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Tomorrowland 2022 is now taking plaza across three weekends this summer, from 15-17th, 22-24th, and 29-31st July .
slate sales, dates, batting order, headliners and more – here ‘s everything you need to know about the biggest dance music festival in the global .
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When do tickets go on sale? 

Tickets to Tomorrowland 2022 are due to go on sale in belated February 2022, with the WorldWide Ticket Sale beginning on Saturday 26th February .
Festicket will be Tomorrowland ‘s official change of location partner and will release Travel Packages including passes and accommodation for Tomorrowland 2022 at 17:00 CET on Sunday 27th February .
For all the latest updates, join our Tomorrowland 2022 Waiting List .
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Can I Pre-Register to buy tickets?

Yes. In fact, you need to Pre-Register in order to participate in all three ticket sales : Global Journey Sale, WorldWide Pre-Sale, and WorldWide Ticket Sale .
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Is joining the Festicket Tomorrowland Waiting List the same as Pre-Registering?

Joining the Festicket Tomorrowland 2022 Waiting List is not the like thing as Pre-Registering on the Tomorrowland web site. however, Festicket is an official Travel Partner for Tomorrowland. Joining the Festicket Tomorrowland 2022 Waiting List ensures you have access to any packages available on .
You can join the Festicket Tomorrowland 2022 Waiting List here .
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How do I purchase tickets?

travel Packages ( including passes ) to Tomorrowland 2022 will be available at 17:00 CET on Sunday 2nd February on Festicket .
For all the latest updates, join our Tomorrowland 2022 Waiting List .
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What is in a Travel Package?

Festicket ‘s Tomorrowland packages will include passes alongside a variety of camping, luxury camp and hotel options with transfers .
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Can I purchase tickets over the phone?

No, in order to ensure that everyone is given a fair find to purchase tickets, fans are only able to purchase tickets online and after pre-registering .
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Which payment methods can I use? supports all major credit and debit card issuers, and the surveil on-line money transfer services : VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, giropay, ideal, Sofort Überweisung. Paypal and Apple Pay can besides be used as methods of payment .
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Do you offer a deposit or payment plan?

Yes, we offer both of these .
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How quickly do tickets sell out?

Each class, tickets sell out about immediately. It is very difficult to get tickets sol be sure to be organised.

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Can you offer any tips on being prepared for the sale?

1. Make sure that you are ready and online before sale is to start

Be mindful of the demand prison term when tickets and packages go on sale .
New York 11am EST / London 4pm GMT / Amsterdam 5pm CET / Sydney 3am AEDT
2. Register for a Festicket account

Part of the payment summons when buy packages on Festicket is to register for a Festicket account ( you need this to access your tickets and documents ). salvage time by registering advance and being signed in before the beginning of the Tomorrowland sale. Register here .
3. Speak to your friends beforehand to decide which package you want to book

besides pick a 2nd and 3rd choice as they will sell out cursorily and you will save time if you already know what to go for if your 1st or 2nd choices are sold out. Details of the packages will be available to view for a few days before so you can decide .
4. Make sure that your bank knows that you intend to make a large purchase

It is common for banks to block payments, specially if they are to be made in international currencies. Festicket take payment in EUR, GBP and USD .
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Is there an age restriction?

The minimal age to attend Tomorrowland is 18. You must be aged 18 or all over, or turn 18 on the year of the festival to gain entry ( anyone born in 2004 ). This policy is strictly enforced and you will be required to provide proof of age upon arrival. There are no exceptions to this policy, even if you are accompanied by an adult .
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I have a large group of people who want to come. Can I be able to book for 10 / 20 / 50 people?

In the past, Festicket has had a utmost of 4 people per club. Group bookings can be arranged however you will need to contact our group booking team ahead .
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How do I know if a company is legitimate?

You should only buy through a Tomorrowland Official Travel Partner or mastermind from the festival themselves. Official Travel Partners are listed on the Tomorrowland web site here – constantly check that the company you are buying from is listed in the update list. Festicket has worked immediately with Tomorrowland as an Official Travel Partner since 2013 and can be found in the Official Travel Partner segment of Tomorrowland ‘s web site .
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How do I sign up to the Festicket Newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news?

Easy – click here, and you ‘ll be able to sign up and start receiving our newsletter every Friday. Check the terms and conditions for full details before you sign up .
If you have joined the Festicket Tomorrowland 2022 Waiting List, then you will mechanically start receiving the Festicket Newsletter .
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I think I might not have signed up properly. How do I check?

Try entering your electronic mail again using the radio link above. If it shows “ It looks like you ‘ve already registered for this forwarding. ”, then you had previously signed up successfully .
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What is Global Journey?

“ ball-shaped Journey ” packages are a scope of tag, accommodation and travel packages designed by the Tomorrowland team to ensure that your journey to Tomorrowland is angstrom hassle-free as possible .
Some Global Journey packages include flights – the ill-famed ‘party flights ‘ with DJs, entertainment and a host of surprises to ensure that your Tomorrowland experience starts american samoa soon as you control panel .
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I have another question to ask, how do I get in touch? 

You can contact us on Social Media via Facebook & Twitter, or you can send a request to our Help team from our Help Centre .
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