SOLVED: How to remove keycaps – MacBook Pro 13″ Function Keys Late 2016

I ‘d strongly recommend avoiding using tweezers on any keycap removal, ( specially retina and MacBook air travel models ) as the manufactures have made the edges of the keycaps highly reduce, so are very easy to break or crack .
Use a very dilute musical composition of plastic, such as a light to medium gauge guitar foot to lift the edge, or you can equitable use your fingernail .
As others have described in early comments above, one side of the scissor clip is designed to slide into place, and the other is designed to click into home .
so when fitting a keycap, align the chute boundary in beginning, then press hard on the ‘clip ‘ slope until it clicks into place.

For the 2016 MacBook Pro models, we have classed this as a unlike translation to the 12 ” Butterfly time, although the 2017 model of 12 ” looks to now have the like clip as the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models .
We call this scissor time ‘Type M ‘, as seen here when you navigate to the MacBook professional range :
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As a guide for removing, it varies depending on the cardinal in interrogate, but it is like to the Type L ( 12 ” MacBook Retina 15/16 range )
I ‘ll refer to the ‘clip ‘ side as the ‘snap ‘ in separate, and the ‘slide ‘ side as the ‘hooks ‘ for clarity .
When i say ‘begin in the center ‘, i ‘m referring to getting a ‘pick ‘ type instrument between the butterfly clip and the black keycap, then gently sliding towards the ‘snap ‘ slope of the keycap until it unclips .
Alphanumeric (number and letter keys), left/right arrow keys, and includes some command and modifier keys (except tab, caps lock and delete on US layouts, and return on UK layouts)
Begin in the center on either the right or leave side of the keycap at the top. The hooks are on the bottom, and the snaps are on the crown .
Function Keys
Begin in the concentrate on either the peak or penetrate side of the key. Hooks are on the right and the snaps are on the left.

Space Bar
Begin in the center of either the left or correctly edge of the space barroom keycap. there are 4 snaps on top and 4 hooks on the buttocks .
( it takes a bite of impel, but make certain you are getting your cream or fingernail beneath the keycap, but above the butterfly time, otherwise you ‘ll damage the mounts. In some cases, you have to press down the bottom of the key as you are putting up pressure under the amphetamine side to help release the ‘snap ‘ side .
Up Arrow
Begin in the center on either the peak or bottom side of the cardinal. The hooks are on the left and the snaps are on the correct .
Tab, Caps Lock and Delete Keys (US layout only
Begin in the center on the right english of the keycap. There are 3 hooks on the bottom and three snaps on the top .
Return Key (UK and EU layouts only)
Begin at the top center of the keypap. There are 3 hooks on the proper and 3 snaps on the entrust .
I ‘ll see about getting some photos taken to better illustrate this, but it takes a coach eye to spot the differences between Type L ( 12 ” retina ) and the new Type M ( 2016 MacBook Pro Retina ) clip types, so for illustration purposes, or as a simple reference, it will suffice using images from the 12 ” to help see how the late version works.

Block ImageBlock ImageBlock Image

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