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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, MS

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Faculty research interests in biochemistry and molecular biology ( BMB ) reflect the broad nature of this discipline, including biochemistry, molecular genetics, systems biota, developmental biota, cell biology, metamorphosis, and organism interactions with the environment in microbial, implant and animal systems. A particularly tailored degree design is determined in consultation with the student ’ s major adviser and alumnus committee members. Research laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art growth facilities and instrumentality for in astuteness study of functional genomics, gene discovery, metabolomics, protein/nucleic acidic structure and affair, and molecular and cellular visualize. Visit for more information on the inquiry interests of the BMB staff.

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Degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Option 1

master of Science with a major in biochemistry and molecular biology is a research program of 30 hours of graduate credit at the 5000 and 6000 naturally level beyond the bachelor ’ second degree, including 6 hours of thesis.

Option 2

master of Science with a major in biochemistry and molecular biota is a non-thesis professional skill passkey ’ sulfur ( PSM ) degree that prepares students matter to in biotechnology for careers in industry and government. The PSM degree option requires 36 hours of calibrate credit at the 5000 and 6000 naturally floor beyond the bachelor ’ s degree, including a 4 to 6 hour internship .

Biochemistry and molecular biology graduate core courses

The MS with a major in biochemistry and molecular biology is designed to provide a graduate-level foundation followed by promote study and inquiry. Students are required to successfully complete a minimum of three BMB foundation courses across the disciplines of biochemistry, molecular genetics and cell biota ( equivalent to 9 hours ), and an extra three courses ( equivalent to 9 hours ) selected from foundation, advanced and supporting electives, in reference with the scholar ’ s advisory committee. Supporting electives courses may be in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics. Contact the department for further details on qualifying foundation, advanced and supporting elective courses. Students must enroll in BIOL 5860 at least once per class for the duration of their degree .

Option 1, Master of Science requirements and procedures

  1. During the first long term/semester, the student, in consultation with the major professor, selects an advisory committee of two other faculty members from the department faculty. A copy of the form designating the committee should be filed with the graduate advising secretary before the student’s second long term/semester.
  2. Before registering for the second long term/semester, the student, major professor and advisory committee prepare a formal degree plan of the courses to be taken by the student. The degree plan consists of 9 hours of foundation and 9 hours of advanced/electives courses, and 6 hours of thesis. Only 3 hours of special problems (5900-5910) may be counted toward the degree plan. The number of individual research (6940) hours counted toward the degree plan, is determined by the major professor and advisory committee. A copy of the degree plan, signed by all committee members, should be submitted to the graduate advising secretary before the student’s second long term/semester. All course work must be at the 5000 and 6000 levels. Master’s degree students may not receive graduate credit for any undergraduate course by taking the course under a 5000- or 6000-level designation, such as special problems. Undergraduate courses, except those which meet with graduate courses, are considered to be for the correction of deficiencies and are not included in the graduate degree plan hours.
  3. Before registering for the third long semester, a formal research proposal, outlining objectives to complete the thesis should be submitted to the major professor and advisory committee for approval.
  4. After the approved research proposal is filed the student may register for thesis. Once registered for thesis the student must maintain continuous enrollment in at least 3 hours of 5950 during each long term/semester until the thesis is submitted to the graduate school. Failure to maintain continuous enrollment may invalidate previous thesis credit or result in the student being dismissed from the degree program, unless granted an official leave of absence by the dean of the Toulouse Graduate School.
  5. Following approval by the major professor, a draft of the completed thesis must be submitted to the committee at least one week prior to the defense of the thesis and final examination.
  6. A formal seminar based on the thesis must be presented by the student during the student’s final term/semester. The student must schedule a room for and publicly advertise the seminar and defense. Directly following the seminar, the student defends the thesis in a final oral examination conducted by the major professor and advisory committee.
  7. The student is responsible for completing all requirements and meeting all deadlines for graduation within the time specified by the graduate school.
  8. A final copy of the thesis must be submitted to the Department of Biological Sciences main office either bound or on disk in .pdf format.

Option 2, Professional science master’s degree requirements and procedures

Candidates are required to complete a course of study composed of 14 hours in core biology/biochemistry/molecular biota related courses and 6 hours of elective course skill courses in the lapp disciplines, and an extra 12 hours of non-science professional development courses selected from a list of courses in business, public administration, communication, philosophy, economics and writing. The course of study is selected with the guidance of a graduate advisory committee. A 4 to 6 hour internship is besides required. satisfactory completion of a written comprehensive exit examination is required of all candidates .

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