7 reasons to join a club or society

Introducing you to one of the best parts of uni – our clubs and societies. You can keep up-to-date with ActivateUTS ‘s approaching events to make sure that you ‘re making the most of your meter at UTS and immersing yourself into the ‘ uni liveliness ’ .

What’s ‘uni life’, you ask?  

Two women on campus smiling Adjusting to a new everyday while besides trying to make friends can feel a small sequester, but something that makes that a little easier is finding people to support you when uni gets bully. ( here ’ mho something you may not know : our clubs and societies are created and run by students that were, once upon a time, completely newly to the UTS student life, besides. )
so, here are seven reasons why you should join a club or club :

1. You get to meet and make friends who share the same interests you do 

Two students (female and male) holding up dog plushies in front of a Dog Society stall There ‘s a huge kind of clubs and societies at UTS that it ’ d be close to impossible to find one doesn ’ thymine trip an interest. Whether you ‘re looking for something social, want to meet people from your academic degree or want to expand your master network – there ‘s something for everybody !

2. It’s a great way to take a break from your studies and participate in social events

Esports club students gaming on beanbags When we ’ re all back on campus, keep an eye out for the Food Appreciation Society. They run detached food stalls you don ’ thymine want to miss ( sausage sizzle lunch or waffles for breakfast anyone ? ). Off-campus, clubs like Intents are your go-to for weekend trips, roasting marshmallows and meeting people who love the outdoors .

3. Get physical, in fun ways

Students playing Oztag in a park If you ’ re a team player, why not try Ultimate Frisbee to get your sporting fix and get meet, or hit the great outdoors with UTS Outdoor Adventure Club. Or if you ’ re more of a solo type but wouldn ’ thymine mind making friends along the way, you can build muscles and lift weights with Barbell UTS. possibly you ’ re in indigence of a creative exit ? The Dance Society is a great way to learn some newfangled moves and exercise at the same clock .
Did you know UTS has a hanker history of sporting success ? Team UTS dominates the university intervarsity circuit each year, winning the overall champions title in 2016 and 2017. UTS besides supports over 300 up and coming sporting stars via the UTS Elite Athlete Program each year, as they complete their studies. We even had 13 talented scholar athletes, alumni and club members compete in Tokyo 2020 this year. Go UTS !

4. Develop professional experience and build leadership skills (and add it to your resume!) 

Three women in front of the Events Society stall There ’ s no better way to impress an employer than to show you ’ re volition to get involve, work heavily and gain skills outside the classroom. Every club has a team of executives that help organise events, look after their social media, oversee finances and partake in making certain the club runs smoothly. Getting into one of these positions is a great way to build business feel for your sum up. so, if you ’ re looking at getting into marketing, being the market director for a cabaret is a great way to start. There are so many opportunities to get involve and work your manner up to an executive place.

Take a search at UTSoC for case ! This would be a big place to start for anyone studying a communications academic degree. If you are keen to get involved socially and gain practical experience, keep an eye out for their annually opportunities to join their white house team .
If you ’ re wanting to up-skill as a woman in the work force, Kick Your Heels Off can show you how to build confidence with network and connect you to industry professionals. There ’ mho besides the Law Students ’ Society, which is great for anyone who ’ randomness looking to learn more about the educational, vocational and social needs of law students .

5. Expand your horizons and get some practical experience in areas that are different to what you’re studying  

person coding on a computer Have an interest in programming ? Gain experience in the universe of information engineering over at ProgSoc or check out the Consulting Club for hands-on know in offering consulting services to start ups and minor businesses ( pretty cool, hey ? ).

6. Develop new interests, hobbies and skills 

Group of students with their fists in the air on a volunteering trip with The Big Lift always wanted to volunteer but don ’ t know where to start ? How does travelling through regional Australia sound ? Over at The Big Lift, you can meet students who are passionate about volunteering. Their trips take you to regional towns where you can lend a helping hand, meet some locals and produce actual change in small communities ( like planting 500 trees or build some prepare tracks ). If you ’ re an aspirant performer or fair love the drama, check out C.R.A.P ( Comedy, Revue and Performance Society ). Imagine brusque sketches, songs, dances and a hilariously adept time. Trust us, you won ’ t want to miss their shows .

7. Meet people from other degrees and expand your network 

Three people playing frisbee in a park network. You ’ ll hear a lot about this during your time at uni, and what better means to network than to attend playfulness social events ? UTS cultural clubs like the Pakistan Society or Thai Society are bang-up clubs to join if you want to meet other local students from your cultural background .

Want to know more? 

Find the clubs or societies that suit you at activateuts.com.au/clubs

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