Running a 7-Figure Business Remotely Is Possible–If You Do These 5 Things

In late 2017, my wife and I did the unthinkable. We packed up our home and moved our kids from Illinois to Nashville, Tennessee. not alone did this entail moving far from friends, but it besides meant moving away from my fiscal plan clientele, Alliance Wealth Management. All of a sudden, I would need to manage my business remotely. fortunately, I had some experience in this area. Since I have been running my personal finance blog,, and insurance web site,, from home for years, I ‘ve gotten used to managing from afar. however, learning to run a brick-and-mortar business from a distance is different. My fiscal plan firm has an agency, after all, and I have employees who rely on me. Through thickly and thin, however, I ‘ve vowed to make it work. And I have, but only after learning some very valuable business lessons along the means.

The importance of the test run

If trying to run a seven-figure clientele remotely sounds chilling, you would be discipline. fortunately, I had the wherewithal to make certain I had the mighty systems in place and adequate emotional capacity to make it work. I tested the theme of managing my clientele remotely with a few test runs beginning, largely via working from home or coffee shops versus going into the office. Doing this allowed me to identify where issues could arise. As I started finding and fixing issues, I then started working remotely 2-3 days each week. once I got to the point where I was only in the office one day per workweek, it was placid glide and a lot easier to step away.

Technology is amazing

If I were trying to run a occupation ten years ago, there is no way I could accomplish american samoa a lot as I do today. There are so many bang-up tools available to entrepreneurs and minor business owners these days that it makes me wonder if brick and mortar businesses will flush exist in the future. Thanks to technology, I can stay in touch with my team with Slack, practice Dropbox to parcel customer files, practice Zoom for conference calls, use DocuSign when signatures are needed, and use BombBomb to record television and sync it with our inboxes for easy messaging. With so many perplex tools, I can about run my office completely without even being there.

Hire the right people

After joining a coaching program several years ago, I took a personality test called Kolbe that helped me learn a lot about myself and the type of people I needed to hire in club to thrive. These days, every new hire takes the Kolbe quiz then I can determine if they ‘re a good match.

thus many business owners say they need an assistant or a market person without realizing everything that person needs to do for the business to be successful. By having my employees take this test and making lists of precisely what I need from them, I ensure I am building my dream team with each new hire.

Document and process everything

Like many entrepreneurs, I used to be guilty of trying to do it all. But, over clock time, I ‘ve learned it ‘s much better to delegate. In orderliness to grow, you actually do need to simplify everything you do. One of the first steps to simplification is creating processes that show others how to handle different aspects of your business. To do this, I used a program called Sweet Process. This engineering made it easy for me to create a action and a video that explains each task I do. With these videos, anyone can complete a task on their own without any hands-on coach.

Check-ins are a must

When you ‘re not in the agency every day, it ‘s tempting to assume all is well. But, you could be missing some big problems if you never check in. fortunately, Slack, e-mail, and textbook, make it easy to keep in touch. calm, it ‘s besides crucial to have patronize face-to-face check-ins just to make certain your employees are n’t letting anything fall through the cracks.

This is where Zoom – the video conferencing creature – comes into free rein. With Zoom, my team and I can have some face time, share screens, and besides share links and chat in real-time.

It’s possible

While the five reasons listed above were all-important in my journey toward running a successful commercial enterprise remotely, the biggest example I ‘ve learned is that, despite whatever challenges come my way, being a chief executive officer from a distance is possible. It takes fourth dimension, the veracious tools, and the right people to get everything working as it should. But in the end, it ‘s worth it .

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