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2015 book written by Eric Greitens
Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life ( 2015 ) is a book written by Eric Greitens, a former Navy SEAL and Naval Officer, that consists of a series of letters written to a ally struggling with animation after military overhaul. The letters serve a guidebook for his friend, Zach Walker ( a pseudonym ), and draw on Greitens ’ personal experiences and cognition of ancient and modern philosophers. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

setting [edit ]

In 2012, Greitens received a phone call from a acquaintance and former SEAL, Zach Walker, whom he served with in the Navy, asking him for help. The presentation of his ledger Resilience describes the fictional character of Walker, “ a ruffianly guy who would do anything for anyone ”. [ citation needed ] Yet, when he returned home, Walker was struggling with PTSD, losing his sense of purpose. Although it had been over a ten since they served together, Greitens and Walker began talking and exchanging letters about daily, giving avail to his friend who was in desperate motivation. [ 3 ] Greitens discusses how his ally ‘s floor is singular, but that many people deal with loss, fear, and a passing of determination. His book Resilience, offers advice to his ally, that is intended to be useful to any reader in overcoming hardship and becoming a resilient person. [ 4 ]

content [edit ]

In his record, Greitens covers many topics, entail to help his friend reclaim and heal including : happiness, identity, philosophy, pain, exemption, and death. [ 5 ]

In discussing happiness, Greitens says to Walker, “ When I was in Iraq, we knew that our function was saving the lives of american marines. We woke up everyday to live a animation that mattered. When you come home from war, all of that – the epinephrine, the sexual love, the aim, the pursuit, the calling – vanishes. The happiness of excellence, of personal endeavor, is gone. ” [ 6 ] Greitens repeatedly mentions the importance of determination in attaining happiness and boom. [ 7 ] In another letter to his supporter, Greitens writes about pain, stressing the deviation between physical pain and emotional pain, and pain we seek and pain that seeks us. He offers the surveil advice on pain : “ To work through pain is not to make it vanish, but to make it beggarly something different for us – to turn it into wisdom. ” [ 8 ]

Greitens besides gives advice on the notion of exemption, telling pedestrian that he should “ give yourself the exemption to live a life sentence that ‘s balanced – not like a seesaw but like a beautiful work of art. ” [ 9 ]

reception [edit ]

Publishers Weekly said that “ Greitens sets out a series of virtual lessons designed to move his friend—and readers—past difficulties. Greitens doesn ’ thymine sugarcoat the difficulties involved in following his advice, but he convincingly argues that those who accept it are on the road to a bright future. This book is a endow not only to Greitens ’ s comrades-in-arms, but to readers everywhere. ” [ 10 ]

Admiral ( ret. ) Mike Mullen, 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff stated “ In Resilience, Eric Greitens provides a brainy and brave course of action to help navigate life ’ randomness rough waters. Resilience is filled with solutions, mania and compassion. Every veteran of every war should read this invaluable book. then should their families. so should every American. ” [ 11 ] [ 12 ] The Military Times described it as blending “ doctrine that elicits Emerson, Epictetus and other familiar male voices with self-help that tries to avoid “ happy-clappy nonsense. ” ” [ 13 ] Bloomberg Markets called Resilience a “ must read ”. [ 14 ]

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