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As a liberal Arts undergraduate, you should declare a major by March 1 your sophomore year at Tufts. As an Engineering undergraduate, you are required to declare a major by March 1 of your first year at Tufts .
Minors are optional and not all departments and interdisciplinary programs have minors so you should consult department websites for extra information. A scholar may have any number of minors .
Please eminence that students may not complete a major and a minor, or two majors, or two minors, from the like department or course of study unless the department or program explicitly permits it .

Declare a Major or Minor

To declare a major or minor, complete the applicable declaration of major and child shape.

If you are an mastermind scholar, please besides consult the extra Majors : Engineers and Minors : Engineers pages for foster data about naturally requirements, credits, etc .
Note : Some minors require a minor adviser, so be sure to check with the department .

Change Your Major, Minor, or Advisor

If you would like to change your elementary major, extra major, or adviser at any point during your time at Tufts, we suggest you consult your stream major adviser or Advising Dean first gear ( liberal Arts BA/BS, Liberal Arts BFA, or Engineering ). ( If you are changing Advisors, make indisputable you besides speak with likely fresh Advisors in progress. ) Once you ’ ve spoken with the allow staff and/or faculty members, arrant the applicable forms .
If you are an technology scholar, please besides consult the extra Majors : Engineers and Minors : Engineers pages for promote information about course requirements, credits, etc.

Make an Advisor Appointment

Undergraduate Students

As a Tufts student, you are supported by a potent propose team. This network expands even further once you choose an adviser and a major. There are several ways to take advantage of your advising team :

Advisor What they help with How to contact
Pre-Major or Major Advisor Course excerpt, major exploration, discussion and development of intellectual interests, referral to university resources

Directly via email, phone, or department
Senior Academic Advisor (Liberal Arts BA/BS or Engineering) Course selection, campus life questions, major exploration or comparison, policy questions, university resource questions 617-627-2000
Advising Dean (Liberal Arts BA/BS or Engineering) All of the above plus academic difficulty, extended absences or leaves, petitions for policy exceptions, residency requirements, fulfilling degree requirements 617-627-2000

Graduate Students

All graduate students are assigned academic advisers and thesis or dissertation advisers by your department. The staff conductor of your graduate certificate program serves as the adviser for participating students. Please contact your department or adviser directly to make an appointee .

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