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Nursing Student Health Requirements

harbor students are required to meet basic health requirements prior to enrolling in clinical nursing courses. This includes everyday childhood immunizations, annual influenza vaccinations, testing for communicable diseases including COVID, and random drug riddle. Clinical agency contracts do not permit students to wavier these requirements.

COVID-19 Statement for Nursing Students

nurse Students and Faculty are required by our clinical representation contracts to be vaccinated for COVID. It is not possible to complete the WKU nursing program without going to a clinical
facility that requires vaccination. 

due to the respective concerns about this newly vacine, students with a documented allergy to materials in the COVID vaccine may work with SARC on obtaining a aesculapian release. Students who belong to a religious sect which forbids vaccinations may work with Andrea Anderson ‘s office on obtaining a religious release .
Please note, obtaining a WKU COVID release does not mean that a scholar can attend clinical at any given placement. It is potential than no clinical agencies under contract with WKU may allow waviers, due to the quickly changing clinical situation. Therefore, WKU School of Nursing cannot guarantee that a student who obtains a WKU
waiver for COVID vaccination will be able to complete the nursing program.
If the agency allows waviers, most are requring that students with vaccine waivers undergo frequent COVID testing per the clinical sites policies. Some facilities are requiring frequent testing even if the students are in full vacinated.

Due to the current situation, no WKU nursing student will be required to care for known or suspected cases of COVID-19. If a scholar is asked to care for a patient that they do not feel prepare to care for, they are to let their faculty know at once and the nursing faculty will ensure they are reassigned to a patient that they can adequately care for. However, with so many people having COVID without any symptoms, it is possible that
a student may end up caring for a patient or working with a staff member or another
student who later tests positive for COVID.

illness : staff, students, and staff who are ill or have any symptoms of any type of illness ( influenza, cold or COVID-19 ) symptoms ( fever, cough, abruptness of breath ) need to stay home and avoid contact with others. No scholar should ever go to a clinical site if they are nauseated. We also ask that anyone with symptoms of COVID or who have known exposures to COVID
to go to the WKU Student Health Center for testing
, and to follow quarantine procedures for exposures per the health department guidelines .
If a student has a especial reason to be at increased hazard due to a aesculapian condition and prefer not to participate in grimace to face activities at this prison term, they can either do a aesculapian coitus interruptus from clinical and coupled classes for the semester, or if they have completed more than half of the clinical hours, they can do an incomplete for clinical and/or lab course for the semester. The missing
hours will have to be made up prior to proceeding to the next part of the nursing
This will be handled on a case by case basis and we will require software documentation from your primary wish supplier as to when it is safe for you to return to the clinical set. After that time, you will need to arrange with your staff to make up any missing lab and/or clinical hours prior to proceeding to the following semester ’ mho classes .
 If you have questions or concerns about your particular situation, please contact
your faculty member using the contact information included on your class syllabus.
The school of nursing general phone total is 270-745-3391. The staff can forward your calls, but the people most probable to know the answers concerning your individual situations are your faculty members .

  Mission Statement

The School of Nursing and Allied Health prepares undergraduate and alumnus students to provide compassionate, culturally sensible worry to diverse populations. Through the use of serve and inter-professional learn opportunities, students are organize to function in an increasingly ball-shaped company and to provide creative tell based, and ethical solutions for complex healthcare issues. The desire for lifelong memorize is instilled in graduates as a means to continue personal professional growth and to affect positive change in healthcare systems and policy .

School of Nursing and Allied Health Programs


BSN Program – Entry program for people who want to become a nanny
MEPN Program – Accelerated entrance platform for highly qualify students with a anterior BS/BA degree in a playing field other than nursing who wish to obtain the BSN and the MSN at the same time .
Dental HygieneEntry Program for people who wish to become alveolar consonant hygienists .
LPN to ASN online – program limited to LPNs who wish to become RN. You must presently hold an LPN License to enroll in this course of study .
MSN- PMHNP – program for BSN disposed nurses who wish to become Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners
BSN-DNP – program for BSN train nurses who wish to become Family Nurse Practitioners .
MSN to DNP – Program for MSN organize nurses who wish to obtain a doctor’s degree in nursing practice .
security Programs – Non Degree Programs which allow MSN prepare nurses to take a specific breastfeed practitioner board documentation exam ( PMNHP or FNP only ) .


The bachelor’s degree degree plan in nurse, dominate ‘s degree course of study in breastfeed, Doctor of Nursing Practice program and post-graduate APRN certificate program at western Kentucky University are accredited by the

Commission on the Collegiate Nursing education
655 K Street NW, Suite 750 ,
Washington, DC 20001
The LPN to ASN nursing program at western Kentucky University located in Bowling Green, Kentucky is accredited by the :
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing ( ACEN )
3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA 30326
( 404 ) 975-5000
The most late accreditation decisiveness made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the consort nursing platform is Continuing Accreditation .
View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at :
( hypertext transfer protocol : // ) .
The Dental Hygiene Programs are offered at the AS and BS levels, and are accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation ( CODA ) of the American Dental Association .

Kentucky Board of Nursing Approval

The nursing programs at WKU are approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing to offer calibrate and undergraduate nurse programs. Benchmark data comparing WKU to other Kentucky Schools of Nursing can be viewed here KBN Benchmark Report .

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