A Seasoned Executive Assistant Gets a Job-Search Revamp

It ‘s easy to get stuck in a competitive market furrow. Getting your curriculum vitae professionally rewritten is n’t barely about working with an adept to create a better, more marketable document, it ‘s besides about boosting your confidence and having a sure ally during this unmanageable transition in a job seeker ‘s life. Sandra was at one of these crossroads in her life sentence — starting over in a competitive job grocery store .
After resigning from her family-owned occupation, she took on half-time ferment while looking for a full-time position where she could utilize her huge experience as a occupation operations coach and administrator adjunct. While searching on-line for advice about how to improve her sketch, she stumbled upon our sketch makeover contest and decided to apply — and won. She believes it was “ entail to be. ”

Moving forward

In today ‘s competitive, millennial-driven landscape, Sandra knew she needed to be more polished and understanding about her search. Though she was a lease director for 12 years, things are very different than they were 25 years ago — and Sandra had n’t rewritten her own resume in over 27 years ! That ‘s a farseeing period of time in which resume best practices have changed, engineering has evolved, and her career has progressed.

In setting herself up for job-search achiever, she was facing two issues : 1. getting her foot in the door and landing interviews and 2. down interviews, but not making it by video interviews. To start, she needed a current resume that was going to work for her and boost her confidence. Sandra was paired with senior resume writer Traci K., and the two got to work .

Sometimes age is more than just a number

Traci had two goals when rewriting Sandra ‘s resume :

  1. effectively positioning her for an executive adjunct position.

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  2. Eliminating date-related loss flags .

Sandra had two chief exercise experiences dominating her curriculum vitae, with each tenure lasting for a number of years. The most late of the two was with her family-owned business ranging from 2007 to 2018, while the earlier side was with a large corporation ranging from 1995 to 2007. She had big experience from her years at the large corporation, but it ‘s an unfortunate fact that hiring managers frequently screen out resumes with dates older than 10-15 years .
To mitigate this, Traci split Sandra ‘s know into two sections — a “ Professional Experience ” section with dates for her holocene position as the Business Operations Manager at her family-owned business and an “ Additional Experience ” section without dates for her roles with the big pot. Traci besides combined her four positions at the large pot into a single introduction in order to focus the subject on her most relevant skills and achievements .

Qualifications, qualifications, qualifications

Traci besides created a strong qualifications summary to lead off the sum up and introduce Sandra to hiring managers. She highlighted the most important skills that rent managers are probable to look for in an executive assistant in a format that ‘s very easy to skim. Since the sketch had room, Traci besides included a brief mention of Sandra ‘s tennessean work at the end, which will be a great talking point in interviews .
Sandra ‘s sketch now positions her as an have administrator adjunct and commercial enterprise professional who will be recognized for her expertness .

A new chapter

Sandra is a determined professional drive for a successful moment act in her career ; she wants the opportunity to get things veracious, do well for herself, and set herself up for retirement down the road. Though she is n’t there quite yet, she ‘s starting to see the light at the end of the burrow thanks in big part to her new resume. She was blown away when she saw her changed resume ; all of the pieces of the puzzle had come together .
“ Topresume was meant to be. It was a great opportunity to get some positive coach, and create a resume that presents itself in a different, more meaningful way. ”

now she ‘s ready to move forward feeling positive, delirious, affirmative, and bright ; all the things a job seeker wants to — and should — feel. She found her TopResume experience to be humbling and educational and would recommend it to anyone. She ‘s “ grateful for the opportunity. ”
Sandra feels so much more confident in herself, her resume, and its ability to assist and catapult her into this next generation where she can be successful. We ‘re confident this new sum up will result in many bang-up opportunities for her. You got this, Sandra !
We all need a little push when it comes to the job search. Sometimes it’s as simple as an objective resume review. 

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