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Luno Bitcoin Wallet Sign Up – There are lots of web site where you can create a bitcoin wallet on-line. Blockchain is the count 1. All others follow. however, Luno is one of the best amongst the rest of them. With Luno bitcoin wallet, you can trade on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without fear. So you have to create Luno bill to be able to enjoy its many features .
The Luno Bitcoin Wallet Sign Up doesn ’ t only offer you opportunities to create a bitcoin wallet, it besides allows you to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It besides offers you the day by day and current prize of bitcoin. Luno trades particularly in bitcoin and Etherum. You can buy bitcoin and etherum with your card in Nigeria without hassles. Let ’ s show you how you can Create Luno Account well .

Luno Bitcoin Wallet Sign Up – Create Luno Account

To sign up Luno explanation ,

  1. Log onto
  2. Enter your email address or use the option to sign up with Google / Facebook
  3. Pick a strong, secure password (seriously, a strong one – you won’t regret it)
  4. Click “Sign up”
  5. You’ll be emailed you a link. Click on it. This is to confirm that you have access to that email.

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Luno Account Login

After creating Luno report, to log in, type in in your address legal profession and login.

Luno Account Verification

Luno requires that your verify your report after signing up. This is to ensure stricter security of your account. That is to say, it is to your benefit to verify your report. How can I do that ?
Luno helps customers with a depository financial institution account in the defend countries ( check them out ) to buy and sell digital currency. If you don ’ t have a depository financial institution report ( in these countries ) or you merely want to use Luno to send, receive and store Bitcoin, you don ’ t need to upgrade your account. indeed, if you need to verify your report, then here is what you need to do .
Account levels

There are different account levels, with deposit and withdrawal limits that apply to each degree .

Level 0 Confirm your email address or sign up with your social media profile
Level 1 Confirm mobile number and basic personal details
Level 2 Submit photo/scan of government-issued ID (accepted documents)
Level 3 Submit proof of residential address (accepted documents)

How To Fund Luno Account

After your explanation is verified, you will need to fund your Luno account to be able to use it. To do here are the steps to follow.

  1. Open the Luno website or mobile app. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it on iOS or Android
  2. From the MENU, select WALLETS and then your LOCAL CURRENCY wallet, select DEPOSIT
  3. Follow the steps on screen. The deposit screen will let you choose between the available deposit methods and guide you through the process

How To Withdraw From Luno Account

once you ’ ve sold digital currentness, you may want to withdraw local currency from Luno to your bank account. Please ensure your identity is verified and your depository financial institution account is linked to your Luno wallet in order to request a withdrawal .

  1. Open the Luno app.
  2. Select WALLETS from the side menu and then WITHDRAW on your local currency account
  3. If you have not yet given Luno your bank account details, you will be prompted to link your bank account
  4. Next, you need to enter the amount you want to withdraw
  5. Then select your bank account. You can add an optional note here for your records
  6. Enter your Luno app PIN and you’re all done!

How To Link Your Bank Account On Luno

There are two ways to do this : through the web site and through the app .

Through The Website

  2. Then click on the drop-down and select ADD BANK ACCOUNT
  3. Enter your country and your name, followed by your account number
  4. Enter your bank details as requested and hit ADD BANK ACCOUNT

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Using the mobile application

To add your bank account, follow these steps :

  3. Enter your bank details as requested and tab NEXT

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