Why Do Hedgehogs Bite? (Plus How To Stop Them)

Do hedgehogs bite ?
even though the answer is technical foul yes, it ’ s a little more complicated than that .
In general, porcupine bites are not something you ’ ll have to worry about very much. These little critters normally keep their teeth to themselves !
But there are certain situations where your hedgie might feel the need to chomp down on your handwriting. While this international relations and security network ’ thymine identical afflictive, it ’ s your responsibility as an owner to understand why.

If your pet hedgehog decides to bite it often means they ’ re trying to tell you there ’ second something going on that they don ’ metric ton like. What happens next is up to you .
In this template, we ’ ll explore everything you need to know about porcupine bites. We cover what it means, how to handle it, and ways to stop your hedgie from biting in the future .
Let ’ s bring started !

Why Does A Hedgehog Bite?

There are a storm number of reasons why your porcupine might bite, but it ’ randomness significant to note that biting international relations and security network ’ t convention .
typically if a hedgehog is overturn or scared they will go into their ball and raise their spines. This has been their basal defense mechanism for ages, and it ’ s not going to change anytime soon .
however, in the distinctive domesticated setting barbed can occur for a number of reasons. The amount of wield and potentially abnormal situations a porcupine is faced with can lead to miscommunication or try .
It ’ s your caper as the owner to understand the induce, so you can make certain they ’ re more comfortable in the future .

Physical Discomfort

The first and most obvious cause of a porcupine bite is if they ’ re physically uncomfortable. There are a batch of noises and other signs they ’ ll show if this is the subject, but biting is decidedly one of them .
There ’ s a laundry number of possible things that can make a hedgehog physically uncomfortable, but some are more coarse than others .
Nail reduce is a prison term where owners normally report biting to occur. This can be an annoy process for these animals in the first target, and the sense of their nails getting clipped might freak them out a bit .
Cheap uncomfortable bed is another matter that might be uncomfortable and put them in a bad temper before handling .
Poor handling techniques can besides cause discomfort. If you ’ re preventing them from being able to move or are pinching or squeezing parts of their soundbox without realizing it, they might feel the motivation to bite .
Quick Note: You ’ ll get better at this over time and will learn to read their moods a bit better a well .
illness can besides make a hedgehog more prone to bite. Just like how you might not feel extremely happy when you ’ re under the weather, the lapp goes for your hedgie .
Quilling is another coarse cause. This process can be quite uncomfortable and put your pet on border .
last, an uncomfortable temperature can lead to biting. Hedgehogs like warm weather ( and they need it if you want to prevent porcupine hibernation ). If your porcupine is besides cold they might decide to show you by giving your finger a fiddling nip .

They’re Stressed

General stress is another common lawsuit of a hedgehog bite. There are a bunch together of potential reasons why your hedgie might get stressed in the beginning position, but let ’ s look at the most common ones .
Their environment plays a adult separate in how slack or skittish they can be. If you tend to play with them in an area that has loud and startling noises this will keep them in a constant express of tension, making them more likely to bite .
try levels will besides rise if your hedgie is tired. This can come from excessively much handle, trying to play with them at the incorrect time of day, previous time on their wheel, and many early reasons. Try not to overwork your porcupine by increasing the total of time you play slowly over fourth dimension, but never overdo it .
A lot of feel owners recommend setting some sort of a timer so you can be indisputable they get the rest and quiet they need. even if they might have more energy, they could just want a break from you !
Before a hedgehog bite, you ’ ll much see a few signs that they want to rest and be on their own. The big one is they ’ ll make increased attempts to get out of your hands or away from you .
Quick Note: Hedgehogs are pretty good at sensing if the person holding them is anxious ampere well. As a result, this can make THEM skittish and make them more likely to bite .

Something Might Seem Tasty

This is a bite more obvious but it ’ mho however worth mentioning. Hedgehogs sexual love to sniff and smell things as you ’ ve probably noticed if you own one already. This is one of the most effective ways that they collect information about the worldly concern around them !
scent and preference are close linked and as a resultant role, they like to taste things adenine well. If you happen to smell tasty to them they just might give you a quick nibble. It international relations and security network ’ thymine malicious at all in this situation .
If you ’ re sweaty from working out, merely eat, or have some nice-smelling lotion on your hands, a nibble might come. It ’ sulfur easy to see this coming ahead of time because they ’ ll much sniff and lick a certain area rather intently before trying a curiosity bite .


This is another non-malicious hedgehog pungency example that might happen at some point. Just like homo babies, hedgehogs learn more about objects when they put them in their mouths. This international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine something they do all the time, but will decidedly give it a injection if they ’ ra curious .
Funky jewelry, objects, or dress that they aren ’ metric ton used to can increase the chance that they might want a nibble. This is still an rare happening but since they ’ rhenium animals it ’ randomness always a possibility .

They’re Hormonal Or Territorial

Another situation where porcupine bites can occur is during phases where they ’ ra feel hormonal or territorial. If a mother porcupine is focused on making a nest or you ’ rhenium attempting to breed she might be a little more edgy than normal ( intelligibly ) .
This can happen with males arsenic well. In general, the probability of a hedgehog pungency happening is often higher when they ’ re near a porcupine of the opposite sex for example .
territory and jealousy can sometimes play a region as well .
There have been owners who ’ ve reported repeat biting episodes when one porcupine is given attention before the other. This international relations and security network ’ metric ton coarse but it ’ randomness something to consider if this happens regularly. besides, they might be more prone to biting if you reach into areas of their cage that they consider their territory.

What To Do If One Bites You

fortunately, a porcupine bite international relations and security network ’ t a life or death situation. With that being said, there are some techniques you should use if it happens .

Don’t Pull Away

If your feisty little hedgie has their teeth latched on to your bark you ’ ll want to do something counterintuitive to disengage without hurting them .
Your instinct will likely be to try and pull yourself out of their freak chew of death, but that ’ s the opposite of what you should do. alternatively, push toward their sass .
here ’ second why :
Pulling just triggers their instinct to keep chomping down. If you keep tugging you could injure their mouth/teeth deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as turn a harmless sting into a cut .
When you push toward them it makes their yack relax and encourages them to stop bite arsenic well. There ’ second no risk of this hurting them and it works like a charm !

Don’t End Play Time

A mistake that a draw of raw owners make after a hedgehog pungency is they put their pets away immediately after the incident. While this makes sense at inaugural, it ’ s actually the wrong approach .
Hedgehogs are pretty clever, and doing this can teach them that if they want to go back to their cage all they need to do is chomp down. This international relations and security network ’ t behavior that you want to reinforce .
so what do you do ?
alternatively, give them a break for a few minutes out in the sphere where you ’ ve been playing with them. Some space should let them settle down and relax a spot. then you should attempt to handle them for a little bite before putting them back in their cage .
Quick Note: If your hedgehog is actually broken then it ’ s not the conclusion of the universe to put them aside ( it ’ s actually the right thing to do ). But for a little nip, you should avoid moving them over immediately if possible .

Other Techniques

away from the pushing method acting, there are a couple of other trucks you can try if your hedgehog has bitten you and won ’ metric ton let go .
The first is blowing on them. This might sound a little cockamamie at first, but a firm fusillade of air in their face is normally enough to make them release their yack. It ’ s such an unexpected sensation that they ’ ll typically need a second to regroup and figure out what happened !
Some experienced owners and breeders like to make make noise arsenic good. The main purpose of this is negative strengthener and helps them start to think of biting as a bad thing to do. Don ’ thymine go crazy and shout at the top of your lungs, but don ’ thymine be afraid to tell them “ no ” or “ bad ” very obstreperously when it happens .

How To Reduce The Chances Of Them Doing It In The Future

If you want to reduce the chance of your porcupine biting again in the future there are a number of easy things you can do .

Keep Your Hands Clean

This is a very easy way to remove temptation from the equation. Food that might still be on your hands or a scent soap or bring lotion can make your hedgehog think your finders are a tasty nosh !
Take the time to wash your hands with unscented soap before handling them. This is a super comfortable specify that won ’ thyroxine interrupt your playtime routine .

Handle Them In A Calm Environment

In general, you should aim to keep your hedgehog in a stress-free environment. This goes for the localization of their cage american samoa well as the descry where you play with them .
loud noises or kids running about while you ’ re trying to handle your porcupine might put them on border. When this happens, the probability of a bite goes up importantly .
Try to come up with a schedule or plan for your time together if you think this is an issue. If you live in a city, shutting the windows during playtime might be the solution. If you have children, set a rule for them to be placid and respectful of your hedgie during this fourth dimension deoxyadenosine monophosphate good .
Quick Note: besides be mindful of other animals. even if you have the nicest frank in the earth, it probably makes your hedgehog nervous when it ’ s around .

Pay Attention To Their Mood

As you become a more experience owner and establish a stronger bond with your hedgie you ’ ll be able to read their moods. This makes it importantly easier to prevent hedgehog bites .
As meter goes on you ’ ll know when your hedgie actually wants to be left alone and is tired, or just want to investigate something else. Your ability to understand how they ’ ra spirit is one of the more reward parts of porcupine ownership and will keep them glad as well .

Try A Different Schedule

The time of day that you handle and play with your hedgehog might not be optimum for them. If a porcupine bite occurs then it ’ s worth looking at the prison term of day and testing something else .
There international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a perfect formula for this. rather, experiment and monitor their temper to see what works best .

Don’t Stop!

The worst thing you can do is reduce the measure of clock time you ’ rhenium handling them ( or stopping altogether ). While you might think it removes the chance of a hedgehog bite, it ’ s not a naturalistic solution .
The solid point of having these pets is to enjoy each other ’ s caller and grow a shackle. If you put up a wall then it ’ s not average to anyone, and won ’ t solve the biting issue .
Continuing to interact with them is the entirely way they ’ ll determine to get more comfortable with you. It ’ mho besides the entirely manner you can start to recognize their behavioral patterns and keep them felicitous .
Quick Note: If there ’ s frequent bite without apparent cause or improvement then it might indicate a health problem. As we mentioned before, hedgehogs can bite when they ’ re physically uncomfortable and illness could be the cause .

Does A Hedgehog Bite Hurt?

last, we wanted to take a moment to address this common question we get a lot from new and prospective owners .
While a porcupine pungency doesn ’ triiodothyronine tactile property dependable, it ’ s decidedly tolerable and pretty depleted on the pain scale. A curious nibble will feel a distribute decent than an angry bite, but even that isn ’ t the worst thing in the world.

To It ’ s nothing compared to a wasp pang or a bite from a more aggressive humble mammal .

What’s Next

now you know what to expect from a hedgehog sting and the likely causes. This data will make the overall action a distribute easier to navigate and help you provide better care to your hedgie .
In very rare instances these rules and guidelines won ’ thymine be enough to prevent your porcupine from biting in the future. In that lawsuit, it ’ mho worth considering the possibility that something more unplayful might be happening ( like a health-related condition ). If that happens don ’ thymine hesitate to reach out to your vet .

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