Technical University of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark offers an international three-year English-taught BSc in General Engineering where you will learn to think and work as an engineer.

The study programme focuses on :
– the broad and general technology competences.
– providing students with a solid ground in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
– study and study across disciplines to be able to apply them in solving actual problems.

Throughout the plan, students have the singular opportunity to work on design-build projects which are practice oriented. Students besides work on an interdisciplinary group project where they propose an engineer solution to a specific problem from the actual world. This familiarize students with the engineer approach when it comes to solving problems which besides teaches them to communicate and liaise with their group to find the best solutions in real-life settings – an essential element for engineers who wish to embark on a career on a global scale.
Please besides note that spaces are limited with only 150 students admitted per academic consumption.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee at Technical University of Denmark are €7,500 per semester ( €15,000 per academician year ) with payments made bi-annually at the begin of each semester. If you are an international student who is an EU/EEA citizen, you are not required to pay any tutelage fees. In most circumstances, non-EU/EEA citizens will be required to pay tutelage fees at DTU. however, some non-EU/EEA citizens may be exempt. If you are diffident as to whether you are required to pay tuition fees, you can find out by clicking here.
There are presently no scholarships, tuition fee waivers or any other forms of fiscal fund available at undergraduate level. For more information about tuition fees, visit the university ’ mho website.

Entry requirements
You will need to fulfill the three sets of admissions requirements when applying to DTU :

1 ) The general admission requirement by having an upper secondary exam that equates a Danish upper secondary exam.
2 ) You must besides have achieved certain grades in certain subjects.
3 ) Official proof of English proficiency.

Admissions process
To begin your application process, you must do indeed through the online application portal.

Please remember :
– To submit all necessary documentation, including your one hundred five and personal statement ( which must be written in English ).
– If your high school diploma and college diploma are not in a scandinavian terminology, English, German, Spanish or french, these should only be submitted once they have been translated into English by an authorize translator.
– If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you will besides need to submit a scan replicate of your pass.
– All non-EU/EEA applicants must pay a one-off application fee of €100.

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