Progynova 2mg (Estradiol Valerate) – Hormone Replacement Therapy

Progynova (estradiol valerate) 2mg

What is Progynova?

Progynova contains the drug estradiol valerate, a synthetic form of the hormone 17β-estradiol.
17-beta estradiol is chemically and biologically identical to the endogenous human estradiol, and is therefore safe for use.

Hormone replacement therapy

Estradiol is prescribed as part of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), also known as postmenopausal hormone therapy (MHT).
HRT targets symptoms associated with female menopause and is linked with replenishing the gradual end of estrogen production in the body.

By externally providing the estrogen (in the form of estradiol valerate) the body lacks, Progynova can alleviate symptoms such as hot flushes, low sex drive, and loss of energy.

Estradiol for osteoporosis

Low levels of estrogen in the body in postmenopausal women is attached to a high risk of bone brittleness, often leading to fractures at the slightest pressure.
Progynova 2mg alleviates this risk and fulfills the natural concentration of estrogen. The medication rebuilds the bone structure together with vitamin D and calcium, and thus maintains bone density and integrity.

Male to female transition

Progynova is indicated in transsexual women undergoing male to female transition.
Estradiol is taken to enhance and develop female features such as breast development, facial hair suppression, muscle and fat realignment, and metabolic changes to achieve a more feminine body shape.

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A significant role is also observed in suppressing the male hormone testosterone, which is present in high levels in transgender women. This testosterone is the chemical primarily responsible for regulating male secondary sexual characteristics.

How does Progynova work?

Progynova contains estradiol valerate, which is a prodrug or a precursor drug. Upon entering the body, it undergoes activation to 17-beta estradiol which is identical to the estrogen produced naturally by the body.
This activated form of estradiol valerate flows through the bloodstream and comes in contact with a group of receptors called estrogen receptors (ERs). Stimulation of these receptors brings about a cascade of events that ultimately results in the formation of proteins that controls the female reproductive system and the secondary sexual characteristics.
Estradiol valerate also causes changes in metabolic processes that control the muscle and fat distribution in the body.

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