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Master’s Degree

The first thing you have to make certain of before you pursue a master ’ s degree is that you ’ re entering an accredited acrobatic train course of study according to the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education ( CAATE ). Checking out the CAATE is a well estimate, as they certify schools american samoa well as provide the certificate you will need to go from being one of many aspiring athletic trainers to a licensed athletic trainer from an accredit program.

Once you have finished your bachelor ’ s degree and are ready to move on to your master ’ south degree course of study, you ’ ll find that the experience changes from undergraduate to graduate study in athletic train. You will spend less prison term getting courtly direction during an advance athletic flight simulator course of study, so you can spend more clock on clinical experience and research.

Athletic train is very much a hands-on field, and fair like professional sports, it takes years of practice at the highest level to become a successful athletic flight simulator. The best programs will provide you with enough of opportunities to work with clients in numerous settings. This will not alone prepare you to work in many settings, it ’ ll give you a find to find where you feel most comfortable.

North Central College, for exemplar, offers the prospect to do clinical education study for

  • Hospitals
  • Medical clinics
  • High schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Industrial settings
  • Performing arts productions

When you are in class, your passkey ’ mho program should give you a full picture of what you ’ ll need to know and do for your clients. You will learn about how to make a clinical diagnosis of a sports refer injury. You ’ ll detect more than you ever thought possible about practice, nutrition, and how to advise people on maintaining a goodly life style. You ’ ll besides find out about the psychology behind physical activeness and how to rede clients on the mental separate of their health.

Kendall Selsky, associate degree professor of acrobatic train and president of the department of kinesiology at north Central College, provided examples of courses offered in a victor ’ s of acrobatic train. In the north Central course of study, she teaches courses in “ upper extremity/head and neck evaluation, the remedy interventions sequence, and constitution and government of acrobatic training. ” early North Central courses include Principles of Musculoskeletal and Medical Assessment, Diagnosis and Management for Athletic Trainers, Principles of Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Training, and Psychosocial Aspects of Athletic Training Practice.

An acrobatic education dominate ’ s platform should besides spend a significant come of time and effort fix you for the Board of Certification ( BOC ) examination, the examination you will take from the CAATE you must pass in order to be licensed as an acrobatic trainer.

Wondering about the next steps after you have your master ’ s degree ? Be certain to read our helpful guides, “ What to Do With MS in Athletic Training ” and “ How a lot do athletic Trainers Make ? ”

Certification and Licensure

The CAATE makes the requirements simple for you. From their web site : “ Students who want to become ( a ) certified acrobatic trainer must earn a degree from an accredited acrobatic training course of study. ”

Selsky gave a little more detail about the serve. “ To become an athletic trainer, one must graduate ( with a degree ) from a CAATE-accredited athletic train education program ( immediately, chiefly at the graduate tied ), sit for the Board of Certification examination, and if applicable, apply for licensure within their express, ” Selsky said. “ Continuing department of education credits are required by the BOC to maintain certificate ( as an athletic flight simulator ). ”

State requirements can include diverse other things from being a certain old age to filling out forms and paying fees. Use search engines to find the athletic train association or alike professional organization in the state you want to drill in, and check their web site to see what the requirements are.

Once you are certified, you will besides need to take courses in continuing education to maintain your license. acrobatic train techniques and practices are frequently expanding to include fresh research on everything from how the body functions to experiments in new ways to rehabilitate an hurt athlete. As those changes come about, you will need to stay up-to-date, practice what ’ s newfangled, and take opportunities to reexamine your own values when it comes to how you do your job.

A professional organization like the NATA can be a big resource for finding continuing education programs you can attend, both on-line and in person. They can besides help you look for positions and give you tips on the best room to get them. For more on that subject, match out our crown 14 acrobatic discipline interview questions to ask potential employers .

Take the next step

now that you know more about what it takes to become an acrobatic flight simulator, you need to find the right school to prepare you for success. As we ’ ve talked about, you need a school like North Central College.

north Central offers an undergraduate program in exercise science that flows absolutely into their master of acrobatic education program, so you can get all your education in one place. The faculty at north Central combine extensive master experience with cutting edge cognition and expertness. They will guide you through every footstep of the process as you pursue your future in athletic train .
If you ’ re interested in north Central College ’ s programs, you can find more data on their web site. When you ’ re ready to take the first measure toward a career in acrobatic prepare, start your on-line college application right here .
Jacob Imm is a communications specialist in the North Central College Office of Marketing and Communications. He has 10 years of collegiate communications experience and has worked with hundreds of college students. He has a bachelor ’ s degree from the University of Notre Dame and a master ’ s degree from Northern Illinois University .

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