Frequently Asked Questions About SCORE

SCORE provides expert mentor and education to thousands of inauguration and existing businesses, just like yours. Our goal is for you to receive the help you need to be successful in your business .

Below you will find a few points that we believe may be helpful as you start your small business journey with SCORE.

What is SCORE?

SCORE, America ’ s premier source of free, confidential little business advice, was founded in 1964 as a nonprofit organization resource collaborator of the U.S. Small Business Administration ( SBA ). Because SCORE receives government fund, and thanks to our more than 10,000 give volunteers, we are able to deliver most of our offerings at no monetary value .
Our network of 10,000+ technical volunteers offers business mentor and workshops at more than 250 SCORE offices across the country. SCORE besides provides virtual mentor services via call, electronic mail and television, plus webinars and other on-line resources for budding entrepreneurs and established clientele owners .

How does your small business mentoring service work? How can I connect with a mentor?

SCORE provides complimentary, confidential business advice through our volunteer network of 10,000+ occupation experts. You can meet with a mentor on-line or face-to-face in a chapter near you.

To request a mentor, visit and research for a mentor by keyword, industry, location or expertness. If you prefer, we can besides make a match for you based on your business question .

What happens after I submit my mentoring request?

SCORE will attempt to contact you at least three times during the two weeks after you have submitted your mentoring request. If you have not connected with a mentor at the end of this time, please reach mentoring @ .
After you are assigned a mentor, you can meet with your mentor regularly for ongoing serve starting or growing your business, or you can make appointments whenever a specific emergence or question arises .
SCORE ’ mho mentor services are provided at no cost to you, careless of the number of times you visit a SCORE mentor ( and careless of how many mentors you work with ) .
The discussion with your SCORE mentor is strictly confidential. Our mentors sign a Code of Ethics and Conduct that ensures the protection of your information and clientele idea .
If you did not feel that you received valuable advice or aid during a mentor session, please discuss this with your mentor. Our # 1 goal is to provide you with a convinced know and aid you with your business needs .
SCORE will work to assign you to the arrant mentor, based on your necessitate, industry and placement. Your assign mentor can then connect you with other mentors as needed to provide specialize advice and extra support .
If your initial mentor is not a good “ burst ” for you, we can pair you with another one of our thousands of business mentors across the area. In this subject, you may contact your local SCORE function or e-mail mentor @ to request a fresh mentor .

How can I maximize my experience with SCORE?

We encourage clients to :

You benefit most from SCORE by meeting with a mentor for more than a one-hour appointment. Before the decision of your initial seance, your mentor ( or person from the local SCORE office ) will schedule another appointment for you or assist you in finding the correct resource. For best results, we recommend that our clients meet with their mentors regularly .

What do you expect from me?

While we prefer for clients to follow through with any schedule appointments, we understand that things may occasionally come up that will require you to cancel an appointment. If you have to cancel an appointment, we ask that you notify your local chapter ampere soon as possible .
Both you and your mentor will work in concert to identify key areas to focus on to build your clientele success. Your mentor will act as an accountability partner, providing you with the guidance and resources you need to take the next steps toward advancing your business .
After your first and one-fourth meetings with your mentor, you will receive an electronic survey from SCORE function about your experience. The survey will take you about one hour to complete. We ask for your feedback in order to continue to improve our services. Our client Satisfaction Survey results are reviewed continuously at all levels in SCORE .

How do I become a volunteer?

SCORE offers four different volunteer opportunities for working and retire professionals :

  • Mentor: Offer confidential business mentoring services, either in person or online
  • Subject matter expert: Collaborate with experienced mentors to offer advice in your specific area of expertise
  • Workshop presenter: Lead local workshops, seminars and events to help entrepreneurs meet their goals and achieve success
  • Administrative role: Assist your local chapter with marketing, finance, scheduling and other key administrative tasks

If you ’ rhenium matter to in volunteering with SCORE, visit and complete an application. Your application will be sent to the local SCORE drawing card for inspection. The grade leader will contact you for an interview and, if volunteering seems like a good fit for you and SCORE, you ’ ll be asked to complete our educate and onboarding process. Contact @ for more data .

What resources are available on

score created this web site as a leading on-line resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our site offers a comprehensive examination humble business library with “ how-to ” eguides, downloadable templates, checklists, articles, videos, infographics and blogs. Our web site besides hosts on-line workshops, such as our record webinars and interactional courses on necessitate .

Are your workshops free?

All of our on-line workshops ( available at ) are absolve of charge. You can register for a live webinar presented by a occupation technical, view a recorded webinar or take an interactional course on demand.

We besides offer instructor-led workshops, roundtables and events in your residential district. These are available for exempt or for a noun phrase fee. All funds received from the local anesthetic workshops support the chapter and development of newly workshops, handouts, materials and early business resources .

Does SCORE offer business grants or loans? What about CPA services and legal services?

score does not provide grants, business loans, CPA services or legal services, but your mentor may be able to suggest outside resources to assist you in those areas .

I am a resident of a country other than the U.S. Can I still work with a SCORE mentor?

Because we receive funding from the U.S. politics, we can only offer mentoring to people living in America. however, we wish you the best of luck with your clientele !

If you have additional questions, email

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