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Experience is everything

Our campus is function of the city that surrounds us, and we do n’t let the walls of the classroom close students off from learning in the universe beyond .
What you learn in class is identical crucial, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get us improper, but we besides rate the cognition and have you gain at internships, or when you study afield, participate in a service-learning project, launch a startup or conduct autonomous research. And employers do, excessively. That ’ randomness why at VCU, experiential learn is built into the course of study no matter what you study .
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Make the most of your education

When you go to college, person you know is going to give you a version of this advice : Take advantage of all the opportunities you can get your hands on. And guess what ? They ’ ra 100 percentage right. here are some ways you can get the most out of your academician experience at VCU.

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VCU Transform

In this biennial living-learning program, students build skills to become leaders and global citizens through a specify course of study and outside-the-classroom experiences like community avail – all while living together in a supportive community. add bonus : They earn a certificate to go on their resumes. Learn more about VCU Transform .
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Study abroad

Brazil. South Korea. Estonia. For students who want to see the universe, VCU offers a crop of options from weeklong trips to full-academic-year programs and is part of a study-abroad network of more than 300 universities in more than 50 countries. The best part ? many program fees cost the lapp as VCU ’ s in-state tutelage, board and board. Learn more about study abroad .
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Honors College

The Honors College offers high-achieving students special opportunities to realize their potential as separate of a vibrant community of dedicate scholars. Its advanced course of study — integrated with experiential learning, including inquiry, service and report overseas — provides the feel of a modest, broad arts college. Honors welcomes students of all majors, and those who are interested in attending VCU ’ s professional health science programs can apply for the Guaranteed Admission Programs .
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Internships can lead to jobs after school. But they do more than that. They can help you decide if the career path you ’ ve choose is a good match for you. You ’ ll meet people who may have an impingement on the remainder of your life. They give you a probability to get your work out into the worldly concern and to make a dispute. And they ’ rhenium increasingly becoming an all-important part of the college experience. Learn how VCU can help you land an internship that will make all the dispute .
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Hands-on memorize is essential to a VCU education. indeed much so that students must complete at least one VCU REAL natural process before they graduate, whether it ’ sulfur study overseas, a research project, an internship, volunteering… the list goes on. There are batch of options and your adviser can help you figure out the best choice for you. Check out what these students had to say about their substantial experiences .

Support when (and how) you need it

VCU is serious about scholar success. We offer resources to help you graduate on time, even during unprecedented times. Many of the services downstairs offer both in-person and on-line appointments, and our Keep on Learning web site offers guidance on navigating college during the pandemic.

Campus Learning Center
Offers one-on-one tutor, academic coaches, auxiliary education sessions, study groups and drop-in tutor
Writing Center
Offers in-person or on-line writing consultations to help you with your papers and projects
Academic Advising
All students are assigned an adviser who not only helps ease the transition from senior high school school to college, but besides helps create a design focused on successful career outcomes after graduation
Transfer Center
Offers resources and documentation specifically for transfer students
military scholar Services
Offers resources and support specifically for servicemembers and their families
Offers enhanced academic rede, tutor, fiscal guidance education and more to students who are first-generation, low-income or have a document disability

You first at VCU
Helps first-generation students connect with other first-gens a well as the academic and social resources they need to achieve their college goals
student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity
Offers advocacy, adapted materials and alternative test to students with disabilities
major Maps
Combines academic planning and career plan to allow students to create personalize achiever plans based on their major

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