The Australian Institute of Physics – WOMEN IN PHYSICS LECTURER

The Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics Lecture Tour celebrates the contribution of women to advances in physics. Under this schema, a womanhood who has made a significant contribution in a field of physics will be selected to deliver lectures in venues arranged by each participating branch of the AIP.


Nominations are presently sought for the AIP WIP Lecturer for 2022. We have re-opened nominations and are seeking a woman working within Australia who :

  • has made a significant contribution in a field of physics research
  • has demonstrated public speaking ability
  • is available in 2022 to visit Canberra and each of the six Australian State capital cities and surrounding regions.

Presentations will include school lectures, public lectures and research colloquium, topic to negotiation with the respective AIP branches and their contacts. School and public lectures are expected to be of interest to non-specialist physics audiences, and to increase awareness among students and their families of the possibilities offered by continuing to study physics. University lectures will be presented at a flat suitable for the individual audience ( professional or graduate ). Costs for air/surface travel and accommodation will be covered. It should be noted that there is no remuneration for the lectures and that this is a volunteer outreach activity.

Nominations should be sent via mail or electronic mail to the AIP Special Projects Officer ( see data below ) via the nomination form ( please click here to download the nomination shape ). Self-nomination is welcomed, as are nominations from branches or employers/colleagues .
If you would like to learn more about the lector have, you can find a report by previous lector Dr Ceri Brenner ( 2018 ) published in volume 55, issue 6, australian Physics ( page 196 ).

Nomination Requirements

  1. Currently working within Australia
  2. Completed WIP Lecture Tour Nomination Form

Information requested on the nomination form include the following:

  • Nominee’s name and contact details,
  • a detailed record of presentations to the general public, schools and media
  • a brief statement of the research area of interest to the nominee
  • an outline of the nominee’s significant contribution to physics
  • references to key publications in which these contributions were presented (via curriculum vitae)
  • evidence of the nominee’s ability to give a lecture which will excite an enthusiastic response in senior secondary and undergraduate students. (NOTE: this requirement must be adequately addressed in order for the nominee to be considered for selection)
  • Self-nominations should include names of two referees who can attest to the ability of the nominee to give lectures appropriate for the target audience.

information requested on the nominating speech class include the postdate :

New Closing Date : 17 September 2021
Applications and nominations should be sent by e-mail to the AIP Special Projects Officer :

Previous AIP Women in Physics Lecturers

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