Pisces Sun Libra Moon: A Harmonious Personality

People with their Sun in Pisces and their Moon in Libra are likable and dreamy. Their sensitivity and intuition will help them get by more well in this feverish world. Theirs is a combination of signs that brings proportion and friendliness. Wherever they will go, people born under this astrological combination will make friends and be appreciated. Whatever they will do, they will seek judge and to have consistency in everything. It ’ s their Moon in Libra that makes them be more prone to this kind of behavior. Pisces Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Joyful, refined and intuitive;
  • Negatives: Hectic, stubborn and dramatic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who has a similar taste with theirs;
  • Advice: You need to listen more to your friends, even when it comes to bending rules.

Personality traits

Pisces Sun Libra Moon natives are refined and docile creatures who aspire to reach a higher level of universe and to become bang-up artists. But they are very individual when it comes to sharing their own feelings because they give a draw of importance to their inside worldly concern.

As dreamers from the Pisces ’ influence, they will always seek to determine what connects us humans with a different plane of being. Their necessitate to make the universe a more beautiful set will cause them to struggle not knowing if their aesthetics are accepted by the general public. The Libra in them will make them seek harmony more than anything else. People with imagination and high ideals inspire them. They appreciate others based on their contribution to the greater good. The more they will get together with individuals who are creative and think increasingly, the more they will be spiritually fulfilled. There ’ mho nothing raw, common, ugly or indecent about these natives. Because they are so pleasant and affirmative, others will be drawn to them like moths to flames. not the most cerebral students of life, they have a sixth sense on which they rely to make judgments and perceive the world. Understanding what others can ’ t, the Pisces Sun Libra Moon combination is tolerant and flexible. They are not the action takers of the zodiac, but their strategies and plans seem to always succeed. When it comes to work under pressure and respecting a taut schedule, no one can count on them. When things are happening this means, they don ’ t have the exponent to take a visualize to its end. But their affirmative view on life will help them in about any situation. While others will struggle, they will manage to see behind difficulties and accomplish what they have set their thinker to. Their way of balancing things and bringing harmony will help them be appreciated by others, all the time. It ’ s in their nature to be like this because the determine of the Libra is strong. Everything artsy and beautiful makes their heart tick faster and their brain to get activated. They understand design and architectural concepts, so they would make incredible artists who have many fans. No to mention they are incurable romantics. spiritual and joyful, these Pisces will find smasher in every short matter. But their emotions can besides cause them problems from time to time, as it happens with all the people who are besides sensitive. But in general, the Pisces Sun Libra Moon individuals will be appreciated for being kind and bringing peace everywhere they may be going. Balanced, kind and sweet, the Libra will only enhance the celebrated sensitivity of Pisces. They like the finest things and at the same time are aware that only unvoiced sour will bring them fiscal security. But the Pisces determine is dreamier and less adequate to of dealing with the harsh reality. They can imagine besides much and forget about their real problems. Those born with their Sun in Pisces and Moon in Libra will not look for a problem that is excessively challenge and at the same meter rewarding. The ladies in these signs will be tempted to marry rich men, as an escape. They will want a comfortable and guarantee biography, so they will choose the easy way out. It would be a shame for them to waste their talents. But their need for balance and comfort will most likely prevail. If emotionally disturbed, people with this Sun Moon combination will retreat in their fantasy worldly concern and that ’ s why they need to have balance and peace at all times .

Playful lovers

Those born under the Sun in Pisces Moon in Libra combination are easily lovable and not extremely demanding. They like to flirt and to test the terrain before they decide whether a person is their perfect lover or not. romantic and emotional, they will make all kind of impressive gestures to prove their love to their other half. The more a person is into romanticism and fantasy, the more they will fall for that individual because they are the lapp. Sun in Pisces people are the rulers of the fantasy kingdom. They are normally living in a different universe ever since they are born. It ’ s possible you ’ ll find them drifting flush when they will be in their fan ’ south arms.

But they are the best at guessing other people ’ s feelings and thoughts. So they ’ ll surprise their love ones with what these want the most. And when they will feel veto energies in their relationship, they will be able to immediately make the site better. however, their collaborator needs to understand that they are sensitive and emotional. Moon Libras are elegant creatures who like only beauty and the finest things in life. The fact that they want harmony and to treat their partner like a prince or a princess is not something superficial about their personality. Whiles struggling to make their lover glad, this Sun Moon combination can forget all about themselves and their dreams. They need person who ’ s as in love with art and high-quality things, just as them. After all, this is what a Venus-ruled sign is looking for in soulmates. The downside of these people is their avoidance to be involved in conflicts and making harsh decisions. If there isn ’ triiodothyronine harmony in their life, these natives merely can ’ thyroxine be happy .

The Pisces Sun Libra Moon man

No doubt, the Pisces Sun Libra Moon homo is the gentleman in love with everything that ’ mho angelic and beautiful. This guy ’ mho manners will always impress, not to mention that he ’ mho constantly fine-looking. The time and energy he invests in his appearance can seem absurd to many. normally base, he can besides be self-absorbed and gallant. But he will manage to get along with others because he ’ s excessively civilized and decent. The Pisces man is therefore deep and sensitive that he could be a successful poet. Because he lives in a illusion world, he can imagine he ’ s the champion of his own life. The theme of love makes him even more quixotic than he actually is. You will never see him being natural or crude. This classy ridicule hates it when people are like this. His empathic and diplomatic fictional character will help him sympathize people better than others are able to. When challenged to a argument, he will stand his ground but will besides look to bring back the peace. He may not have a compass on world because he ’ s an idealist. Seeing the best in others will cause him to get scammed and manipulated by less well-intentioned people .

The Pisces Sun Libra Moon woman

The charwoman with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Libra is relaxed and identical receptive to meeting new people. She will be democratic no matter if she will move from place to place because people think of her as fun and nice. supportive and loyal, this lady will make friends for a life. And she will help the ones she cares about without expecting anything in return key. Her precedence is to give a hand, not to obtain something. While generous and ready to make compromises, she hush can ’ metric ton be pushed over besides many times. But because she wants peace more than anything else, she will most probably give in when others will oppose her. When she will no longer have any resources to make it in life, she will become stress and desperately expression for a solution. The way this lady resolves problems is by talking. The more people will love and respect her, the happier she will be. More a fan than a champion, the Pisces Sun Libra Moon womanhood will attract men like a magnet. Her relationships will be cherished. Because she gives a boastful importance to beauty and romanticism, she will most probable have a well-groomed man who likes to send her flowers and chocolate. But this guy needs to offer her security and balance before anything else. When things become excessively nerve-racking for her, she turns into this person who criticizes and is more huffy than common. An idealist, this dame wants paleness and judge. The fact that she can see both sides of a report makes her one of the greatest judges of characters and situations .

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