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This tutorial shows and easily way to draw a pineapple in eight steps going from a basic outline to a detail and color draw .

Pineapple drawing step by step
A pineapple has a reasonably building complex shape which can make it a little sting confusing as to how you should draw one. To make things simpler this tutorial provides a detail dance step by step breakdown of the drawing approach which should make it easier to understand .
Be sure to start the draw in pencil and make very sparkle and thin lines that you can easily erase as you will need to do therefore in one of the steps. Light lines will besides make it easier to correct any potential mistakes.

Step 1 – Draw the Outline of the Pineapple

Pineapple outline drawing
Being by drawing an outline of the pineapple. It should be like to an ellipse but with a reasonably flatten top and bottom .
besides be indisputable to have enough room at the top of your drawing area for the crown of leaves. These will be about american samoa improbable as the pineapple itself so leave quite a bit of outer space .

Step 2 – Add the Bottom of the Crown

Pineapple crown bottom drawing
On top of the pineapple outline add the beginning partially of the pennant of leaves. Draw the ones at the very bottom bend downwards and overlapping the telephone line that defines the pineapple ( in this example there are just three of them ). Erase the partially covered by them after you ’ re done. future draw the leaves that are sticking out more upwards .

Step 3 – Add the Middle of the Crown

Pineapple crown middle drawing
On top of the leaves from the former footfall draw the adjacent batch. These should be slenderly longer pointing a little act more upwards.

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Step 4 – Add the Top of the Crown

Pineapple crown drawing
last draw the top depart of the crown with the longest leaves pointing upwards and curving just a bantam bite to the sides .

Step 5 – Draw the First Part of the Pattern

Pineapple pattern drawing
To draw the design of the pineapple first make one laid of lines ( classify of like stripes ) on an slant across it ’ second surface. Be careful to make the lines on an angle similar to the example. If you tilt them excessively much one way or the other the fiddling rhombuses that are going to be created in the following footprint can end up looking very distorted .

Step 6 – Finish the Pattern

Pineapple section drawing
now draw a second located of lines going in the reverse commission and overlapping the first put to create the patter of the little sections the pineapple is made up of .

Step 7 – Draw the Bracts

Pineapple line drawing
Inside each incision created in the previous two steps draw a short tooth like shape of the bracts. once done these should look a little bit like waves going across the pineapple .

Step 8 – Color the Pineapple

Pineapple drawing
The easiest way to color the pineapple is probably with colored pencils or markers ( or a combination of the two ). Paints may not be a dependable option as it will be hard to fill each little section with a brush without going over the edges .
For the actual colors make the leaves a yellow/green, the pineapple orange ( with a piece of brown ) and the bracts yellow. If you don ’ t have a pencil that matches the color you want precisely you can merely mix them. For example first fill in the pineapple with orange and then lightly go over it with brown.


A pineapple has a draw of parts making which can make it slightly confusing and time consuming to draw. however if you use a step by step set about as suggested in this tutorial it can make drawing one much easier and more organized. besides as mentioned at the originate it ’ mho constantly a good idea to begin a guide ( particularly a more complex one like a pineapple ) with light pencil lines that you can easily erase in case you make a error .
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