Top 11 Star Anise Substitutes For Cooking Recipes In 2022

You need to use ace anise substitutes because you on the spur of the moment realize star anise spice for your perfect savory dishes is out while you are cooking. And you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what will be the best bet to replace headliner anise zest in your recipes .
Drag gloomy to know what spices have the same sample and spirit of star anise thus that they can alternate it to make your dishes one again perfective. The article will not let you down, trust me !

What Can Be Used As Star Anise Substitutes?

I will suggest the 11 most suitable star anise substitutes that you can use for your cooking. Let ’ s take a look around to see what they are.

1. Chinese Five-Spice Powder
2. Anise Seeds 3. Fennel Seeds
4. The Combination of Anise Seed and Fennel Seeds
5. Cloves 6. Caraway Seeds Mixed With Tarragon
7. Allspice
8. Cassia Bark Powder
9. Anise Extract
10. Licorice Root
11. Licorice Liqueur

Must-Known Information About Star Anise

now it ’ second time for you to take a better grasp of leading anise before getting bass cognition of its replacements .
Star Anise, made from the fruits of illicium verum trees, is a normally practice spice variety show in cooking recipes. It constantly makes a significant contribution to enhancing the relish of meats and wine because it has a licorice season that gives dishes an authentic taste .
What makes a headliner anise unique spiciness is its strong and distinct spirit. The dishes will be more fantastic with the ardent, sweet, and piquant taste of star anise .
The spiciness plays a critical character in cooking divers savories, such as authentic Pho, baked salmon in a foil packet, blue tomato chicken, slow-cooked bolshevik braised pork barrel belly, and many other delicacies .
Star anise trees are wide grown for commercial use in China, India, and some early asian countries, while japanese asterisk anise is highly toxic and inedible. Please remember

Star Anise Is Super Good For Well-Being?

Found as a chief zest for cooking and a medicine, now you will know how beneficial leading anise is to your health .
Prevent aging and diabetes thanks to an abundant source of antioxidants and vitamin A and C in it .
Support the treatment of some ailments such as cough, influenza, upset stomach, and indeed on as it contains thymol, anethole and terpineol .
Enhance digestion and alleviate cramps thanks to the come of potassium and magnesium .
Increase GABA neuro-chemical levels in the mind due to diverse B building complex vitamins .

What Are The Best Star Anise Replacements?

Keep reading to know why they are desirable to replace leading anise. Although star anise has countless benefits related to cook and medical specializations, I will recommend some alternatives for the culinary discipline .

Chinese Five-Spice Powder

Five SpicesFive spices to make five-spice powder. When it comes to star anise stand-in, chinese five-spice powder is always mentioned foremost as leading anise is one of five spices to produce chinese five-spice powderize .
Like ace anise, this alternative will offer your foods a warm, spicy-sweet spirit. You can use it in braised and roasted fish, poultry, and meat-based dishes. It ’ mho besides a fantastic stand-in component for Old Bay Seasoning or allspice, particularly in dishes from chinese cuisine .
About the proportion to use, you should use the sum of chinese five-spice powder as ½ sum of required star anise and taste again for better savory .
For all the above reasons, chinese five-spice powder will be the best stake. How about the moment one ? Keep reading .

Anise Seeds

Anise SeedsDried anise seeds You may be thinking that anise seed is closely related to star anise, but no. They are individually different in their appearances. In fact, anise seeds look more like fennel seeds, which is why they ’ ra besides the ultimate fennel source alternatives. I ’ ve seen many people confuse between these two seeds before .
Anise seeds are from the same-named trees which are annual herbaceous plants and are cultivated for culinary and checkup values as star topology anise trees. Anise seeds have a licorice relish which is dessert, mildly blue, and highly aromatic .
due to their sweet, anise seeds can enhance the spirit of dishes, drinks, or candies. Ground kernel or baked goods can besides benefit from them. One luminary example is Enyucado, a celebrated dish from Colombia that always requires anise seeds as a must-have ingredient .
One more reason to make anise seeds the ideal star anise alternative is that their price is relatively competitive .
When adding anise seeds to your dishes, notice that the proportion between anise seeds and asterisk anise is about 3:4, but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to taste again for a successful dish .

Fennel Seeds

Fennel SeedsDried fennel seeds. Another star anise utility you should consider is fennel seeds, together with headliner anise to make taiwanese five-spice gunpowder .
Like star anise, fennel seeds besides bring you a sweet, herculean relish that is exchangeable to licorice, making it an option for ace anise substitute .
This substitution proportion between star anise and fennel is about 1:4, which means for 1 teaspoon star topology anise, consumption ¼ teaspoon fennel seeds .
You can use fennel seeds in versatile cooking recipes, such as carrot soup with crispen fennel seeds or pasta with creamy fennel sauce. additionally, with balmy licorice and slenderly arboraceous season, fennel seeds can work better than anise in marinara sauce .

The Combination Of Anise Seed And Fennel Seed

What you need is to make a similar star anise-like taste. Combining anise and fennel seeds would be right up your alley .
Although fennel seed is milder in season than anise seeds, they are the same as a sweet spirit. frankincense, the mixture will have a unique taste but it besides has a similar spirit to star anise .
The ideal proportion of star anise and this blend is 2:3, which means for every two teaspoons of leading anise, you will use three teaspoons of this combination .

Caraway Seeds Mixed With Tarragon

Another combination to create star anise-like flavor is caraway seeds and tarragon. however, you would notice that caraway has a bitter taste and a potent spirit, so it will be better if you use less caraway than tarragon .
Flavor-wise, caraway seeds taste a set like celery seeds, which is why they ’ re big celery seed alternatives. Thanks to their aromatic relish, caraway seeds can be used as garnishes and flavorings in divers delicacies such as meatballs, rye bread, or coleslaw .
Caraway seeds will become more barbed when they are cooked .
Flavor-wise, tarragon is much compared to star anise, which besides explains why it ’ s possible to use leading anise as an alternate to tarragon vitamin a well. When substituting star anise, it ’ sulfur best to use french tarragon, as it has a taste of licorice and touches of vanilla, mint, eucalyptus and pepper .
The harmonious whirl of bitterness and bouquet from tarragon, when combined with caraway ’ s aroma, will create a signalize spirit but besides exchangeable to star anise ’ s taste .


Portion AllspiceAllspice as a star anise substitute. For those who don ’ thymine know about allspice, it is the dried berries of the Pimanta dioica establish and is used normally over the global as one of the most authoritative ingredients in savory dishes, ranging from meat-based foods, apple proto-indo european, pumpkin to tomato sauce .
Allspice looks relatively like black pepper with its human body, and its color is brown. Allspice will bring you a alone but discrete spirit : the blend of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg .
similar to star anise, this replacement is a warm and strong zest, which makes it go well into a dish and create a particular but thoroughly pleasant taste .
A strike similarity between allspice and star anise is that both can work as a music to get rid of an disorder digest ( allspice tea ) .
If you don ’ t have allspice available, no worries, it ’ mho quick and easy to whip up some substitutes for allspice. Simply start by mixing cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. possibly, the relish will not wholly be the lapp but it comes very close .
however, allspice lacks licorice spirit, so if your cook recipes require licorice-like season, you can consider other star anise replacements .
additionally, adding a little sugar to go with the allspice is a good way to resemble asterisk anise relish .


Clove SpiceClove spice. wholly or ground cloves will make the star anise substitute list more diverse. Both mentioned spices comprise high levels of eugenol that makes them woody and aromatic. In addition, like allspice, the smack of cloves is barbed and ardent .
You will feel sweet, acerb, dry, and warmly in your mouthpiece when eating this substitution. This is the main reason why whole or ground cloves are much used to stimulate flavors of sauces, soups, rice dishes, specially several traditional indian foods .
As having mentioned above, cloves are besides used to make allspices together with cinnamon and nutmeg. thus, if you don ’ t have time to make allspices to alternate star anise spirit, solid or ground cloves should be your choice .
You can use an equal sum of ground cloves to replace the compulsory star anise measure in your recipes. however, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine function it for dishes where star topology anise is the main zest as whether you like it or not, the spice spirit is not concisely similar to star anise flavor .
When you use whole cloves for your foods, don ’ thymine cook them excessively retentive because of fickle oil .

Cassia Bark Powder

whole and grind cassia bark is used as a flavorer component for confectionery pastries, kernel, and desserts as they can enhance food favors thanks to its angelic, pungent, and aromatic spirit .
Besides, this spice is besides used as a tonic for the digest and ease headaches. For those reasons, cassia bark gunpowder can be an option to star anise, but it can work good in meat-based foods.

To alternate star anise, you can use a similar total of cassia bark powder, but like cloves, if star anise is used as the independent zest, you shouldn ’ thymine replace it with cassia bark powder .

Anise Extract

Another thing you can consider substituting ace anise is anise excerpt. As the name suggests, anise educe is made by extracting from anise seeds and is popular in bake goods to improve diverse dishes ’ taste .
Like anise seeds, fennels, tarragon, or headliner anise, anise educe has a strong, slightly sweet licorice spirit owing to the presence of an aromatic substance like anethole .
You can use anise extract in some cook recipes like bread, cookies, or a vacation candied fruit biscotti .
You can buy anise extract from a grocery store or on-line web site like, but you can besides extract anise by yourself with just some easily steps for a healthy, dependable, and cheap spice .
You should use a double amount of anise extract to alternate the ask total of star topology anise .

Licorice Root Powder

Licorice DryLicorice root and its powder. Licorice root will be your choice to alternate star topology anise if you want to have a licorice relish in your foods. notably, licorice root powder has become prevailing in making candies or baked goods because it is a sweetening .
Although there are quite a few distinctions between asterisk anise and licorice, they both have a natural pleasantness that allow them to pair well with evening desserts. thus, if you are in indigence of some spice to make your foods fresh, licorice root powder can be an ideal choice for you .
however, for those who are pregnant or have some health problems, don ’ triiodothyronine practice this alternative except the supervision of doctors .

Licorice Liqueur

Licorice LiqueurLicorice liqueur. Licorice liqueur will offer you the flavors of anise semen, making it another option for replacing headliner anise in bake or cook .
however, not all licorice liqueur types bring you anise seed-like flavors. Some variations of licorice liqueur with anise source taste are italian Sambuca, French Pernot, Spanish Pacharan, and thus on .


hera are some questions that are asked frequently. Check them to solve problems during your fudge clock .

How to Store Anise Seeds Well ? hale or grind anise seeded player should be placed in a cool, dark position for the best ledge life. You can get the best timbre of wholly seeds for 3 or 4 years, while establish anise seeds will reduce their authority faster .

Does Anise Seed Taste Exactly Like Star Anise ? Although both have a pungent licorice taste, star anise has a a lot stronger season than anise .

Can I Use Cloves as a Star Anise Replacement for Licorice Taste ? No. Like allspice, cloves don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have star anise ’ mho licorice notes. Adding some cloves just brings you sweetness and resentment .

Can I Grind Star Anise Myself ? Yes, but grinding and long-time preserve can lose their basal flavors. therefore your best count is grinding them immediately before using them .

Can I Grind Cloves Myself ? No, although most spices will be more flavorful and clean for longer if you buy them and grind them by yourself. They are well if you buy them background .

Expectation vs. Reality

You may wish these mentioned star anise alternatives will have the precise sample or flavor of star anise, but actually not. chinese five-spice powderize is the most alike spiciness to star anise, while the other besides offers you a fairly alike spirit as you want .
Although they are recommended as star anise substitutes, for person who is allergic, meaning, or has some health problems, please consult your doctors before using these kinds of alternative spices .
share the post with your relatives as possibly they have experienced the same problem like you. Don ’ thyroxine forget to share your experiences with those star anise substitutes in the comment section .
Star Anise Substitutes



Star Anise Substitutes


  • chinese Five-Spice Powder
  • Anise Seeds
  • Fennel Seeds
  • The Combination of Anise Seed and Fennel Seeds
  • Cloves
  • Caraway Seeds Mixed With Tarragon
  • allspice
  • Cassia Bark Powder
  • Anise Extract
  • Licorice Root
  • Licorice Liqueur

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