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[ Updated : June 2021 ]

What is Twitter Promote Mode?

Twitter Promote Mode is basically a subscription service that will mechanically promote your tweets indeed that you don ’ t have to create Twitter ads or campaigns yourself. It is the hassle complimentary, immediate and easy way to promote your content on Twitter. however, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and Twitter Promote Mode comes with a price rag of £79 per calendar month .
For vitamin a long as your subscription runs, Twitter Promote Mode will act as an ‘ always-on ’ service, promoting your first 10 tweets of the day. Your retweets, quote tweets, and replies will not be promoted, and tweets need to meet Twitter ’ mho choice Policy for them to be promotable .
chirrup predicts that on average, an account will reach 30,000 more users, and will gain around 30 followers a calendar month. ultimately, Twitter Promote Mode is for the time-poor seller who is looking to raise awareness for their arrangement or stigmatize and looking to increase their followers.

How to Use Promote Mode

once you sign up for the subscription, you can select your targeting options. These options are not arsenic sophisticated as Twitter Ads target, and will not suit every business. Users are merely able to target either placement or interests, not both. These interests are besides extremely broad however limited, where you can only select 5 interests from a excerpt of 25 .
For us, a Digital Marketing Agency, the targeting options do not lend themselves to our target consultation. We had to select the adjacent best interest targeting that was the most relevant to our capacity : business, Technology and Computing, and Travel .
Twitter Promote Mode Targeting
once you ’ ve chosen your targeting options, all that ’ south left to do is tweet for them to be automatically promoted to a large consultation. There ’ sulfur no doubt that Promote Mode offers the easy and quickest way to advertise on Twitter. But, does it provide commodity results ?

We Tested Twitter Promote Mode for a Month

Over the naturally of the month, our Tweets earned 56,000 impressions. This is a brawny increase in impressions compared to the calendar month ahead. As a consequence of Twitter Promote Mode, we reached an extra 29,330 people and gained 32 newfangled followers. These results align with Twitter ’ s predictions that accounts will reach on average 30,000 more people, and reach on average 30 new followers each month.

Despite a clear increase in impressions and strive, the majority of engagement on our tweets, such as likes, link clicks and retweets, still came from organic pass. Looking at the analytics below for our top-performing tweet from the month, we can see that we received more organic impressions, engagements and clicks than we did from promoted .

Promote Mode Tweet Analytics Promote Mode Tweet Analytics

Is Twitter Promote Mode Worth It?

If you want to reach a large hearing, gain more Twitter followers, and your aim hearing equip within the bare 25 targeting categories, then Twitter Promote Mode could work for you. But ultimately, the extra time spent on manually running and optimising a Twitter Ads Campaign will provide a much better return on ad spend in the long run.

The problem with Promote Mode lies in its lack of control. You are unable to control which tweets are promoted, when, or to who. Although we were able to reach a importantly larger audience over the run of the month, they weren ’ t the right people. basically, we didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate gain any valuable results because the impressions we received were not valuable to our occupation or services .
Unlike managed social media campaigns, you can ’ triiodothyronine test ad sequence or split testing, putting the performance of your ads at a disadvantage .
Over the course of a month, the £79 price tag entirely works out at £2.50 a day. If you were to utilise the full allowance of 10 promote tweets a day, you would only be paying 25p per promoted tweet. Although Promote Mode may be a cheap, and immediate, alternate to advertising on Twitter, it is not going to be as efficient or arsenic successful as manually managing a Twitter campaign .

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