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Target ’ s Cartweel App “ Perks ” Up a Bit

How Cartwheel Works
Cartwheel is Target ’ s 3-year-old mobile app that offers shoppers hundreds of savings on products and categories of their choose. Participating Cartwheel shoppers—of whom there are 27 million—can choice from a list of offers they ’ d like to add to their shopper profile. When they scan their Cartwheel barcode from a mobile device at memory checkout, discounts apply to eligible items in their basket. Over prison term, customers earn “ badges ” that open up limited offers and deeper discounts based on their shop behavior. The app tracks a customer ’ mho savings and aggregates users ’ entire savings—which add improving to more than $ 600 million as of September 2016—over meter .
“ We think of Cartwheel as a direction of taking what, for many people, had been a serve of clipping the newspaper coupon from a circular and bringing it to the shop, and integrating that experience into one digital, seamless app on your telephone, ” said Eddie Baeb, a spokesperson for Target. Image result for target updates cartwheel
In turn, Target is able to collect deep data on their customers ’ purchases and behaviors to help them in truth understand preferences and denounce habits. And not entirely is this data valuable to Target, it ’ sulfur sought out by CPG companies and other vendors who sell their products through the retailer.

“ What we have packaged is access to our guests, ” said Kristi Argyilan, Target ’ s senior VP of media and guest date. “ We use first-party data for a very active shopper who has a surround of influence—there are a fortune of marketers that would love the opportunity to be able to place ads in front of those consumers, ” she said .
“Perks” Pilots in 4 Markets

concluding workweek the company unveiled a newly loyalty rewards program as partially of an update to its Cartwheel app. “ Perks ” is piloting in four markets – San Diego, Denver, Houston and St. Louis – choose for either high gear or low adoption of app use. “ Perks ” rewards Cartwheel shoppers with 10 points for every $ 1 they spend in stores. Once customers reach 5,000 points, they are eligible to choose a free rewards detail from a tilt of 25 products designed to appeal to them based on shopping behavior. In other words, once a shopper spends $ 500, they earn a $ 10-20 “ freebie, ” be it a pair of shades, a yoga mat or laundry detergent.

Sounds like a retailer-customer win-win, right ? possibly not therefore much for guests who favor shopping on-line given that Cartwheel savings are cashable for purchases made in-store only. And while Target has hinted that Cartwheel—and inevitably “ Perks ” assuming a successful pilot program test—may soon be made available for on-line purchases, the retailer must move faster should it wish to stay competitive in the andiron crusade that is today ’ s on-line marketplace .
We ’ ll give the Minneapolis-based retailer credit for continuing to collect and leverage data to efficaciously target customers with a curated promotional and rewards propose. But if Target wants to protect plowshare from behemoth Amazon and differentiate from dangerous colleague mass retailers, it should get good about offering a channel agnostic loyalty plan that satisfies coupon-driven and rewards-motivated shoppers. And debauched .

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