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9 Great Small Business Video Examples

While the SMB promo video of past may not have been great, modern technologies make it easier and more low-cost than always for small businesses to create sandbag, imaginative television for social media, whether it ’ s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube .
Though not all of these belittled occupation videos achieved millions of views, we think they are master, professional, and serve as capital examples for any SMB looking to just into video marketing. If you are looking to create your own amazing SMB video, check out our bodied video manufacturer to create an SMB video recording in under 3 minutes !
Below are our picks for 9 great promotional television for small business :

1. Effortless Showcasing: Mollydooker Wines

In the world of wines, Australia ’ s family-owned Mollydooker Wines is known for their far-out design and flavorful vintages. Their “ Visit Our Cellar Door ” video is clearly shot by an amateur, and the editing international relations and security network ’ t 100 % either .
however, all of this adds to the video ’ randomness charm, which shows people of all ages roaming the grounds and enjoying MollyDooker wine and grow. In a smell, the video recording ’ s lack of polish actually adds to the small commercial enterprise ’ authenticity and community-friendly repute .
2. Clear, concise, fun: ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek is an ecommerce memory that sells sci-fi, illusion and tech-related apparel and merchandise .
Their “ Welcome to ThinkGeek ” promo shoot blends a friendly voiceover with shots of people having fun with the site ’ south products .
In just 42 seconds and no overcomplicated camera-work, the company does a bang-up occupation of highlighting their specialize wares and inviting viewers to join their eccentric community .
3. Making the News their Own: The Cow and the Curd

nothing says little business like local anesthetic food trucks, and one Philedalphia food truck actually nailed their promotional video .
At barely 1:35 seconds long, the video is largely a collage of local news program crews interviewing the owner and sampling the truck ’ sulfur french-fry cheese curds, interspersed with locals queuing for and praising the food .
In a video that could easily have been made with bare edit tools and a smartphone, The Cow and the Curd quickly establishes who they are, how adept they are, and provides a compel sensory motivate to check out them out .
4. What Are The Features and Differences Between Bosch Dishwashers? Yale Appliance

Yale Appliance is a modest business who kept their video market plan quite simple, but effective .
They produced a act of very basic and easy to digest explainer videos, which reviewed the pros and cons of many appliances which they sell .
Their videos are relatively easy for any other modest commercial enterprise owner to edit and produce and hopefully increase their on-line visibility .
And if you ’ re inspired by what you ’ ve seen here, then you besides can get started with professional television creation : Boosted is an easy to use television manufacturer app which can help you produce stunning, professional video for your humble game .
5. IZIL – Inspiration

Drawing on its inheritance and authenticity, leading UAE beauty trade name ‘ IZIL ’ has an interest narrative to tell. It ’ south Moroccan give birth laminitis ( Mouna Abbassay ) features in the promotional television, showing a fusion of moroccan meets Middle-Eastern influence .
Distilling the process down to their casual rituals, this bare video recording shows the providence of its key ingredients ; rose water, oils and natural botanicas.

Using slowed down footage and lingering shots, gives the appearance of a larger budget than you might expect. Together it creates a soothe, elegant promotional film, that ’ second angstrom absorbing as its beauty range !
As a nice partake, there ’ s a call to action at the end of the film, inviting you to follow them on social media .
6. My HR Tool Kit: HR Software for SMEs

With the advance in Saas products, gaining cut-through in a competitive market is a challenge. This is where a promotional video can help you stand out and convey your post message .
even on a limited budget, there ’ s lots of ways to get creative, as HRtoolkit demonstrates. If you can ’ t afford film crews, locations and actors, then an animation is a viable and low-cost choice .
Using a barren soundtrack and simpleton graphics, the 2 infinitesimal 30 second video is loaded with ‘ reasons to ’ use their service .
It covers all the essentials when it comes go thoroughly marketing excessively, including :

  • Outlining the problem and how they solve it
  • Explaining what the product does
  • Highlighting its five key features
  • How to get in touch (call to action)

The television may be childlike, but it ’ mho on degree when it comes to ticking the right boxes .
7. Ten Membership – Travel with Ten

When you ’ re a personal concierge ship’s company with a host of services on offer, how do you parcel this with members in an aspirational room ? Through the medium of video recording of course .
Nothing brings locomotion to liveliness better than lingering shots of far-flung beaches, private jets and luxury villas hanging off clifftops. Tick, tick, check mark – each of these appear in Ten ’ s travel video .
footage of desirable destinations flash up for a few seconds, overlaid with buzzwords like ‘ embrace ’, ‘ enrich ’ or ‘ escape ’. This intentionally gives the impression of quick be for the jet-set elite .
It ’ s probable that footage is bought from a library, with title graphics and an upbeat soundtrack to bring it all in concert. It ’ s a neat idea, for a agio ending .
8. Wonderbly – Kingdom of You

Tapping in to the customize gift marketplace, Wonderbly is a start-up that creates personalized books for children .
Their promotional establish television, perfectly brings this to life, using great illustrations and interesting textbook, to create a history of its own .
It shows endless options for creating your own charming fib, accompanied by a playful soundtrack .
even though the television lasts less than a minute, it gets its message across clearly in playfulness way. If you take anything from this, let it be the ease of a clear and unclutterd message .
9. The Botanist – Wild. Foraged. Distilled.

The distillation process is a labor of beloved – at least that ’ s what the family at The Botanist Gin want you to believe .
Their behind pace television shows capricious shots of the team forage and sourcing fresh ingredients. possibly it lingers a bite longer than care spans do, but then possibly that ’ s the point ? !
Filming is a little amateur, but can easily be passed off as ‘ raw ’, in keeping with the emotional state of the film. There ’ second no voice over or illusion graphics either. It goes to show that even on a shoelace budget, and with a very obscure storyline, you can still create something watchable .

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