Scorpio Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use

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What is the Scorpio Birthstone?

Scorpio  is the eighth sign of the zodiac. The Scorpio birthstone is Topaz. Topaz comes in many shades but the Yellow Topaz is best for those who share the Scorpio star signboard. Topaz means empathy and repose. Scorpios are born between October 23rd and November 22nd. The element of Scorpio is body of water and the rule planet is Pluto or Mars .

The Bravest Friend

shell on a beach With their house symbol as the scorpion with its stinger in motion, people tend to consider Scorpios as being a fire sign – all huffy energy and power. Yet contrary to popular belief, Scorpio ’ s are actually a water sign, which makes them emotional and a touch more sensitive than you would think. Scorpios are one of the most building complex zodiac signs in the pack. They are ruled by Pluto and Mars. Mars is the God of War and decidedly brings his dangerous energy and the stick to the Scorpio. Pluto is the God of the Underworld and represents the dark side of the Scorpio. But Pluto was besides the deity of wealth and this echoes the ambitious nature of the Scorpio sign .
While dark and war seem like negative traits, it actually can be used to sum up Scorpios in a different way. Scorpios are brave and unafraid, curious, and creative, and they are dutifully determined in every task they take to hand. They are loyal friends and their fearlessness means that they don ’ metric ton hesitate to leap into action when it comes to problem-solving .
The Scorpio star sign works well with healing crystals that help them to balance out their emotional volume and bring a outburst of sunlight and convinced might to their apparition side. We love a star sign that doesn ’ t shrug off their shadow side but works to embrace it beautifully, having a stone that can balance that tied more helps the Scorpio to let down their stinger once in a while. Take a count at these prettily picked stones that are to keep Scorpios in sublime check.

not a Scorpio but curious about your own star signboard or want to dish the scandal on a acquaintance ‘s astrological design ? Check out our guide to all things Zodiac .

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Scorpio Gemstones 

Scorpios will find a wealth of healing properties precisely waiting for them in this choice of Scorpio gemstones. While potent and brave, it ’ sulfur crucial to remember that Scorpios besides can be extremely emotional beings but this emotion tends to hide behind cutthroat traits and the motivation to be in control. Scorpios will balance out beautifully when they have healing crystals that can work to cut the threads of negative energy and bring about a smell of wellbeing dislodge from the tangles of close and benighted thoughts. Scorpios are known for not wanting to show even a shred of vulnerability and this can make them a little closed off from loved ones in their life. Stones that foster this sense of base hit, ground, and not being overwhelmed by ones own emotions can entice Scorpios out of their shells. Take a attend at these signature gemstones that are certain to help a Scorpio balance and heal…


topaz stone The main October birthstone for all those Scorpios out there, Topaz is a charming match. Blue Topaz comes with the energy of communication and natural process. Scorpios are all about legal action. Never a sign to sit and dwell, the active Scorpio scantily has a passive bone in their body. Topaz can help to finetune that action and besides to make certain that the Scorpio doesn ’ thyroxine slip into feelings of overwhelm. It ’ second besides a great stone for the throat chakra and can help with communication and keep Scorpios gentle in their approach to others as sometimes they can be cutting with their words. yellow Topaz besides helps to improve relationships and keeps Scorpios from sinking into traits of jealousy. Find out more about the mean of Blue Topaz .


blue lace agate stone perplex Agate is a mega match for Scorpios and as it comes in a million shades, you can pick your equal. Blue Lace Agate has a juicy and adorable vibration that serves to soften the hard edges of a Scorpio. Moss Agate is earthly and rich and keeps you alive in the presence of nature ( a natural soul soother ). Fire Agate burns bright with the power of favorableness, helping to combat the iniquity that the Scorpio tends to sit in. Find out more about the intend of Agate .


Aquamarine Stone ever enticing you to go with the flow, the watery energy of Aquamarine matches the neglect element of all those Scorpios out there. This blue extremity of the Beryl family brings lightsomeness and well vibes, easygoing department of energy, a softer sense of communication, and the soar movement of the wild blue sea – not to mention it ‘s a lucky rock to boot. For the Scorpio that tends to be a little more unplayful than some of the other headliner signs, Aquamarine entices you to let go and travel with the flow. Find out more about the meaning of Aquamarine .


Opal Stone Bringing dateless ruminations of easy and forte, the Opal pit knows how to shine a light on the dark Scorpios. With shades the color of moonstone, Opal is all milk and pearl and the perfect gem for bringing healing feminine energy, good luck, and strong psychic connections. For those who find themselves wading through heaviness or battling the inner demons of possessiveness, Opal helps you to stay linked to a sense of clearness and inner peace .


Ruby While Scorpios have enough of love to go around, the fiery bright flame of Ruby helps to raise the prevention on your rage, taking it a place of health and health. All the red stones whisper of ardor and sacred heal, whether its the glow of garnet of the grounding energy of crimson jasper. Along with stimulating your inner chi, this imperial rock besides brings those beaming traits of exponent, protective covering, and self-control. Rather than turning your emotional dial to eleven, the Ruby works gently with your large energy to keep you shining bright and calm air .


Beryl is all delicate dreams of pale green. This soft and reverend stone helps to calm a Scorpio when their judgment is racing a nautical mile a minute. A sweet and soulful kernel chakra stone, easy park Beryl brings its soft vibrations and a easy admonisher that you need to simplify your biography. With Beryl onside, you can clear out toxic people and behaviors and make an active decision to live a light bright liveliness. It ’ second besides a stone that knows how to help goal-orientated people to find the strength to get the problem done – precisely in production line with a Scorpio.


Obsidian Stone Dark and dreamy and always welcoming you into the stillness of the ink-black black, obsidian lends a softening dark of rest and suspension for the Scorpio to chill in. One of the major establish stones, Obsidian is all about providing a cloak of protection – much needed for Scorpios as they tend to throw themselves correct in without checking to see where they will land. obsidian is all about bringing the counterweight. Find out more about the think of of Obsidian .


Peridot Stone Twinkling Peridot is a bringer of light and undoer of the heart. This gorgeous park gem oozes heat and wonder and is an incredible jewel for helping Scorpios memorize to let go. With emotional wealth, Peridot besides lends an expert hand in helping temper those big temper swings and feelings of overpower and keeping Scorpios from settling besides deep in the darkness. Peridot besides complements the Scorpios natural affinity to home in on a task as it perfects focus and feeds that natural decision that helps Scorpios stand out. Find out more about the meaning of Peridot .


Citrine Stone Splashed in sunlight and soaked in feel-good vibes, Citrine is the brightest stone out there. Perfect for picking Scorpios up and sending them to a position of brawny favorableness, the Citrine stone is adenine sharp as a lemon and laced in the pleasantness of arrant summer vibes. This shimmering strong pit helps Scorpios to get to work on clearing out the solar plexus chakra, raising that energy and confidence banish, and making surely that you exit the underground to stand in the sun. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine .

How to Use the Stones

Selection of gemstone bracelets for Scorpio Zodiac
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Having a gem or choice of crystals that work with your consistency, mind, and soul can ensure that all those Scorpios out there are invited to live their best life. Whether a amulet for your pocket or a beautiful piece of gem jewelry that stays on your person at all times, the aim is to mark an purpose for healing. One of the best methods for manifesting magic trick and bringing healing into your casual harmony is by becoming a wearer of Scorpio stones .
From gem bracelets to crystal pendant or flush a ring slipped upon your finger, wearing gemstones directly against the skin ensures that the healing vibrations can flow precisely where they are needed without being stopped in their tracks. Keep your crystal amulet of jewelry close by during times of emotional overwhelm or when you are facing difficult conversations with those you love and you will see the celestial healing component get right to work on softening those acuate edges .

How to Cleanse Stones and Jewelry

womans hands with smudge stick and gemstone bracelets

As healing crystals get to work helping to clear out negative energy, rebalancing heavy thoughts, and channeling universal sexual love and toleration through their cosmic channels, its no wonder that from prison term to time these crystals need a clean me up. Keeping your stones cleansed and charged means that they will always be on their A-game and ever ready to peel back those bad layers that a Scorpio can build up. Cleansing your stones is super easily, merely run under halfhearted water for the hard stronger stones or if you have delicate quartz crystals you can smudge them with sage. After de-charging them of all that pent up department of energy you can give their power a potent boost by placing them in a shard of moonlight, a cant of sunlight, in earthly spirited territory, or by leaving your stones in the bearing of potent aglow quartz glass crystals who love to share their energy .

Final thoughts on Scorpio Birthstones 

There is indeed much energy and wonder to adore when it comes to all those Scorpios out there. Who couldn ’ t fall hard for a audacious warrior with a close side and a patriotic and determined nature ? Yet with all this charging wonder, the Scorpio can stretch themselves thin or let their emotions rule the roost. There are not many filters for those ruminating thoughts that can get a Scorpio into emotional trouble. By choosing these stones, Scorpios can breathe a sigh of relief and let the mend nature of libra, beauty, and the kernel of light and dark lead them out of the woods .
Are you entangled with a Scorpio or are you a Scorpio who struggles to move away from your apparition side ? Share all your Scorpio experiences with us in the comments .

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