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Your Future In Anthropology

Earning a bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from the University of North Texas will prepare you for a assortment of challenging careers .
People with discipline in anthropology oeuvre in a universe transformed by ball-shaped forces ( shifting political borders, cultural tensions, environmental challenges resulting from ball-shaped climate change, and so forth ). They act locally to bridge communication between divers groups and help everyone adjust to our changing world. You may work for a :

  • Federal, state or local government agency as an analyst or public information officer
  • Museum as an education director
  • Nongovernmental organization such as UNESCO, UNICEF or the American Red Cross
  • Public health department or hospital as a medical anthropologist

Anthropology besides prepares you for a variety of alumnus and professional school degrees including law, music, public health or even a overcome of Business Administration degree .

What we offer

We train you to apply anthropological cognition to solve problems and improve people ‘s lives. The coursework is grouped to provide an understanding of human biological, social and cultural complexity and the relationships of humans to one another and the environment.

By enrolling in specialize electives, you can focus your studies on physical anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archeology or sociocultural anthropology .
Our staff members, who serve as mentors, have research interests in :

  • Africa, Latin America, North America, Oceania, and South Asia
  • Archaeology
  • Business, technology and design
  • Education
  • Environmental and ecological anthropology
  • Health beliefs, medical practices and public health
  • Migration and border studies
  • Physical anthropology

You can join the UNT Anthropology Student Association, which sponsors field trips, a staff lecture series and discussions about social issues. There are besides numerous opportunities to gain practical feel in the playing field. They include working with a professor, on your own ethnographic research project or at a field school engaged in hands-on archaeological, sociocultural or physical anthropology research.

What to expect

We encourage you to complete the university effect courses before taking junior- and senior-level anthropology courses. This approach will better prepare you for success in our program .
Most of our courses require intensive writing, and you ‘re encouraged to become adept in a irregular lyric .
The Career Center, Learning Center and professional academic advisors are among the many valuable resources available to you at UNT. The Career Center can provide advice about internships, future use opportunities and getting hands-on know in your major. The Learning Center offers workshops on speed read, study skills and time management. Academic advisors will help you plan your class agenda each semester. We besides have dedicated staff in the department for you to talk to .

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