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The coronavirus pandemic introduced some new challenges to getting a mortgage. many lenders facing high lend need and staff issues increased their fees, adjusted minimum required credit scores or temporarily suspended certain lend products. While some products and business practices have returned to pre-pandemic levels, you might still find delays and limited options. If you can ’ t pay your current base loan, refer to our mortgage aid resource. For information on how to cope with fiscal tension during this pandemic, see NerdWallet ’ s fiscal guide to COVID-19.

Rocket Mortgage at a glance

Rocket Mortgage used to be the on-line loanword patronize and application summons offered by Quicken Loans, but as of July 2021, Rocket Mortgage is the lender ’ s official name. If you start to apply for a mortgage on-line through Quicken, you ‘ll be sent over to the Rocket site. No count what, your loanword will be originated by Rocket Mortgage preferably than Quicken Loans. however, the most holocene Home Mortgage Disclosure Act datum available is from 2020, when Rocket Mortgage was still a Quicken-owned brand and Quicken Loans originated home loans from Rocket. The asterisk ratings you ‘ll see for “ Rates and fees ” and “ Rate foil ” reflect data for Quicken Loans, while Rocket data informs “ Variety of loanword types ” and “ Ease of application. ” here ‘s a dislocation of Rocket Mortgage ‘s overall grudge :

  • kind of lend types : 4 of 5 stars
  • ease of application : 5 of 5 stars
  • Rates and fees : 2 of 5 stars
  • rate transparency : 4 of 5 stars

Rocket Mortgage loan types

Rocket Mortgage offers a loan lineup that ‘s fairly typical of nonbank lenders. conventional loans, FHA loans and VA loans are available with specify or adjustable rates. A customizable fixed-rate conventional loan with a condition from eight to 29 years is besides available, in accession to the standard 15- or 30-year mortgage. even though FHA loans made up only 7 % of its entire business, Quicken was the second-largest FHA lender in the nation in 2020, boasting more than doubly the FHA loanword volume of the future lender. Home equity loans and home plate equity lines of credit, or HELOCs, are n’t available. Those seeking to put their home equity to work with Rocket will need to look to a cash-out refinance.

Rocket Mortgage ease of application

Rocket Mortgage allows you to complete your mortgage application on-line, providing shortcuts along the way to make the work even faster. You can apply on the Rocket Mortgage app or on its web site, which — unsurprisingly, given Rocket ‘s online-first roots — is in full optimized for fluid. The biggest difference between applying on your phone versus your calculator is the size of your screen. If you ‘d prefer to work with an actual person front to confront ( or at least, screen to screen ), you can reach out to a mortgage agent affiliated with Rocket Mortgage. A typical on-line application takes about half an hour, according to Rocket Mortgage, but you can work at your own pace. You ‘ll start by creating an report, then answering basic questions like the ZIP code where you ‘re planning to buy a home. much of your fiscal information, such as bank and investment accounts, can be downloaded immediately by Rocket Mortgage from many U.S. fiscal institutions. rocket can besides import income and employment information for many working Americans. then, you ‘re at the “ learn solutions ” stage. This is where Rocket Mortgage pulls your credit data and reveals your loan choices, a good as how much house you can afford. From there, you can customize your options by changing the term, the money due at conclude or your concern rate.

once you ‘re satisfy with your loanword option, Rocket Mortgage verifies your qualifications and submits the lotion to an automated underwrite system. Upon approval, you can lock your loan rate and get a preapproval letter. You can generate preapproval letters as needed, changing the amount to match your offers indeed that sellers do n’t know the total you can afford. If you decide to go with Rocket for your home loanword and proceed with full approval, you ‘ll work with a loan policeman over the telephone to complete your application. While the loan is in cover, you can sign in to your Rocket report ( in a web browser or in the app ) to manage outstanding tasks, upload documents, e-sign paperwork, monitor the progress of your loan process, and even schedule your lend close. You can besides click or tap on any screen to chat with a Rocket representative or send a message. besides noteworthy : In most cases, your relationship with Rocket Mortgage does n’t end at close. Rocket Mortgage both originates and services home loans, so while your loan may be resold to investors like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you ‘ll continue to send payments to Rocket and work with Rocket ‘s customer support team. Rocket has systematically received customer gratification accolades from J.D. Power, for both home loanword origin and service.

Rocket Mortgage rates and fees

One of the most important considerations when choosing a mortgage lender is understanding what the lend will cost. Because in 2020, the most late class for which datum is available, Quicken Loans was inactive the lender behind Rocket Mortgage, our scoring reflects Quicken Loans ‘ rates and fees. In order to provide consumers with a general smell of what a lender might charge, NerdWallet scores lenders on two factors regarding fees and mortgage rates, based on the most recently available Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data :

  • quicken Loans, the lender behind Rocket Mortgage in 2020, earns 1 of 5 stars for average initiation fee .
  • quicken Loans earns 3 of 5 stars for volunteer mortgage rates compared with the best available rates on comparable loans .

Borrowers should consider the balance between lender fees and mortgage rates. While it ‘s not always the case, paying upfront fees can lower your mortgage interest rate. Some lenders will charge higher upfront fees to lower their advertise interest rate and make it more attractive. Some lenders barely charge higher upfront fees. You can decide to buy discount points — a tip paid with your conclude costs — to reduce your mortgage rate. Deciding whether to pay higher upfront fees is a matter of considering how long you plan to live in your home and how much cash you have to apply toward close costs when you sign the loanword paperwork.

Rocket Mortgage rate transparency

Rocket Mortgage offers sample rates for fixed-rate purchase and refinance loans on its home page, and you ‘ll find more extensive rate information if you head to the rates page. There, you ‘ll find their most current pastime rates and APR, adenine well as the points you ‘d need to buy upfront to get that rate and APR jazz band, for 30- and 15-year fix pace home plate loans a well as 30-year FHA and VA loans. You can besides click “ opinion legal disclosures ” to see the assumptions Rocket makes to determine those rates ( for example, that the lend is for a single-family home that will be a primary residence ) ; viewing sample rates is n’t the like as getting personalized rates. even when rates are humble, lenders much work the assumptions to make their rates look barely a act lower — and Rocket Mortgage is no exception. For case, a lender can show a lower pastime pace by adding in dismiss points. The more points paid for, the lower the rate.

On the day we checked, Rocket ‘s interest rate foliate showed points ranging from 2 to 2.125 built into the concern rates. That ‘s a little high, considering that, overall, borrowers have paid an average of 0.70 points on loans in the past 12 months, according to the Federal Reserve. For rates customized to your situation, you ‘ll have to begin the process of applying on-line with Rocket Mortgage. evening “ qualified preapproval ” ( Rocket ‘s version of prequalification ) includes a heavily recognition inquiry, so it ‘s crucial to be sure you ‘re serious about considering Rocket as a lender before applying. More from NerdWallet

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