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Christmas Cactus Hanging Thanks to its long bloom season and profuse floral display during the winter months, Christmas Cactus ( Schlumbergera truncate ) has long been considered a seasonal worker basic among houseplants.

however, those who purchase this establish at the startle of the vacation season when it ’ second beginning to bloom frequently find themselves at a loss as to how to care for it — and without the proper care, their Christmas Cactus implant may fail to bloom the next year. Although Christmas Cactus does identical well in indoor home environments, they have a few conditions that must be met if they are going to perform their best. here ’ s what you need to know :

Cultivation Requirements of Christmas Cactus

One of the most important requirements for Christmas Cactus to bloom is a period of time when it receives 12-14 hours of complete darkness every 24 hours. Most people put their Christmas Cactus on a windowsill in a room that ’ second never used after sunset or before dawn. It ’ s besides important to stop water this implant for about a calendar month and keep temperatures relatively cool. pruning is besides an substantive cultivation requirement that, if not done properly, can inhibit or even prevent flowers from forming the watch year .

Pruning Christmas Cactus

Because Christmas Cactus doesn ’ t have standard stem and leaf system, but rather has flick segments attached to one another that produce flowers on the tips, pruning them can be confusing for those who have never had them before. When pruning this plant, it ’ south important to cut them off between flick segments. They should besides be pruned no later than one calendar month after the implant has passed its efflorescence season.

After Christmas Cactus blooms, it enters a growth time period where new foliation is formed, and pruning helps create a bushy plant by forcing the emergence to go in an outward focus preferably than up .

Use a sharp, sterile pruning knife or clippers

The pruning knife you use should be identical crisp in orderliness to prevent tearing the delicate plant tissues and sterilized in a commercial solution designed for practice on garden tools or a homemade mix of one partially bleach to nine parts water. You should besides wash your hands thoroughly before pruning — these precautions help prevent the scatter of plant disease .

Prune at the gap between segments

Always prune your Christmas Cactus at the col between the leaf segments. This should be easy because these are the weakest region of the plant. Some people prefer to twist at the segment to remove foliation alternatively of using a tongue, but this approach seems to work full on newer increase.

It ’ s not advisable to prune more than one-third of the existing foliation off of your Christmas Cactus. If you recently purchased the plant and it ’ s inactive small, you only need to remove about an edge. The end result should be that each bow is roughly the same duration. Pruning besides provides an excellent opportunity to thoroughly inspect your Christmas Cactus for any pests or pathogens that may be confront so you can treat the plant to avoid any foster damage .

Use cutting for more plants

It ’ randomness never a good idea to leave the trim plant material sitting in the pot — as they decompose, they ’ ll become attractive to a kind of pests and pathogens.

As an option to simply tossing them into the folderol or the compost bin, consider using the cuttings to propagate more plants. All you have to do is let cuttings sit in a cool, dry place for a few days before placing them in a container with potting dirty, watering meagerly until the newly plants develop solution systems.

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