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I ’ thousand thrilled to announce that Temkin Group has been acquired by Qualtrics. together, our goal is to create the global ’ sulfur premiere center of excellence for all things feel management ( XM ) .
This new center–the Qualtrics XM Institute –brings together the industry ’ sulfur first think leaders to help shape the future of experience management, establish and publish best-practices, drive product invention, and enable certification and discipline programs that further build a community of XM professionals. The Institute will create diligence benchmarks, drive groundbreaking think leadership, and guide ongoing program optimization for customers. As part of the skill, I will be leading the Institute .
We have enjoyed every moment of every day at Temkin Group and we were not looking to be acquired. But this was an opportunity for us to join in the creation of an entirely new category and help the worldly concern victor experience management.

nowadays to address a few key points :

Why Qualtrics

As you may know, we ’ ve worked with most of the large vendors in the space, providing advice on scheme and participating in their market activities. Throughout our eight years, Temkin Group has remained autonomous, helping our bodied clients make good decisions whenever they were choosing one of those vendors .
While we have enjoyed working with all of the vendors, during the final few years it ’ south become clear to me that Qualtrics has the strongest momentum in CX and XM. There is no doubt, Qualtrics has become and is on a trajectory to remain, the leader in CX and experience management with its robust XM Platform™. The Qualtrics XM Institute will play a big function in this trajectory moving fore .
As Qualtrics co-founder and CEO, Ryan Smith said, “ The goal of Qualtrics is to power the earth ’ south experiences. We believe every organization will have an experience team, and the XM chopine makes it possible for those organizations to democratize customer, employee, intersection, and trade name experience. The Qualtrics XM institute will sit on circus tent of the XM Platform, allowing best-practice capacity, workshops, and benchmarking to be accessed by everyone .
We besides felt a firm match between our cultures. When you walk into Qualtrics headquarters, there are five pillars that read, “ Transparency, ” “ All In, ” “ One team, ” “ Customer Obsessed, ” and “ Scrappy. ” It ’ s how Qualtrics describes its culture, but it ’ mho besides an accurate description of how we built the Temkin Group .
Temkin Group could surely have remained independent. Our business is american samoa potent as ever. But we were excited about the opportunity to join forces and tap into Qualtrics ’ growing scale, complementing its great technology with an equally great learn institution, the Qualtrics XM Institute.

Introducing the Qualtrics XM Institute

experience management is the future. We live in an experience economy and organizations in the future will succeed or fail based on the experiences they provide. The Qualtrics XM Institute recognizes this new reality. Designed to help organizations create up-to-date experience management programs, the Qualtrics XM Institute will complement the expertness of the Qualtrics Partner Network ’ mho subject count experts and consultants, deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as Qualtrics ’ own XM scientists, product specialists and train and certification experts. By partnering with both home and third-party experts, the Qualtrics XM Institute will support the most up-to-date effective practices found anywhere in the industry with inquiry, benchmarks, coach, and diligence events, all leveraging the power of Qualtrics ’ leading Experience Management or XM Platform™. The XM Platform is a single organization of action for all experience data, allowing organizations to manage the four core experiences of business–customer, employee, product and sword experience—in one stead .
The Qualtrics XM Institute will focus on several key areas. First, it will deliver diligence thought leadership, including industry benchmarks and original research on feel management topics and trends. Second, the Institute will leverage an across-the-board team of subject matter experts—both from Qualtrics and the Qualtrics Partner Network—to assist organizations with plan design, execution, and optimization. Third, it will become a key influencer for intersection growth, design, and adoption. last, it will serve an ongoing role, helping organizations optimize and iterate on their have management programs through train, product feedback collection, and customer and industry events .
As you can tell from the explanation, this will not be a rebranding of Temkin Group. rather, we will take what we ’ ve learned, build upon it, and create a highly-scalable model for helping the global master experience management .

Leveraging what we’ve done in the past

To add a small piece of personal context, I love creating things .
When I was at Forrester Research, I established its current focus on enterprise customer experience and created its customer know index. When I left Forrester in 2010, my wife Karen and I founded Temkin Group. During the past eight years, we ’ ve created so many new things that it ’ s impossible to list them all, including a variety of workshops, Temkin Ratings, Temkin Loyalty Index, Temkin Employee Engagement Index, and the CX Institute.

late in 2010, Karen and I envisioned and architected the Customer Experience Professionals Association ( CXPA ). We enlisted Jeanne Bliss to join us, and together we created the world ’ s leading affiliation for customer have professionals. During the five years that I was the initial electric chair of the CXPA, we grew from zero to about 4,000 members and created many of the association ’ s current activities, including the Insight Exchange, CX Day, CX Experts, Mentor Match, and CCXP documentation. I ’ thousand excited that Karen is besides joining me, along with our stallion team, on this following travel .

Looking forward

We are still working out some of the details, but I ’ ll continue to post updates so stay tuned. We are excited to have you to join us on this travel .

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