Hire With Google: The Difference Between Google Hire & Google for Jobs

While we are out evangelizing Google for Jobs, we often get asked how it differs from the Google ATS, Google Hire. well, it ’ second all in the name, as they say. Using Google for enroll is the newfangled normal, so it ’ randomness imperative to understand the distinctions between these two. In today ’ s mail, we ’ rhenium going to go over the differences between the two different ways you hire with Google : Google for Jobs & Google Hire (ATS) .

Hire with Google: What Is Google Hire (Google ATS)?

Goole Hire is an applicant traverse system ( ATS ) and recruiting software by Google, with the goal of empowering endowment sources to hire more stipulate candidates faster.

Recruiters looking for an ATS may have added the Google ATS to their likely circumstance set. Google boasts that Hire, the Google ATS is :

  • Straightforward to use
  • The right fit for small- to medium-sized businesses who want to “distribute jobs, identify and attract candidates, build strong relationships, and efficiently manage the interview process”
  • Integrated into the Google suite of products, thus increasing efficiency and productivity

The estimate behind the Google ATS is that it is rooted in a chopine that is already familiar to recruiters and endowment acquisition teams. This makes the learn wind minimal and allows teams to hire candidates more cursorily. More than precisely an ATS, Hire with Google helps recruiters stay organized from sourcing candidates to scheduling interviews .

Is the Google ATS free?

This is not free. The price for this AI-powered recruit app is based on the size of your company. Visit this page to find more information about the Hire by Google pricing structure and schedule a demonstration to learn more.

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What Is Google for Jobs?

While Google Hire is focused on empowering the recruiter to manage their daily source activities more efficiently, Google for Jobs allows recruiters to POST their jobs so top candidates can actually find the jobs. After all, 73 % of candidates start their job search on Google. When a jobseeker googles a specific job they are looking for, such as Director of Talent Acquisition in New York City, Google for Jobs delivers a neat list of relevant job openings. In other words, Google for Jobs aggregates subcontract listings from around the web and presents job search results in a dim-witted box at the top of the organic search results. It didn ’ t take long for grok recruitment market leaders to catch on and want to make sure their job openings are showing up on Google for Jobs.

To learn how to :

  • Post a job on Google for Jobs
  • Post jobs on Google through your ATS
  • Leverage Google to get more candidates

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