Switzerland Economy: Population, GDP, Inflation, Business, Trade, FDI, Corruption

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Quick Facts
  • Population:
    • 8.6 million
  • GDP (PPP):
    • $566.2 billion
    • 0.9% growth
    • 1.7% 5-year compound annual growth
    • $70,989 per capita
  • Unemployment:
    • 4.6%
  • Inflation (CPI):
    • 0.4%
  • FDI Inflow:
    • $-21740.0 million

Switzerland ’ s economic freedom score is 81.9, making its economy the 4th freest in the 2021 Index. Its overall sexual conquest has decreased by 0.1 indicate, with only minor changes registered in person indicators. Switzerland is ranked first among 45 countries in the Europe region, and its overall score is above the regional and worldly concern averages .
Switzerland ’ sulfur economy remains in the free class where it has been for more than a ten. only four early countries achieved that elite condition this year. Economic exemption is well established and institutionalized in Switzerland. Were it not for its ageless and relatively broken scores on the indicators for tax burden and politics spend, Switzerland might well be the top-rated nation in the Index. impingement OF COVID-19 : As of December 1, 2020, 4,940 deaths had been attributed to the pandemic in Switzerland, and the economy was forecast to sign by 5.3 percentage for the year .


Switzerland ’ s federal quarter system of politics disperses might wide. A seven-member Federal Council exercises executive authority. Switzerland has a retentive custom of receptiveness to the world but jealously guards its independence and neutrality. Reflecting voters ’ concerns about climate change, the Green Party surged to fourthly identify in October 2019 elections and overtook one of the parties in the coalescence government, the christian Democrats. policy proposals are frequently subjected to referenda, and concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic in May 2020 led to the first base delay of a referendum since 1951. Switzerland has one of the worldly concern ’ second highest per caput GDPs and a highly skilled labor force. The economy relies on fiscal services, preciseness manufacture, metals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and electronics.

Rule of LawView Methodology

protection of place rights is powerfully enforced, and an independent and fair discriminative system is institutionalized throughout the economy. Intellectual property rights are respected and enforced. commercial and bankruptcy laws are applied systematically and efficiently. The government is loose from permeant corruptness, thanks largely to its strong institutions. Switzerland is ranked 4th in Transparency International ’ randomness 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index.

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Government SizeView Methodology

Cantonal-level taxation is more burdensome than federal-level tax income. The circus tent federal income tax rate is 11.5 percentage. The federal bodied tax rate is 8.5 percentage. The overall tax burden equals 27.9 percentage of full domestic income. Government spend has amounted to 32.8 percentage of sum output ( GDP ) over the past three years, and budget surpluses have averaged 1.2 percentage of GDP. Public debt is equivalent to 39.3 percentage of GDP .

Regulatory EfficiencyView Methodology

Switzerland did not keep pace with early countries this year in improving the business environment. Labor productivity is high, and there is no federally mandated minimum engage. Switzerland has few price controls, but its agricultural sector remains protect and heavily subsidized with direct subsidy payments comprising two-thirds of an median grow ’ randomness profits .

Open MarketsView Methodology

Switzerland has 31 discriminatory trade agreements in force. The trade-weighted average tariff pace is 2.0 percentage, and 154 nontariff measures are in impression. The consistent, diaphanous, and mod investment model supports and facilitates foreign investment. Buttressed by a good regulative government, the competitive fiscal sector offers a wide range of finance instruments. bank remains well capitalized, facilitating access to credit rating .

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