Supreme Ecom Blueprint Review – Is AC Hampton’s Course A TOP Pick?

What Is Supreme Ecom Blueprint ?

Supreme Ecom Blueprint is a dropshipping course that teaches you a “ prove system ” to go from “ zero to six figures, quickly ”. Supreme Ecom Blueprints shows you how to build and scale your own dropshipping eCommerce store from scratch. It shows you Shopify, Facebook Ads, video test, product validation, and even retargeting .
Supreme Ecom Blueprint consists of 8 modules, with about 4 hours of contented total. So, is this path worth the price ? We ’ ll take a closer look at this dropshipping course to see what it truly has to offer in this Supreme Ecom Blueprint review !
Supreme Ecom Blueprint Course

Who Is AC Hampton ?

Alex “ AC ” Hampton is an on-line entrepreneur and business passenger car who got his depart in eCommerce business. AC Hampton is a commercialize alumnus from the University of Missouri. His initial eCommerce stores generated a substantial measure, and landed him a feature on Sharedom .
now, AC Hampton focuses on growing his personal trade name, posting ecom content on his Youtube channel, which has 52.4k subscribers at the prison term of writing. A/C has besides started to experiment with real estate, making passive voice income through Airbnb.

Supreme Ecom Blueprint AC Hampton

Supreme Ecom Blueprint pricing

The naturally costs $ 597 if you pay in entire .
It does not come with any options for a payment design
Supreme Ecom Blueprint Pricing There are a few bonuses included, such as :

  • Live webinar access
  • Custom Shopify theme
  • Private Facebook group access

Supreme Ecom Blueprint besides features a 1 day money back guarantee. AC Hampton advertises a “ no questions asked ” refund, which must be done by emailing their confirm .

Supreme Ecom Blueprint Modules

The course is split into 8 modules, with each showing you a different step of creating your dropshipping store .

module 1 : rear goal Shopify Setup

This is the first module that teaches you how to set up your Shopify on-line store. A/C shows you how to set up your storehouse, install your theme, and set up your apps. He starts the course off by giving you a paragraph describing dropshipping and your business model. then, rather than show you how to create your storehouse, A/C gives you a pdf of a slideshow presentation he created to set up your store. It doesn ’ t have any images, it merely tells you what to do ( with grammatical errors ). It seems very disappoint to me, for a $ 600 course to have less production quality than exempt YouTube videos out there .

module 2 : Steps To Running Your First ad

once you get your store run, it ’ mho meter to run your ads. AC shows you how to research products, set up a Facebook page, use the ads director, and purchase your first ad. For product establishment, AC gives you a one-page pdf on things your product should hit. It ’ s identical obvious things, like does it solve a problem or is it in an uptrend or a downtrend .
Supreme Ecom Blueprint Module 2 This module feels very rush. AC could have easily split this into two modules : intersection research and then running your first base ad. rather, he tries to combine the two at the monetary value of educational timbre .

module 3 : video Testing

In this module, AC Hampton shows you how to validate your Facebook ads. He shows you how to understand your television ’ mho operation, creating television ads, use the “ Ice Breaking ” video testing method, and how to apply them to your Facebook television ads in order to make them high converting television ads .
I was pleasantly surprised by this video. AC Hampton showed a batch of expertness in video recording ads establishment. He explained some advance topics while besides showing you how to apply them in the ads coach. The information is important for running successful on-line market campaigns .
At the end though, he uses an consort link for a site called DropshipMedia, where he recommends purchasing your video recording ads. AC Hampton is urging you to use DropshipMedia, but you can well use Fiverr for far less to create videos .

faculty 4 : Icebreaking Interest Lookalike Audience Testing

For Module 4, AC goes more in-depth about winning ads. He teaches you a lot of advance strategies, like KPI measurement, re-launching your campaign, creating social proof, setting up your “ double ” audiences, cold audience testing, detail target, and more .
Supreme Ecom Blueprint Ads Manage overall, this module contains some very utilitarian information. It ’ south clear that the strongest part of this class is the Facebook ads section. AC Hampton spares no campaign showing you every trick.

module 5 : Retargeting Funnel

This module is a small short, only having two videos. Combined with the PDF instructions, he shows you how to launch retargeting ads, retarget live ads, test television ads, and install a haul desertion defender. This is a brusque faculty but provides good information .

faculty 6 : scaling

For this module, AC shows you how to scale your ads. He shows you how to implement a CBO ( campaign budget optimization ) strategy, microscale, and duplicate to a higher budget. This module is small, only having three videos, but it contains phenomenal information. I have so far to see another dropshipping course talk about CBO and explain it .

module 7 : Automate Your store

module 7 shows you how to automate your store. AC Hampton shows you how to use Upwork in holy order to post a job for a customer service agent. While he does include templates for your subcontract stake, it ’ s not an automated store. He just shows you how to hire person .
Supreme Ecom Blueprint Module 7

module 8 : Important Bank Criteria

For the concluding faculty “ Important Bank Criteria ”, AC Hampton shows you how to get your business organized. furthermore, he shows you how to form an LLC and set up a business bank history. There are only two videos in this module. It chiefly shows you how to get deposit accounts or a business report for your dropshipping clientele. It seems like these videos could have been thrown into an introduction module rather than its own .

Supreme Ecom Blueprint Quality

AC Hampton produces Supreme Ecom Blueprint with good choice. The videos are chiefly of AC talking with his face over a screen-recorded tutorial. He walks you through each process alive, and includes good audio and ocular quality .
however, I ’ megabyte not a fan of Supreme Ecom Blueprint ’ sulfur use of PDFs. There are many times that AC will merely give you a PDF that he lazily typed up rather than take the time to produce a video to actually teach you. For how much money the class costs, PDFs should be used as course materials, not the course itself .
Supreme Ecom Blueprint Offer Adding onto that, the powerpoints he produces are sub-par. They good seemed rush, with grammatical mistakes and no ocular aesthetic. While the video recording quality is good, the rest of it is precisely disappointing. AC does a better job producing his Youtube video than he does his give course .

Does AC Hampton Deliver ?

AC Hampton promises to teach you a “ prove arrangement ” to go from “ … zero to six figures, promptly ” with Supreme Ecom Blueprint. While he does teach you how to create a storehouse, there ’ randomness nothing in this course that will take you from zero to six figures. Or even quickly, for that matter. Because of this, A/C does not deliver on this promise .
Supreme Ecom Blueprint lacks so much contentedness for it to be a “ prove system ”. The contented he teaches you is so minimal. There are modules in this course with less than 30 minutes of full content on it. At the end of this run, you ’ ll be advanced with Facebook Ads, but that ’ s about it. AC prepares you for nothing else .
Supreme Ecom Blueprint Module Videos

Who Is Supreme Ecom Blueprint Course Best For ?

Supreme Ecom Blueprint is best for anyone who already has a dropshipping on-line business set up, but they need help scaling their Facebook ads. Without a doubt, Supreme Ecom Blueprint has amaze capacity on Facebook ads. The information AC Hampton shows you is fabulously valuable .
But, anyone that doesn ’ t have a dropshipping on-line business set up will find this course highly lacking. For model, rather of showing you how to set up a Shopify shop, he gives you a PDF that scantily explains anything. Anyone that ’ s not familiar with Shopify will find his content confuse and faineant .

Is Supreme Ecom Blueprint Worth The Price ?

AC Hampton charges $ 597 for a course that lone has less than four hours of total content. To put things into perspective, you can get a course for $ 15 on Udemy that has 8 hours of content. For 2 % of the price, you can get double the subject .
Supreme Ecom Blueprint is not worth the price that it charges. At all. It gives you little information for the price of a premium naturally.

There ’ s no subject on e-mail marketing, product inquiry, Instagram, ClickFunnels, or even organic growth. And, the modules AC Hampton did screen, he barely covered them. There are so many modules with barely any videos in them, and if they are, they ’ re less than 10 minutes long .

Supreme Ecom Blueprint Alternatives

Dropshipping is a very big industry that many are making lots of money from. As a large commercial enterprise, there are many other courses out there for you to take advantage of. here are a few of our favorites :

  • The Complete Shopify Course (Tim Sharp) – Remember how I said there’s a course out there for 2% of the price and double the content? This is it. Sharp shows you everything you need to know about dropshipping online businesses at a very cheap price. With an average of 4.7 stars from 17.2k ratings, Sharp’s course has dominated Udemy for a good reason.

The Complete Shopify Course

  • Ecom Elites (Frank Hatchett) If you want a premium course, consider Hatchett’s Ecom Elites. It’s widely regarded as one of the best ecommerce courses out there. At only $197, you get much more information than Supreme Ecom, at a cheaper price.

Our final Thoughts : Supreme Ecom Blueprint

Supreme Ecom Blueprint as a hale is not a good course. It feels either rushed or lazily put together. however, AC gives some very valuable information on Facebook ads. He introduces advance content that many courses out there do not have. But, it ’ s not enough to make this course good, or worth the money. AC Hampton would be better off making a course specifically on Facebook ads, rather than failing to attempt to make a Shopify course .


  • Unique Facebook Ads modules
  • Good audio and visual quality


  • Very little content
  • Overpriced
  • Poor course materials
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