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Every virtual event can include a live chat where your viewers can comment and discuss the consequence amongst each other as it ’ s happening on your event page or on your locate via the embed new world chat. As the event owner, you have the ability to moderate this chew the fat vitamin a well with gossip deletion and banning capabilities .
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You must be on a background browser in ordain to use the old world chat moderation tools. Opening your event on the Vimeo fluid app allows you to see and participate in the old world chat but there are presently no options to manage the chew the fat via the app. You will not see the survive new world chat if you are streaming from the mobile app .
⚠️Note : There are early synergistic tools you can use for your events such as polls and Q & A. Chat is best for general discussion among your viewers.

( note : Since the production of this television, we no longer offer Facebook as a chat login option. Viewers should either log into their Vimeo account or chat as a guest. )

Enabling & disabling chat

Chat is disabled by default. You can see this from the Live Settings page right after you create your event under the Event  check. Toggle the Chat trade to enable it ( it will turn blue ) .
⚠️ Note: If you are streaming to Vimeo via Livestream Studio, you can besides moderate and participate in chat directly from there. Learn more .
If you plan on embedding your event, voyage to the Embed tab key on the Live Settings page. In addition to the musician embed, you can besides embed the old world chat module. Click Chat embed code to grab the iframe to paste into your web site .
once your settings for your consequence are configured, snap Manage production for recurring events or Next for erstwhile events .
For recurring events, you will see two options : Stream with Vimeo and Stream via RTMP. If you click Stream with Vimeo, you will be taken to the broadcaster page. On the right side of the stream, you will see two chat options : Audience and Speakers .
Audience allows your viewers to chat during your event. You can besides post messages, which all viewers can see. Click Disable chat to turn off the audience chat .
The Speakers chat is an home new world chat between you and other speakers/guests. It will be enabled at all times .
For events streamed via RTMP and all erstwhile events, you can manage your chat in the left navigation menu of the live preview page. You can enable and disable new world chat from here at any item during your event by clicking the More Options ( ••• ) icon at the clear .
If you are watching the event from Vimeo, the chew the fat will appear to the right of the exist player. The ••• menu hera contains options to minimize and pop it out into its own window for your viewers, in addition, to enable/disable options for you .

Moderating chat

Your chat will be available on your Vimeo event page and the new world chat embeds once it is enabled. This means viewers can start chatting even if you haven ’ triiodothyronine gone know however. They can log in to an account or new world chat as a guest and post messages improving to 280 characters long .
If you are expecting mobile viewers, you should be mindful of some limitations :

  • Viewers using a mobile browser will not be able to chat on your event page on vimeo.com as the chat on that page is not currently supported on mobile browsers.
  • Viewers on the Vimeo app will need to be logged into a Vimeo score to chat. additionally, they will only be able to chat in the Vimeo app if your event is set to Public. Private and password-protected events presently redirect to the vimeo.com mobile site .
  • However, you embed the chat onto your website, viewers on mobile browsers can participate either while logged in or as a guest. 

⚠️Note : While the act of viewers an event can have is unlimited, chat is limited to 80,000 logged-in participants ( either via their Vimeo score or by entering their list and clicking “ Join ” ). If your consequence ‘s old world chat surpassed 80,000 logged-in participants, any newly viewers will not be able to access the chat ampere well as polls and Q & A ; existing participants would however have access .
Chat participants can besides delete their own messages if they wish ( but cipher else ‘s ). The new world chat will remain active until you finish your stream ( unless you disable it ) .
During the course of your event, you can delete individual comments or ban a drug user entirely either via the Chat pill in the Live Preview page for erstwhile events, the broadcaster page for recurring events, or on your stream ’ s public page on Vimeo. Hover your cursor over their message and select the Trash picture to delete a gloss or the Block icon to block the drug user.

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The offending exploiter can still comment when you block them, however, their comments will nobelium long be visible to any other participants so it will appear that they are being ignored by everyone else. You can besides unblock the user if you wish. Please bill that the blocked drug user is only blocked for that event ; they would be able to visibly post on future events unless you were to block them again .
During your event, the browser will only display the most recent 100 messages to both you and your viewers ; this is to prevent playback buffer and overall organization slowdown. note that you will even be able to export a CSV of all chat messages after your consequence ( more on that under ) .

After the event

once your event is over, the chat will deactivate. Viewers would need to comment below the player once the television archives rather. note that chat messages do not appear as comments after the event ends .
For recurring events and webinars, you can download a transcript of your chat by doing the watch :

  1. From the video director, go to Live Events and select your event .
  2. Click Manage production, then select Stream via RTMP. navigate to the Chat tab, then click the More Options icon ( ••• ) above the chew the fat.
  3. Alternatively, when opening the Manage production dropdown, select Stream with Vimeo to enter the event’s broadcaster page. Open the Audience chat on the right side of the page and select Export chat.
  4. blue-ribbon eitherCurrent session for the event you good streamed or your consequence ’ s date for a previous stream.
  5. This will download the transcript as a .txt file. Chat transcripts are available to download for 30 days .

If you want to download a old world chat transcript of a one-time event, you should either do it immediately following your stream, or you can do the succeed :

  1. Navigate back to the consequence archive ’ mho television page ( e.g. vimeo.com/1234567 ) .
  2. Input the following into your browser ’ randomness address cake : vimeo.com/

    live/ 1234567/stream#chat ;

  3. voyage to that address within 30 days of your event and you will be able to download your transcript .
source : https://enrolldetroit.org
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