6 Ways to Promote Jobs on LinkedIn

Most companies are not leveraging the LinkedIn chopine to it ‘s full potential to commercialize their jobs .
Job Posts are however the core way to advertise jobs. however, I recommend six job selling approaches, getting increasingly more creative as we work down the list ( I have saved the best ’til stopping point ! ) .

Seventy percentage of the fully-employed global work force consider themselves passive candidates, or not actively looking for their future jobs. But ampere many as 85 percentage are hush open to talking with a recruiter, if approached in the right room. To get the attention and hope of passive candidates with your caper advertise, you may well need to employ some of the more creative approaches below .

1. Job Posts

LinkedIn Jobs are uniquely positioned to connect passive candidates with recruiters. alternatively of sitting on a traditional caper board — waiting to be found by active job seekers — jobs are mechanically targeted to the most relevant candidates using LinkedIn ’ s matching algorithm and visibility data, regardless of whether or not they ’ re actively looking for new opportunities .

Click on this link for promote tips on Creating LinkedIn Job Posts for Passive Candidates .


2. Sponsored Jobs

Need more eyeballs on your priority 1 roles ( greatest importance ; hardest to fill ) ? Sponsoring a job will give it added visibility with the proper consultation through top placement across LinkedIn ‘s desktop and mobile experiences. Sponsored Jobs receive 30-50 % more applications than organic jobs, helping you to fill your crucial roles faster. For this rationality, I prefer to call them “ Application Accelerators ” .

You bid for exceed placement in LinkedIn ‘s individualized subcontract placements. This bounty placement gets your high-priority jobs noticed by the right candidates .
Adapt your spend in real-time. Decide when and how much your jobs need excess visibility. You have complete flexibility to dial up or down your spend to increase or decrease job views in real-time .
A wage per suction stop auction model determines how much your sponsored jobs are shown, so you pay only for success .


3. Group Posts

Where there is a relevant ( and active ) LinkedIn Group, you should promote your jobs to Group members. Searching for an Android Developer ? Why not promote the job to the Android Developers Group ?
There are two ways to promote jobs to Group Members :

  • Share a job

  • Start a jobs discussion

note that you will first need to join a Group. Furthermore, some Groups are locked down by their administrators to prevent jobs sharing .

4. Company Posts

Companies can far promote key jobs via light updates to their matter to and engage Followers .
Word of warning : while effective, this should be done very selectively. Your company ‘s inaugural objective with Content Marketing on LinkedIn is to develop firm relationships by solving members problems and providing content that is valuable to their professional lives and career growth. however, if you are providing lots of valuable message, it is all right to promote the casual winder job .
When promoting jobs via Company Updates, be creative ( for foster ideas see How to Promote Jobs through Company Updates ) .

a. Just linking to a job post will not render great results:

b Use strong imagery and imagination to make the job stand out:

c. Reach further by Sponsoring the Company Update:

Sponsoring a LinkedIn Company Update allows you to get the message in battlefront of relevant people who are not presently following your company.

Your company can further broadcast key jobs by sharing the LinkedIn Job Posts through other Social Networks. Again, get creative with your job shares – a square partake may have little impact .

5. Employee Push

On average, employee networks on LinkedIn are 10 times larger than a Company ‘s Follower numbers. furthermore, as we all tend to network heavily within our own fields, it is probable that your employee ‘s networks could contain a fat collection of relevant endowment .
Encourage your employees to parcel authoritative jobs by making it bare – provide all the details and clear instructions .

6. Sponsored Posts

I have saved the best to last .
Use the ability of stories and deliver them straight into the news-feed of your target endowment Pools .
This is the way it works :

This works good if person with ‘authority ‘ creates the long-form post, such as the relevant head of department or even your chief executive officer. They can lay out the sight for the role in their own lyric. The long-form post should include a link to the job position for promote details. For highest impact, embed a video in the long-form post – this could be angstrom simple as the business drawing card talking about the function. The video recording can besides be embedded in the Sponsored Update that goes out .

Of run we should not forget the importance of your Talent Brand to attract more attention to your job posts. On LinkedIn, companies with a solid Talent Brand get 2.5 times more applicants than companies with weak a talent Brand .
With a strong endowment Brand and armed with these creative approaches to promoting your jobs on LinkedIn, you will see a bunch of buzz and get a lot of campaigner attention for your key roles .

I’m a “ Talent Brand Consultant ” with LinkedIn, based in Sydney, Australia. I post articles about LinkedIn Strategies, Content Marketing and Social Media. Follow me by clicking on the ‘Follow ‘ button at the top of this post if you would like to receive my articles right in your news feed as they are published .

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