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rural Communities Housing Development Corporation presently owns and manages 31 properties with 1021 units throughout rural Northern California. Our portfolio is valued at approximately $ 108 million with an annual corporate budget of $ 2 million. Having been in the industry for over forty years, we have an extensive cognition al-qaeda that spans decades of changes in the house industry. This huge history allows us to adapt quickly to the always changing landscape of the house market today .
Recognizing that each property will have a singular set of characteristics, we work with owners to create an personalize plan that will not only achieve the results they are looking for but surpass those expectations. Through a combination of our Asset Management, Compliance Monitoring, and Community Building and Engagement programs, owners can rest assured their properties will be vibrant, healthy communities .

We recruit and hire staff with the goal of finding employees who interact well with a assortment of personality types. It is our honest opinion that finding staff members who believe in our mission instruction leads to more productive employees who maintain healthy relationships with residents, a rise cost decrease proficiency. Our staff are highly skilled and train. We customize each onsite director ’ s training agenda to focus on the submission regulations specific to their property deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as to maximize their personal assets and strengthen any deficiencies .
Asset Management
fiscal report
RCHDC manages each property as if we owned it. Our diligence in asset management focuses on the long term logistics of Property Management. With our experience in the low-cost house industry, we understand the particular needs of these properties in terms of keeping rents low while protecting the capital needs of the property throughout its submission period. To actualize this, we monitor monthly, quarterly, and annual financials, ensuring that stable operations are maintained for all properties .
File Reviews
Our low-cost housing business model includes a complaisance review of every tenant file at least once per annum. All move-in files undergo a multi-layered approval process to ensure conformity with Fair Housing and ADA Laws vitamin a well as regulative agreement eligibility .
physical Inspections
Each apartment at our properties is inspected at least once annually using the latest software to track and monitor disparagement of assets, effective practice of inventory control processes, tenant damage, and to care in Capital Needs Assessments. Having accurate data made available to owners in a digital format helps facilitate wise fiscal decisions .
procurement Procedures
Utilizing the Buyers Access course of study, RCHDC finds price savings from reduced prices through partnerships with vendors such as Staples, Maintenance USA, Sherwin-Williams, and Orkin, to name a few. Products are procured at discounted prices, and that savings is passed on immediately to the property owners, leading to long terminus fiscal savings. These savings increase the ability of the property to help maintain a higher level of resident services .
RCHDC works with all the major fund providers that exist in the low-cost housing industry. Our area of expertness is working through the regulations for properties with highly layered finance packages. Our conformity department has many years of have in the industry and has received extensive trainings and certifications. Our current portfolio includes :

  • 416 units with Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • 344 units with Project Based Section 8
  • 328 units with Section 202/8 or Section 202 PRAC
  • 24 units with Section 236
  • 21 units with Section 811 for Chronically Mentally Ill
  • 40 units of a cooperative
    USDA Rural Development
  • 394 units with USDA RD Section 515
  • 40 units with USDA RD Section 514


  • 163 units with HOME
  • 144 units with MHP
  • 40 units with Joe Serna
  • 6 units with TBRA

Department of Health and Human Services, Mental Health Services Act

  • 32 units with MHSA

Federal Home Loan Bank, low-cost Housing Program

  • 110 units with AHP

Tax Exempt Bonds

  • 472 units with Bonds

Information Technologies
RCHDC use state of the artwork Property Management Software. Our package is amply customizable to ensure that owners can achieve established business goals. This software in full integrates our accounts receivable and accounts collectible into real time numbers allowing access to quality data. work orders for repairs are generated through the software while simultaneously tracking stock. work orders for Regional Mangers, including monthly place inspections and file audits, are besides generated through the software ensuring nothing is overlooked and all files to be audited are selected at random .
Thinking Green
A congress of racial equality focus for RCHDC is reducing the carbon paper footprint of the communities we manage ; we care about our environmental impact and that is why we have developed a green policy. Our green policy includes merchandise considerations that not merely save owners money but besides reflects the greater environmental affect of our buying choices. RCHDC believes that a progressive environmental policy will improve the health of the communities in which we operate as a unharmed .

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