Owner Of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Says Phone Exploded On Nightstand; Wasn’t Being Charged

Brianne says she woke up early Monday good morning to a horrifying batch : Her Samsung Galaxy S6 Active was on fire next to her bed. Unlike many previous instances of phones smoldering or going up in flames, she says her device was not being charged or plugged into anything at the time .
A Consumerist lector ( and a personal acquaintance of mine ), Brianne tells us she was awakened by a strange randomness .
“ I thought something got stuck in the blades of the sports fan, ” she recalls. “ The sound changed and became a taper off, then pop. nowadays smoke and a awful smack is coming from my night stand. ”
That olfactory property, she tells Consumerist, was the melt formative of her Samsung S6 Active guide over her night table.

“ Yes, ” she says, “ my phone literally exploded. ” Happily, cipher was hurt, “ fair a little melt credit card on the table. ”
The earphone, however, appears to be damaged beyond use, as Brianne shared in photos to Consumerist :

Samsung launched the S6 Active in June 2015, and Brianne tells Consumerist she got her device in December of that year. Her phone had not previously exhibited any problems, says Brianne. It was using its original battery, which “ hush held a reasonably good charge, ” and had neither suffered any damage nor flush run hot, in her experience .
aid ! My earphone Is On Fire. What Should I Do ?
Obviously, put out the flames first — but now that’s done, you’ve got a useless hunk of melted plastic and metal instead of a working phone. So what comes next?
Contact the manufacturer. Whether it ’ s Samsung, Apple, or person else, the folks who made the device need to know .
Tell the government. The best, easiest way to file a charge is at SaferProducts.gov. other consumers will be able to see issue reports ( without personal information ) and adequate similar complaints may prompt an probe or recall .
If you can, consider holding on to the husk of your telephone that once was, in case federal investigators ask to see it after you file a complaint .
If the manufacturer balks at sending a substitute, having filed a CPSC ailment might help, as investigators have experience reaching out to companies.

Document everything ! This is always good advice, but take photos of damage and commemorate every interaction you have with the manufacturer. If things go south, or if the CPSC launches an probe, it will help .
Making the situation evening scarier : Brianne says the call wasn ’ t even plugged in to the charger at the clock it blew. She had unplugged it at 4:00 in the dawn when she went to check on their seven-month-old, she reports. At the fourth dimension, she says her phone was working completely normally. When she went back to bed a little while late, she didn ’ triiodothyronine put the telephone back on the charger .
There have been reports of S6 Active devices overheating and melting or exploding before, but in those cases the call was plugged in and drawing a charge .
In Sept. 2016, a paramedic ’ s new Galaxy S6 Active reportedly caught displace while charging at the ambulance serve where he worked .
The CPSC ’ s public ailment database besides has two reports of S6 Active devices catching ardor while charging. In June, 2016, one consumer reported to the CPSC that their Galaxy S6 Active ignited while charging, with the master Samsung-provided charger. Another consumer filed a similar complaint in Oct. 2016, claiming that during charging their phone got hot enough — clocking in at 152 degrees — to melt the charger itself .
The public charge database besides has about a twelve early reports of diverse Samsung S6 phones catching fire, including one Galaxy S6 that, like Brianne ’ south, wasn ’ thymine plugged in at the time or acting curiously advance .
A spokesperson for Samsung tells Consumerist that the party stands behind “ the quality and safety of the more than 10 million Galaxy S6 class phones in the U.S., and there are no know issues with these devices. ”

The company has spoken with Brianne “ to learn more about what happened and are in the action of retrieving the device. ”
however, “ Until Samsung is able to obtain and examine any device, ” the spokesperson added, “ it is impossible to determine the on-key induce of any incident. Mobile phones are building complex products and there are many factors that could contribute to their malfunction. Any customer who has questions or experiences an issue with a Samsung product should contact us immediately at 1-800-SAMSUNG. ”

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