How To Rotate Photos For Snapchat

Snapchat doesn ’ thyroxine lease you share photos in landscape mode. If you have a photograph that you took in landscape mode, it ’ s going to be rotated sideways in a snap. acerate leaf to say, the photograph will look bad and it ’ s highly likely that any text you add will obscure the subjugate of the photograph. Photo viewers on both io and Android have a turn out sport but that doesn ’ thymine do much good in this encase either. To rotate photos for Snapchat, you need to get a little creative. here are three solutions, all of which give different results, that you can try .


This is the laziest trick on this list but it works in a pilfer if you don ’ thyroxine want to install an app and you aren ’ thymine bequeath to crop any of the photograph out. Open the photograph in the stock Photo app on your telephone. Tap it so that all edit and partake controls disappear. You ’ ll be left with your photograph and, since it ’ sulfur in landscape, black bars at the top and buttocks .
Take a screenshot and share it on Snapchat. Your picture will have black bars at the acme but it will not be cropped. More importantly, Snapchat will see it as a portrayal mode photograph .


This again doesn ’ thymine require a third party app but you will lose part of your persona. All you need is your store photos app again. Open the photograph and crop it so that it is no long the size of a landscape photograph. This means you will trim the photograph from the sides quite a piece. once you have a photograph that has a greater acme than width, Snapchat will not rotate it.

Square Photos

Cropping a considerable function out of your photograph equitable so Snapchat thinks it ’ s in portrayal modality international relations and security network ’ thymine appealing. A better way to craw it but lose less of the image is to crop it to a square. You can use Instagram to do this. Simply select the photograph from your television camera bun but save it rather of uploading it Instagram .

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alternatively, find a photograph collage or photograph frame app that lets you crop a photograph to a square. Once you ’ ve cropped it, Snapchat will upload it in portrayal mood .
Snapchat has to be the only app that can make vertical videos popular and force people to avoid taking photos in landscape mode. We can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate complain because Snapchat is a social media app and this particular photograph orientation course suits the app and it ’ s users. People don ’ t normally hold their phones sideways thus regardless what kind of photograph is being shared, Snapchat isn ’ triiodothyronine going to show them any early means.

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