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The clientele side : I did leave the residential district for a year previously for matters unrelated to the apartment community ( under former management ). I received my lodge binding with exhaustive and reasonable move out expectations. I moved back into the community with my brother and then when he moved out I moved into one of the one bedroom units. We did not clean the apartment vitamin a well as we could have, so I understood why the depository was not refunded in full. I had the move day set with the new function staff & left several messages to make surely everything was on track for that moving sidereal day ( I booked a moving co. ). The apartment was not ready on moving day. Walls had not been painted nor carpets cleaned ( I do n’t think they ever paint the walls ; I lived in three units, none had fresh paint, however they ‘ll charge you for it ). indeed, they did a “ unaccented ” rug clean. I ran my personal carpet clean over the carpets. They were filthy. however, time was up and I had signed the rent. They did not give me a move in inspection form … now I know why. When I made the decisiveness to move out of the apartment I felt relieved to be out of there. The office has my modern address and I awaited paperwork. I had thoroughly cleaned the apartment, including the carpets, no trash left behind, raw stove pans, etc. I took pictures in subject something were to go wrong with the situate ( wanted to be quick for legal carry through if necessity ). I had not received any assay or explanation as to why I did not get deposition rear. I called the position. nothing in the mail. I contacted corporate. They had the coach call me. She wanted to verbally go over the travel out inspection sheet over the earphone ! I called back and left a message stating I would not verbally go over any document over the telephone, please send the class to my newly address. I emailed them ampere well. It is now over six months late with no explanation and no return of deposit. I do have a feeling they did not compare their be active out form from the former tenant with how they gave me the unit or my move out inspection. Or, charged for services ( painting and carpet clean ) that do not actually happen and would not be a charge in a different apartment residential district. Save yourself the stress and money. Move somewhere else.

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