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There are calm some naysayers when it comes to chest hair grooming : There are those that say chest of drawers hair is making a comeback, for model. There are flush those who would argue that a good breast rug is healthy — that we evolved with chest hair because it was our first line of defense against blood-sucking parasites getting to our skin. But the reality is that it ’ south becoming more and more coarse, and why not ? We are descended, after all, from a long course of manscapers, and since it both helps us smell adept in warm weather and makes us look more muscular ( provided you have muscles there in the first invest ), paying attention to the torso and indulgence in a little thorax hair grooming doesn ’ triiodothyronine seem like the worst idea. here ’ s how to do it by rights .
Know Your Chest Hair Type
As we ’ ve explained previously when examining how to manscape every individual body part, it ’ randomness vital that you start by considering what the hair on your thorax is actually like. “ The coarse and denser the haircloth is, the barbed it ’ south going to feel when you trim it down with your clippers, ” explains Melanie Mari, owner and discipline manscaper at Bare Skin Studio. If you have very coarse hair and you ’ re just trimming, rather than going for a completely shaved chest, you need to leave the haircloth on your chest of drawers good long enough to lay down flat against the bark, otherwise it ’ s going to be unbearably barbed ( and manscaping tips for dealing with that post-manscape prickle are a wholly different floor ) .
The Secret to Good Chest Hair Grooming is Blending
It should go without saying that manscaping good part of your body is going to look eldritch, particularly if you ’ re a very hairy guy. To avoid having a agleam, bare thorax slope by side with a mass of blur on the belly, Mari recommends using a # 2 clipper on the thorax and stomach, then tackling the glad chase with a # 1 clipper. “ Or, if you want to look extra clean [ and you have gentle, reasonably sparse consistency hair ], trim the chest and abdomen hair using a # 1 clipper, ” she advises.

How to Rock the Fully Shaved Chest
If you decide to go completely smooth on the chest of drawers, dermatologist Anthony Rossi recommends approaching it the lapp room you would shaving your face : “ Manscape in a hot, steaming shower to soften up the hairs. Trim or shave with the grain, never against — if you ’ ra not sure which way to go, pull the razor in the like direction that your hair seems to be pointing. That will prevent creating sharp angles. Moisturize afterwards to condition the hairs and clear up any aggravation. ”

Consider the Chest Hair Grooming Alternatives
flush tackling that chest wig with a razor or trimmer is going to be an ordeal for extremely hairy dudes, so you may want to think about other options for a more pleasant feel. If you ’ re much wearing a fur coat in the shower, Mari recommends avoiding manscaping raw and waxing rather, the advantages being that it ’ second ace politic and will survive longer than shaving. There is besides the possibility of using hair removal cream, but if you go this route, drill extreme caution and be certain to read the label carefully to ensure the intersection is designed for sensitive areas ( like your nipples ) .
talk of nipples : Be careful when you ’ ra chest hair grooming, as not only are your nipples very sensitive, they besides bleed a fortune if you by chance slice them. The good news is, they do grow back ( or the tips will, at least ) — you can find more about dealing with such incidents in our guide to treating every soundbox grooming wound. In the meanwhile, feel confident in knowing you ’ ve got this chest hair grooming thing down, and have fun flashing those glistening pectoral at the beach. Or the pool. Or the bus shelter. shave chests look beneficial anywhere, right ?

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