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Purpose and Scope
As the on-line landscape continues to mature, the opportunities for Dell Technologies team members to communicate with customers, each other and the worldly concern are evolving. social media creates opportunities to champion the Dell Technologies brands and for personal formulation, but it besides creates risks and responsibilities. You should assume that anything you do on sociable media – whether on a business or personal account – could be viewed by a colleague, supervisory program, partner, supplier, rival, investor, customer or likely customer. Your bodily process on social media reflects on Dell Technologies and can impact the work environment, and, national to applicable law, will not be exempt from this policy just because it occurred on a personal account or as a Dell Technologies team member .
Related Policies and Consequence of Violations
As a Dell Technologies team extremity, you are expected to adhere to this policy on social media, including but not limited to Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, YouTube, Flickr, Twitch, blogs, wikis or any other instrument or service that facilitates interactions over the internet.

This policy supplements other Dell Technologies policies and standards, including the Dell Technologies Code of Conduct and Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. If your post would violate a Dell Technologies policy in another forum, it will besides violate it on sociable media. team members who violate this or other Dell Technologies policies may be subject to corrective natural process up to and including result of employment in accordance with the local anesthetic laws where you are employed .
Dell Technologies’ Five Social Media Principles
As a Dell Technologies team member, you are required to follow these five principles in all sociable media activeness. You ‘ll know these principles if you ‘ve already taken the SMAC 101 course from SMACU. You are required to take this and other SMACU courses if you engage in social media as share of your function or otherwise discuss our products, diligence or competitors on social media, but we encourage all team members to take this educate to learn more about social media best practices. If you have any questions about these principles, this policy, SMACU or social media in cosmopolitan, please electronic mail Social @

  • Be Nice, Have Fun and Connect! 

consistent with our Code of Conduct, every Dell Technologies team penis must be respectful to others when conducting business on behalf of Dell Technologies or when they identify or could be identified as a Dell Technologies employee. Remember, even when you are on a personal account, your sociable media activity could be seen by customers or potential customers, so you should treat every interaction on social media as if you are dealing with a electric potential customer. While we value employee privacy and a diversity of perspectives across our work force, Dell Technologies has zero tolerance for racism, bigotry, misogyny, express or implied threats of harassment or physical harm, or hate speech. “ Hate speech ” includes any speech – or second or forwarding of manner of speaking – that is derogative toward a group of people based on a protected classification. This can include rush, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, caste, sex or disability. For exercise, address that dehumanizes, ridicules, or condones or promotes violence against a protected class of people is hate lecture .
How you say something can matter arsenic much as what you say. You should not strong-arm, harass or threaten violence against anyone on or outside of social media. If you find yourself in a disagreement on sociable media, use a respectful tone or free .

  • Protect Information

You are besides prohibited from sharing customer or team member personally identifiable information on external social media sites. Every year, you take a naturally on how to protect customer and team member information. The same standards apply on social media. For exemplar, if you engage with a customer about a complaint or decree write out on social media, you should not include any identify information about that person or their order ( for example, order total ) in your posts. As a rule, you should never post personal information about person else on social media without their license. This could cause price to that person, to your reputation and relationships, and to Dell Technologies, and could even result in lawsuits.

  • Be Transparent and Disclose

When you talk about Dell Technologies on social media, you should disclose that you work for Dell Technologies. Your friends may know where you work, but their network of friends and colleagues may not, and you do n’t want to by chance mislead person. You should use the # Iwork4Dell hashtag in any station that discusses Dell Technologies. The disclosure needs to be in a place that is hard to miss, so just having it in your bio, buried between two other hashtags, or in a rate that requires the viewer to click or go somewhere else to see the disclosure is not adequate. You should include the # IWork4Dell hashtag careless of your privacy settings and adhere to any extra disclosure requirements under local anesthetic law in your country .

  • Follow the Law, Follow the Code of Conduct

To avoid violating trademark, copyright or promotion rights, do not post images or other message without the accept of those who own or appear in the media. When you quote others, be indisputable to credit rating them and, if allow, add a link. You are besides personally responsible for complying with any terms of the social media platform you are using. These terms differ across platforms, and can include detailed residential district standards. You should familiarize yourself with the terms and standards for each chopine you use .

  • Be Responsible

Make sure you ‘re engaging in sociable media conversations the right direction. Your communications should typically reflect your area of expertness, particularly if you are communicating with a customer or otherwise about or on behalf of Dell Technologies. If you encounter customer questions or issues on social media, contact social @ for review and support .
All team members are encouraged to speak about the company and plowshare news and information, but only authorize and train spokespeople may speak on behalf of Dell Technologies and issue official company responses. If you see something being shared related to Dell Technologies on a social media platform that should n’t be happening, immediately inform the Social Business Team at Social @, your director, Ethics and Compliance or some other allow contact. And constantly remember that anything posted in social media can go viral or be screenshotted, reshared or reposted as there is very little privacy protective covering for anything shared on sociable media, no matter what your privacy settings may be .
If you mistakenly post something on a social media platform, it will be hard to delete wholly. therefore be certain you ’ re only posting contented you would feel comfortable showing up in your emboss ’ inbox, your coworker ’ second Twitter or Instagram prey, or the front page of a major news web site. You should avoid posting contentedness that might contain legal conclusions, cerebral property that belongs to other companies, or calumniatory or incendiary linguistic process. Everything you post online can be traced back to you, so be sure what you post is appropriate before you post it. Your mail might be shared with others and archived even if you delete it late. even if you put something in your bio about your content being equitable your own, that might not stop person else on-line from complaining about your activity and noting that you work for Dell Technologies .
Social Media Account Ownership

If you participate in social media activities as region of your job at Dell Technologies on an report created for that purpose, that bill is considered Dell Technologies ’ property and remains then if you leave the company — meaning you will not try to change the password or the bill name or create a alike sounding bill or assert any possession of the account or the contacts and connections you have gained through the account. Any materials created for or posted on the account will remain Dell Technologies place. This does n’t apply to personal accounts that you may access at work, but does apply to all Dell Technologies and affiliate company branded accounts. If you have any questions about an score you operate, please reach out to social @ to discuss the report .
For any extra questions or support, reach out to social @ .
Global Policy on Social Media Effective Date: October 2020

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