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Submit Electives Plan by filling out the attach spreadsheet and submitting to Dr. MacLeod .

BME Course List & Class Schedules

To see what courses are offered by the department, ampere well as when and who teaches them, visit the BME Course List page. To see the class schedules for diverse semesters, visit the BME Class Schedules Page .

Undergraduate Handbook

Admission to the University of Utah

All Biomedical Engineering students must first be admitted to the University of Utah. For more data, please visit the Office of Admissions web site .

Admission to the Biomedical Engineering Major

There are two ways to achieve Biomedical Engineering Major condition : direct admission and applying for entree.

Direct Admission

To learn about direct entrance fee, please visit section 3.2.1 of the Undergraduate Handbook .

Apply for Admission

To learn about applying for admission for major condition, please inflict section 3.2.2 of the Undergraduate Handbook .

Misconduct Policies for Biomedical Engineering Students

This text file describes the policies and procedures used by the Department of Biomedical Engineering relating to academic misbehave of any scholar enrolled in a biomedical Engineering course ( for example, Biomedical Engineering 1010 ) or any course that is cross-listed with a biomedical Engineering naturally ( for example, NEUSC 6050 ). This policy is in effect starting November 2, 2018, for courses starting in Spring Semester, 2019 and thereafter. Please download the latest translation here.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Office of Undergraduate Research ( OUR ) resides in the Office of Undergraduate Studies. The mission of the OUR is to facilitate and promote undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and creative works in all disciplines throughout the University of Utah campus. They theater the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program ( UROP ), the Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation ( URSD ), hold the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium ( URS ) in junction with the Honors College, and publish the annual Undergraduate Research Journal. The OUR hosts workshops on research-related topics, offers small & locomotion grants, and advising for aspiring undergraduate student researchers. The OUR provides a connection to numerous display and publication opportunities on a local, state, and nation-wide basis. additionally, the OUR is an excellent resource for current research opportunities on campus .

Entrepreneurship Program

Course Number Taught CH Course Name
Engin 5020 Fall 3.0 Engineering Entrepreneurship
ENTP 5790 Fall 3.0 Business of Entrepreneurship
ENTP 5791 Spring 3.0 Launching Technology Ventures
BIOEN 5110 Fall 3.0 Regulatory Affairs I/II
BIOEN 4200/4201/4202 Fall/Spring 5.0 Research and Research Thesis
BIOEN 3801/4801 Spring/Fall 6.0 BioDesign

BME Electives : BIOEN 5110 + one of Engin 5020, ENTP 5790, ENTP 5791 ( 6 hours )

broadcast cost to students : 6 extra CH above current BME program .

How to Prepare for Graduation

Congratulations on your advancement towards your degree ! Before applying to graduate, please agenda an appointee with Dr. MacLeod. This appointment besides fulfills one of the requirements of the BME 4991/4992 Senior Thesis course. You will find complete instructions on the commencement process on the University Registrar ’ s web site. application for commencement is normally electronic nowadays sol good follow the liaison below and come instructions .
If you have any questions, contact an adviser !


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