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It ’ south clock for another installation of Ask Shutterstock, in which we answer questions we hear when we talk to customers. today we ’ ra looking at questions about persona usage—what ’ sulfur allowed, what ’ s not .
Before we continue, you should know that if you ’ rhenium not indisputable about something, you should refer to our Terms of Service. That text file is our most up-to-date, official source of Shutterstock visualize usage terms. This stake just covers the highlights. OK, let ’ s answer some questions !
Q: Can I use Shutterstock images in print advertising?

A : yes ! If you subscribe to one of our popular Standard License plans, you can use images on about any print product, with a limit of 500,000 copies. A Standard License allows image usage on :

  • Editorial or advertising in magazines, newspapers, books, book covers, textbooks, editorials and directories.
  • Advertising posters.
  • Artwork for the packaging of any product.
  • Letterhead and business cards, pamphlets, brochures, catalogs and on pop-up and/or panel displays for use in conventions and trade shows.
  • In CD or DVD cover art and/or artwork.

If you ’ re creating a project with a photographic print run exceeding 500,000 copies, or if you plan to use the visualize on merchandise ( like a jersey ), you will have to buy an Enhanced License. Enhanced Licenses help make certain our artists are compensated fairly .
Q: What about web sites or other electronic media?
A : We ’ ve got you covered. You may use Shutterstock images for a variety of on-line and electronic projects. A standard License lets you use Shutterstock images :

  • On websites, online advertising, social media, mobile advertising, mobile apps, software, e-cards, e-books, email marketing, and other online media, with no limit on viewers or distribution.
  • As toolbar skins, screensavers and mobile phone wallpaper for your own personal, non-commercial use.
  • Keep in mind that all image use must prevent the image from being unincorporated from the end product.

If you ’ re making something like a software intersection or a DVD with a distribution greater than 500,000 copies, you must buy an Enhanced License.

Q: What are some of the prohibited uses of Shutterstock images?
A : You can not use any of our images of people in a derogative direction. This means you may not use models in pornographic fabric ; political endorsements ; drug, or tobacco campaigns ; and dietary drug and herb tea addendum ads. Images of people can be used for alcohol ads ampere retentive as the model is of legal age to drink .
You besides can not :

  • Use any Shutterstock image as part of a trademark, service mark, or logo. However, you may attempt to purchase an exclusive license to the image, giving you exclusive usage and rights to use it in logos, etc.
  • Resell or share Shutterstock image licenses.
  • Share a standard Shutterstock account login with multiple users. However, we can create a custom multi-user account at your request. Call 1-866-663-3954 for information!
  • Indicate that the image was created by you or anyone other than the copyright holder of that image.

With an Enhanced License, you can use Images :

  • In print runs exceeding 500,000 copies.
  • For print on demand projects such as postcards, mugs, t-shirts, posters, giclee prints, wallpaper, artwork and other items.
  • For promotional merchandise, such as shirts or mugs, that you sell or give away.

The three uses listed above are not permitted with a Standard License. You ’ ll need an Enhanced License for those uses. More details about the differences between licenses are available in this comparison chart .
Have a question about broth imagination for Ask Shutterstock ? Please electronic mail web log @ ( As constantly, if you need help with your Shutterstock explanation, you should contact our knowledgeable patronize team. You can besides consult our Customer FAQ. )
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