DIY Wine Gift Basket Ideas

A DIY Wine Gift Basket is a perfective Christmas gift for the wine lover in the family. Everyone has a wine fan in their life or family .
What better way is there to surprise them this vacation season than to gift them with a Wine Gift Basket for Christmas .
DIY Wine Gift Basket Ideas for the wine lover's Christmas gift.

What kind of wine basket will you make?

The character of wine endowment basket you decide to make is wholly up to you.

If you are sticking to a budget keep that in mind when you start purchasing the items that will fill your wine gift basket .
Some wines can be expensive and could take up the bulk of your give basket budget .
You may decide to make a wine and cheese endow basket as I have .
Think about the items you would enjoy yourself if you were sipping on a glass of wine and eating cheese .
A few items you might fill your endowment basket with is a bottle of wine, ledge stable tall mallow, crackers, a copulate of wine glasses and if you like some cheese knives or small condiment knives .

Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas

possibly your gift basket recipient has a sweet tooth ?
You could make a wine and chocolate gift basket .
You could include a bottle of dessert bolshevik wine along with some decadent dark chocolate .

Wine perfect for a Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket

  • Gallo Sweet Peach Wine
  • Peace on Earth Christmas California Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Peace on Earth Christmas California White Zinfandel
  • Ugly Sweater White Blend

If you are planning to make a bunch of wine endow baskets this year, possibly you run a business and motivation to make some endow baskets or gift bags for your employees or business associates a wine themed give is perfective .
Disclosure: Some of the product links in this military post are Walmart consort links. If a purchase is made I will earn a very small commission at no monetary value to you .
You can buy mini wine bottles like the miniskirt Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato 4 Pack, miniskirt Barefoot White Moscato 4 pack, and the Barefoot Pinot Noir 4 packs that can be found at Walmart .
wine purchases are In-Store Only.

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Wine Gift Basket Ideas

What to put in a wine gift basket?

The first gear obvious give detail to put in a Wine Gift Basket is some wine, of path. I chose to include 3 mini bottles of Gallo wines in my wine giving basket .
I happen to love Gallo Moscato wine so I put a miniskirt bottle of Gallo White Moscato wine and a mini bottle of Gallo Red Moscato wine along with a miniskirt bottle of Gallo Pinot Grigio wine .
I found these miniskirt bottles of Gallo Wine at the Family Dollar Store in a extra display but they carry the unconstipated size and mini bottles of Gallo Wine all year long .
Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

How to make a DIY Wine Gift Basket


Other Items to consider filling your wine gift basket with


  1. Pick out a pretty gift basket for your Wine Gift Basket. Keep in mind the amount of money you want to spend. The bigger the gift basket the more wine themed items you will need to purchase to fill the gift basket.
  2. Fill the bottom of the basket with coordinating gift basket filler paper. If you need to add a little height to bring the gift items up higher in the basket stuff some rolled up tissue paper in the bottom and cover with the shredded paper filler.
  3. Start adding the wine themed gift items to the basket arranging them in a pleasing manner. You may have to move things around to get it looking just right.
  4. Use a cute wine themed wall hanging or a wine themed book as a focal point in the back of the gift basket and arrange the rest of the shorter wine themed gift items around it.
  5. Once you have all the wine themed gifts arranged in the basket the way you like it you can wrap the gift basket in cellophane or leave it the way it is. Add a gift tag to the basket if you like.

Wine themed wall hanging or picture for your Wine Gift Basket focal point

Books perfect for a Wine Gift Basket

Wine Folly : The Essential Guide to Wine : Wine Folly : The Essential Guide to Wine will help you make sense of it all in a unique infographic wine book. Designed by the creators of, which has won Wine Blogger of the year .
The Wine Bible : The The Wine Bible is an Amazon # 1 seller in the wine class. Which is apprehensible when you learn that the generator, Karen MacNeil is the only U.S. winner of every major wine prize in the english language, including the James Beard Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year ( 2004 ) .

Print the Wine Gift Basket Instructions below

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