How to Keep Family First as an Entrepreneur

How to Keep Family First as an Entrepreneur

In January 2019, I sat in my office, which at the prison term was my bedroom, opened my laptop, and began my animation as the founder of Trend Management. Life as an entrepreneur had officially started. I already had some insights on what life would look like since my wife, Dede, adept known to some of you as “ Dress Up Buttercup, ” has been running her own business ( with some help from her photographer, aka me ), since the end of 2015. I was excited, but anxious. I wanted to ensure that everyone on our roll of talent at Trend Management felt like they were a depart of a kin. In order for that to happen effectively, that mean I needed to invest a distribute of fourth dimension to make certain that would be the case. I believe this, along with a draw of other personal offerings, separates Trend management from every early influencer management company. late that class, we launched Trend Social, to help brands navigate the sociable media populace. Our roll of endowment have such a unique audience, and have worked identical diligently to prioritize that hearing. Trend Social guides brands on how to best study with those influencers. This benefits the brand, but better so far, benefits our roll of talent. Tailoring opportunities that are organic to them, eliminating all the back and forth.

debauched forth to today, Trend finds itself as one of the fastest growing influencer management companies in the area. At the same time, it feels like my family is growing barely as fast. With a toddler and an baby at home, things precisely don ’ thyroxine stop consonant, as I ’ megabyte surely you can attest to if you ’ re besides a parent. Two under two is unmanageable — fun, but difficult. The fact that my wife and I are both entrepreneurs and growing our own business adds a wholly other dimension to our class liveliness. A lot of people ask me, “ What ’ s it like working with your wife ? ” and the answer is- even though she is represented by Trend Management, we don ’ t necessarily work together in the traditional sense. This credibly helps things as we ’ ra both fabulously interfering in our own lanes, working to grow what we ’ ve built- both in our businesses and at home in concert. That said, here are some things that have helped me prioritize my syndicate.

first, contribution your calendar with your spouse. foil in our kinship has been critical for us. This allows us to schedule time with each other — whether it ’ s date nights, doctors appointments, or evening small chores around the house. Time is precious, both with family and in business and that ’ s why Dede and I schedule everything. We can walk through our workweek in concert and make time for our family to be in concert. moment, we put our phones away during syndicate time. Our lives have been engulfed by our phones, and we both know that if our phones are tied near us, it will somehow perturb us. Our kids will merely be this senesce once, and we want to cherish these moments and try to avoid unnecessary distractions if we can.

Third, leave cultivate at work. If it were up to me, I could talk about Trend all day, but I know that Dede and the kids equitable want to hang out with me. My wife wants me to talk to her about her day, my daughter Rosie equitable wants me to chase her around and tickle her all evening before sleep together, and my son Jet, well correct now he just wants food and a clean diaper, but soon I ’ ll be chasing him besides, and I want to enjoy every moment I have with them. One thing I ’ ve learned is that this will always be a work in build up. Some days, it ’ second hard to leave bring at oeuvre, or to put my phone aside. I remind myself that I need to make time with my family a precedence. I love that Dede and my businesses are both in blooming — I think Dede and I both push each other to be the best that we can be both independently and as parents and partners. Keeping an ongoing conversation with one another allows us to do that and staying organized as possible lets us achieve our goals together .

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