to 135 international and national journals ( hardcopy ), 3 million on-line journals ( Shared by IEEE Library ) on its database, subscription to 16 national daily newspapers and around 2544 CD-ROMs and audio cassettes. It makes use of the UGC ‘s on-line facilities. Journals World University of Bangladesh has been publishing 4 Journals doubly in a year regularly since 2010 with volume I and volume II, Chronicle, Magazines, Newsletter, Monographs etc. sporadically to disseminate the research findings and activities of the university at National and International Levels. Names of our journals given below : 1 ) World Journal of Business Studies ( wjbs ), 2 ) International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Development Studies, 3 ) World Journal of Science and Engineering ( WJSE ), 4 ) South asian Journal of Population and Health ,

Laboratories [edit ]

There are laboratories for engineering and skill disciplines, and three computer laboratories with a local network of 233 PCs and personal VSAT services. Universities laboratories are shown below : Digital Electronics Lab, Electrical Circuit Lab, Electronic Circuit Lab, Computer Peripheral & Interfacing/Microprocessor Assembly Language/DLD, Analog & Digital Communication Lab, Optical Fiber Communication Lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Microwave Engineering Lab, VLSI Design Lab, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Lab, Automobile Engineering Lab, Digital Logic & Microprocessor Lab, CNC Programming Lab, Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Control & Automation Lab, Instrumentation & Measurement Lab, Software Lab, Mechatronics Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Operating System & Programming Lab/ OOP Lab, Internet/ web programming Lab, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Network Engineering Lab, Browsing Lab, English Language Lab, Geotechnical Engineering Lab, Transportation Engineering Lab, Hydrology Lab, Open Channel Flow Lab, Structural Mechanics, Strength of Materials Lab, Structure Lab, Surveying Lab, Engineering Materials Lab, UTM Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Water Supply Engg. Lab, Etaps Lab, Department of Textile Engineering, Textile Testing & Quality Control Lab, Garments Technology Lab, Fabric Manufacturing Lab, Spinning & Fabrics lab, Mechanical Workshop, Wet Processing Technology Lab, Yarn Manufacturing Lab, Fabric Structure & Design Lab, Pharmacy Lab, Pharmacognosy Lab, Inorganic and Organic Lab, Physiology Lab, Physical Pharmacy Lab, Microbiology Lab, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Lab, Pharmacology Lab, Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab, Pharmaceutical Technology Lab, Cosmetology Lab, Biostatistics Lab, Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics Lab, Medicinal Chemistry Lab, Advance Research Lab one. The authority of the Innova Pharmaceuticals has promised us the opportunity of using its laboratories for the B.Sc. in Pharmacy Program. two. The equipments of Jute Textile of Green Road, Dhaka only used for testing ground purposes for the B.Sc. in Textile Engineering program. three. Besides, we have an option of using the facilities of Decent Automobiles and International Electronics located at Kalabagan and Bangladesh council of scientific research .

accommodation [edit ]

The university provides residential facilities for male and female students .

permanent wave campus [edit ]

This year [ clarification needed ] the World University of Bangladesh ( WUB ) inaugurated its campus located in the newly urbanize area of the city that is the Uttara Third Phase Sector 17. This place has a assume waterfront typeset, close to the lakes of the sector making it a congenial environment for academician purposes. The campus, being erected is a purpose-built construction with capacity to house 12,000 students with more two phases for erecting in the future five years. The new campus houses facilities such as indoor gymnasium, basketball court, a helipad, interactional e-learning classrooms, and Labs .
WUB Permanent Campus

presidency [edit ]

The university as per necessity of the individual universities Act. 2010, has a control panel of trustees consisting of 9 Members. The Board is entrusted with the responsibilities of financing the university and determining the strategies and policies of the university .

Academics [edit ]

Degree programs [edit ]

WUB offers the trace programs from its 3 faculties .

staff of Business Studies [edit ]

• Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA ) • Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management ( BHTM ) • MBA ( Regular ) ‑ 2 years • MBA ( Executive ) ‑ 1 year • MBE ( Master of Business Education ) ‑ 1.5 to 2 years

faculty of Science & Engineering * [edit ]

• B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering ( CSE ) • B.Sc. in Computing & Information Science ( CIS ) • B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering ( EEE ) • B.Sc. in Civil Engineering ( CE ) • B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering ( MTE ) • B.Sc. in Textile Engineering ( TE ) • Bachelor of Architecture • Bachelor of Pharmacy

  • The programs in the faculty of Science and Engineering are open to Diploma Engineers with waiver of courses and fees.

staff of Arts & Humanities [edit ]

Department of Law • Bachelor of Laws ( LL.B ) ‑ 4 years • Bachelor of Laws ( LL.B ) ‑ 2 years • Master of Laws ( LL.M ) – 1–2 years Department of English • BA in English ‑ 4 years • MA in English ‑2 years • MA in English ‑1 class

Some specialities [edit ]

In accession to these, the university has a especial program of Master of Business Education ( MBE ). This program is meant for people destined to make career in teach of business related subjects and or a career in practical business earth in a short span of time. The university is besides pioneer in introducing Mechatronics engineering degree and B.Sc. programs for diploma engineers. Semester & Trimester organization, Except that of Pharmacy department, the university follows a trimester systems as follows : 1 ) bounce ( Jan-Apr ) 2 ) Summer ( May – august ) 3 ) fall ( Sep-Dec )

entree requirements [edit ]

• Combined GPA of 5.0 in S.S.C and H.S.C with minimum 2.5 in each or total GPA of 6.00* with minimal GPA of 2.00 either in S.S.C or in H.S.C. • GCE O-Level in minimum 5 subjects with a GPA 2.50 and GCE A-Level in 2 subjects with a minimal GPA 2.00 • International Baccalaureate or U. S. High School Diploma • early 12 years equivalent education ( must have the equivalence certificate from Ministry of Education ) • Engineering Students must have Math and Physics in their H.S.C. with at least B grade. “ If a student secures GPA 2 in SSC or HSC then he/she should have to have GPA 4 in the early to make GPA 6 in order to have entrance fee to WUB. In this case, less than GPA 2 is not permitted for admission. ” Anyone having GPA of minimum 2.50 can seek admission to Master Program of the university

entrance fee, orientation course and rede [edit ]

The university admits students based on grades of previous examinations, entree screen & Viva Voce. There is an orientation course system for newly admitted students on rules and regulations relating to Quality culture, Teaching education, Examination, Discipline and lead, Class attendance, Promotion, Payment of fees, achievements of WUB etc. Besides, traditional tutorials, particular tutorial semen guidance are arranged for admit students. Top and bottom 5 students of every clean-cut of each batch are selected for intensive care .

Courses and course of study [edit ]

All the academic programs of the university are utilitarian in nature and are approved by the UGC. The Departmental Course & Curriculum Committee reviews the Course & Curriculum to enrich them which then goes through the executive body and academic Council consist of internal members and external experts from other universities and celebrated practitioners. The semi-final draft then is sent to syndicate and on its positive node, the courses and course of study are sent for adjudication and approval of the UGC. The programs are launched on getting approval from the UGC .

Seminar and workshops [edit ]

The WUB regularly arranges seminars, workshops and master talks by distinguished chew the fat or local academicians or professionals to tie up the practice world with the latest development of academic earth. The university conducted 54 seminars under versatile associations and these shaped cognition based converse of the university. such seminars and meetings are regularly held at the university and the students able to take the fully benefit from these programs of their personal and professional growth .

Academic staffs/ academics [edit ]

The WUB has academic staffs totaling 252 ( including 10 Adjunct Staff ), appointed by a excerpt committee approved by the syndicate for imparting choice education. There is an orientation organization for newly appointed teachers. They are impart coach on teaching teaching, research methodology a well as on proper training of students .

teaching and appraisal [edit ]

The senior teachers of all the departments are initially given courses for new entrants and besides at the get down and ending classes. This is very much helpful for maintaining discipline and standard of education. enroll students have to go through both summational and formative judgment process. For formative judgment, examination questions are finalized by respective department after temperance by the Examination Committee. During the examinations, a central Vigilance Team ensures average examination. After finishing all the courses a four months mandate internship/ project a wallpaper is written, and is evaluated by inner and external guides. The presentation of project newspaper is compulsory and the marks are averaged and expressed in grades. WUB follows UGC approved grading system which is as follows :

Result Grade Text
80% and above A+ (A plus) 4.00
75% to less than 80% A (A regular) 3.75
70% to less than 75% A- (A minus) 3.50
65% to less than 70% B+ (B plus) 3.25
60% to less than 65% B (B regular) 3.00
55% to less than 60% B- (B minus) 2.75
50% to less than 55% C+ (C plus) 2.50
45% to less than 50% C (C regular) 2.25
40% to less than 45% D 2.00
less than 40% F 0.00
I Incomplete
W Withdrawn

The university provides the pursue awards to its outstanding students .

  • Gold medal: The Chancellor of the university awards 3 gold medals to each of the top scorer of three faculties on the day of convocation.
  • Summa Cum Laude: Each undergraduate student with a CGPA of 3.90 or above is awarded Summa Cum Laude by the university on the convocation day.
  • Magna Cum Laude: Each undergraduate student with a CGPA of 3.75 or above is awarded Magna Cum Laude by the university on the convocation day.

Monitoring [edit ]

several Modes of monitor of teaching, examinations and dissemination of results are in vogue. The Head of department along with one or more Co-ordinators in each department closely monitors academician, Co-curricular and extra-academic activities. A system of 360 degree evaluation is in practice for the academician and non-academic staffs. Academic and non-academic staff ‘s are promoted and rewarded on the basis of performance, punctuality and engagement in the extra-curricular activities .

institutional Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC ) [edit ]

World University of Bangladesh ( WUB ) has established an Institutional Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC ) on January 1, 2015, with technical and fiscal aid from Quality Assurance Unit ( QAU ), Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project ( HEQEP ) ; University Grants Commission ( UGC ) and World Bank. The main finish of this Cell is to guide the university to develop an internal quality assurance system and help the institutions to improve the capacity to assess and evaluate study programs with greater transparency and accountability in academic management which in turn identify new educational demands and competitive challenges for producing qualify graduates for the parturiency market at home and afield. soon after the origin, the IQAC-WUB organized several workshops, seminars and train programs for academic and non-academic staffs for the improvement of the university. It is besides assisting the authority of WUB and its unlike entities in developing an inner quality polish mechanism through self-assessment which in twist is creating an opportunity for quality enhancement through taxonomic collection of data from the people concerned. The Self Assessment Report provides data to external peer reviewers who validate the self-assessment conducted by the university after undertaking a through audited account and will expedite the Accreditation Process .

Affiliation & accreditation [edit ]

The university is accredited by University Grants Commission of Bangladesh & recognized by Ministry of Education, People ‘s Republic of Bangladesh. World University of Bangladesh ( WUB ) is a member of the Association of Common Wealth Universities ( ACU ), International Association of Universities ( IAU ), International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ), Association of Private Universities in Bangladesh, ACBSP, IEEE, ASCE, AME, ICE, AACSB, ACM and Quality Assurance & Improvement Council and appears in the worldwide list of universities by the UNESCO. The university has been accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh and Bar Council. As a member of the Association of Common Wealth Universities ( ACU ) WUB has access to over 500 member institutions in 40 countries across the Commonwealth. As a member of the IAU the university has international academician collaboration with all of its member institutions .

convocation [edit ]

The 1st convocation was in 2008. Former President of FBCCI, Annisul Huq, delivered the convocation address. Degrees were conferred on 783 students. The 2nd convocation was in 2012. Serajul Islam Choudhury, professor emeritus of English, delivered the convocation address. Degrees were conferred on 2253 students. The 3rd convocation was in 2015. Pran Gopal Datta, Vice Chancellor, BSMMU delivered the convocation address. Degrees were conferred on 2894 students. The 4th convocation was in 2017. John Wood CBC FREng, Secretary General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities delivered the convocation address. Degrees were conferred on 3183 students .

research and trail [edit ]

The WUB has two Centres viz. Centre of Excellence ( COE ) and Centre for Branding Research ( CBR ) to gear up the research and education activities of the university .

WUB research and educate centres [edit ]

A ) Centre of Excellence (COE): • Organize Professional Training • Implement Research activities of National and International Organizations • Maintain liaison with National and leading Donor Agencies viz. BBS, HEQEP, NIPORT, Planning Commission, UNFPA, UNICEF, World Bank etc. • Arrange Seminar, Workshop, Conference • Provide Consultancy Services B ) Centre for Branding Research (CBR): • Working for branding • Arrange Workshop, Seminar • Arrange Innovative Project Shows • Conduct research on Marketing • Link with Industrial Partners

scholar life [edit ]

Co-curricula and extra course of study activities [edit ]

All the departments of the university arranged seminar, symposium, study enlistment etc. to encourage the students in linking the theories in reality. Besides, the university has many clubs and societies which offer extra-curricula activities. To develop leadership faculties, the students are encouraged to participate in indoor and outdoor sports, cultural programs, debates, celebrations of National Days, Annual Picnic, Excursion etc .

festival [edit ]

Every year WUB arranges two days CSE Festival. The festival offers Inter University Project showcasing, Robotics Contest, college level debating contest, IT olympiad, Seminars, Workshops and Gaming Contest. Every year more than fifty universities and twenty dollar bill school and college enter in the festival. [ 2 ]

student organizations [edit ]

  • Wubian Students Society-WUBSS
  • Pharmacy association of WUB
  • Youth for better future
  • Civil Engineering Club
  • Young Learners
  • YL Global
  • MTE Club (Mechatronics Club)
  • Textile Club
  • WUB EEE Club
  • WUB Business Club-WUBBC
  • WUB Entrepreneurship Club-WUBEC
  • WUB Photography and Media Club – WUBPMC
  • WUB Computer Society (WUBCS)
  • WUB Debating Club
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