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Make the Right Test grade 

Minimum requirements:
SAT ( UWG code : 5900 )

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing : 480
mathematics : 440
Please note: we will “superscore” your SAT scores to evaluate your highest submitted scores. There’s no need to reapply with each set of scores submitted.
ACT ( UWG code : 0878 )
english OR read : 17
mathematics : 17
Please note: we will “superscore” your ACT scores to evaluate your highest submitted scores. There’s no need to reapply with each set of scores submitted. 

Take the Right Courses

All freshman applicants must satisfactorily complete the compulsory capable units of the Required High School Curriculum ( RHSC ) or College Preparatory Curriculum ( CPC ) * and graduate with a RHSC/CPC diploma .

Course Requirements
Subject RHSC Units (17) CPC Units (16) Course Content
English 4 4 Emphasis on grammar and usage, literature (American, English, World) and advanced composition skills
Mathematics 4 4 Math I, II, III, and an advanced math OR Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and an advanced math
Science 4 3 At least one laboratory course from the life sciences and one laboratory course from the physical sciences
Social Science 3 3 At least one course focusing on United States studies and one course focusing on world studies
Foreign Language 2 2 Two units of the same language (including American Sign Language) emphasizing speaking, listening, reading, and writing 

For a detail list of College Preparatory Curriculum course requirements, please visit USG ‘s “ Staying on Course ” Document .
*If you are not graduating from a Georgia high school, we will accept the courses based on your department of state ‘s commencement standards .

Academic GPA

Using the courses above, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will calculate an academic grade point average from the applicant ‘s official high school transcripts. The average GPA of the UWG freshman class is a 3.32 .

register for the SAT or ACT

U.S. SAT Registration
U.S. ACT Registration

registration available at UWG ‘s Testing Services

*The ACT-On-Campus Exam is administered by Academic Testing Services and is lone used for UWG Admissions consideration and can not be used for other institutional admissions criteria. Please visit hypertext transfer protocol : // for extra information . replicate Link to Tab Copied

accumulate Documents

official High School Transcripts sent immediately from the high educate to Office of Admissions
air Documents early on
It can take 1-2 weeks for our function to receive your transcripts and other documents. consequently, we recommend you send all necessitate missing documents/supplemental items at least one calendar month before our deadline .
All required documents to determine admission eligibility MUST be received in the Office of Admissions no later than the established term application and document deadline date.

transport Documents The good Way

If you are not certain how to send your missing documents/supplemental items, please electronic mail admiss @ or call 678-839-5600 .

gamey School Transcripts

All senior high school school transcripts must be official in order for you to receive an admission decision. You may mail your transcripts or drop them off in person, equally long as they remain in the original, sealed envelope from the school. You may besides send official transcripts through an electronic transcript service, such as Parchment, Naviance, Scoir, or GA Futures. Please do not fax or email transcripts.

Other Documents

The follow items may be faxed, emailed, mailed, delivered in person, or uploaded to your application on-line : West in Thirty participation agreements, transfer conditional adoption contracts, letters of transient license, social security cards, permanent wave nonmigratory cards, lawful presence confirmation, judicial questionnaires, and application update forms . copy Link to Tab Copied

Check Your application condition

To review your want miss documents & auxiliary items, check when your documents have been received, or view your admission decision, login to your Begin West account .
Our agency recommends that you check your application condition at least 1-2 times a workweek after submitting your application. We will send you important information throughout the application process, so please check your e-mail that you use to login to your Begin West account .
Log In
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Reach Out With Questions

Have a question about the admissions process ?
Contact Us or see our FAQ .
position of Admissions
Phone earphone : 678-839-5600
Fax Fax : 678-839-4747
Email admiss @
University of West Georgia
Office of Admissions
1601 Maple Street
Carrollton, GA 30118 copy Link to Tab Copied

following Steps for Accepted West Students

Congratulations on your adoption to the University of West Georgia !
We ’ re then excited to help you navigate your next steps to Going West. One of the great things about UWG is that we ’ re able to specialize in each stage of the registration procedure by having entire offices of staff dedicated to helping students through the march. Each sphere has their own web site and liaison information so you can utilize their team to make sure you ’ re getting the best help possible .
See an outline of what to expect in the march towards registration . imitate Link to Tab


Admissions Appeals

At UWG, we recognize that everyone has different academic strengths. We require students to meet our minimum requirements for entree, but we understand that some circumstances can make this difficult. That ‘s why we have an appeals serve .
Learn more about the appeals process

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