The Lost Hounds


The Lost Hounds


Hunting Grounds – west


Hunter ( Hunting Grounds – West


Dragon Age II – Mark of the Assassin The Lost Hounds is a side quest in the Mark of the Assassin downloadable content for Dragon Age II.

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The Lost Hounds can be started by talking to the hunter marked by a plat point in the western character of the Hunting Grounds. He is calling for two dogs and asks you to keep an eye out for them. Upon accepting the quest, it is suggested that you focus on The Master’s Salve first .




You will find upon entering the Eastern separate of the Hunting Grounds, that there is another plat point not far ahead. Grab the bearberry towards the body of water following to the breast with the potions and head towards the plot orient. Approaching it will show the hunter ‘s frank, Sylvain, and that it wants you to follow him. It will lead you through a gain with ghast nests. Following Sylvain a snatch more will lead to the hunter ‘s early poisoned dog .
Note: You can still save the dog after completing The Master’s Salve side quest even if you have already interacted with the dog.

Upon interacting with the cad, Tallis will state that she ‘s about positive it ‘s been poisoned by a wyvern .

  • The first dialogue option is to leave the poisoned dog. If you do this, then you can return to the hunter and inform him about his poisoned hound. He will thank you and leave in order to find help, ending the quest without any reward.
  • The second dialogue option, however, is available only if you have already completed The Master’s Salve which will allow you to use the salve on the dog. If you pick that option, the hunter will thank you and reward you for saving his hound.
  • The third dialogue option is to kill it. If you do this, there are two possible outcomes. You can lie and tell the hunter that it was killed by a wyvern, or you tried your best but you couldn’t save it. Both options will end the quest without any reward. You can tell the hunter that you put it out of its misery which will cause the hunter and the remaining mabari to attack you.

Note: The second and third dialogue options will inevitably result in an encounter with the hunter upon leaving the area, while picking the first option will keep the Hunter to his original position in the western part of the Hunting Grounds.




If you leave the dog without doing anything and tell the hunter :

  • 150 XP(quest completion), no money or fight or item

If you use the salve on the cad, the hunter will give you :

  • 1Gold
  • 300 XP (using salve on dog) and 900 XP (quest completion)
  • The Houndmaster's Short BowThe Houndmaster’s Short Bow

If you kill the chase :

  • No XP for telling the Hunter the truth or lying
  • (Optional) XP and possible random loot from the fight
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