What is the Siren Archetype? (Characteristics + Examples)

Learn all about the siren original, including definition, characteristics, examples and how it relates to the Lover original .

What is the Siren Archetype?

The Siren Archetype is symbolic of the power that women have over men. She is the male fantasy come to animation – attractive, sensuous, alluring, mighty, seductive and possessed of erotic department of energy .
When a man encounters the Siren he experiences a firm physical and emotional reply and drawing card, the Siren ’ south qualities proving a potent combination which the man is ailing equipped to resist .
The Siren appeals to the man ’ s attraction to the wild, unfamiliar and dangerous aspects of the world.

Siren Archetype Characteristics & Traits

  • The Siren thrives on their desire for personal pleasure and playfulness.
  • They revel in enjoying their senses and the pleasure they can bring as well as pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable to society.
  • They are confident and exotic.
  • They focus on physical appearance so that they are always impeccably turned out and ready for any opportunity to enjoy seduction whenever it may present itself.
  • Above all, the Siren archetype has confidence in their own allure.
  • They do not seek confirmation from men that they are attractive, rather having an innate understanding within themselves that they are attractive and desirable.
  • They celebrate rather than denigrating men, not seeing them as the enemy but rather as friends and cohorts to be valued and enjoyed for everything they can bring to life.
  • They embrace life to the full, making the most of all of the experiences which it has to offer.

5 Types of the Siren Archetype

There are five types of the archetypal Siren – the Goddess, the Competitor, the Companion, the Sex Kitten and the mother :

1. The Goddess Siren

The Goddess Siren uses her illusiveness in orderliness to attract and appeal to men, with men succumbing to a sense of wanting what they can not have .

2. The Competitor Siren

The Competitor Siren at home in the traditional worlds of men such as the Board Room. A tomboy and risk-taker, she is more comfortable in the party of men than women. Whilst this makes the Competitor Siren low care, she is sexually aggressive.

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3. The Companion Siren

The Companion Siren is the best acquaintance of the man – the ultimate exercise of the saying ‘ behind every successful world there is a good woman ’ .

4. The Mother Siren

The Mother Siren understands instinctually what men need and provides it, be it emotionally, physically or sexually .

5. The Sex Kitten Siren

The Sex Kitten Siren relates strongly to men on a sexual and sensuous level. She is the tactile, feminine womanhood who becomes a serviceman ’ s muse.

Siren Archetype Examples

An case of the Siren Archetype is Marilyn Monroe .
A sensuous, attractive womanhood who made the most of her tempt to men and enjoyed making the most of the physical pleasures of life, Marilyn has become a sexual activity symbol around the world tied since her own death .

Further Reading

further reading on the siren original includes :

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