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Let ’ s introduce what is, this web site claims to be a free content curation service where people can connect to one another through community engagement by sharing articles and customizing their “ newspaper ” with versatile themes of contented. You first start out by creating a detached account, then after you ’ ve chosen your choice of subject, you are given the choice to choose a modern layout versus a classic layout for your “ paper ” page. I chose the topic of television receiver and the classical layout. I looked at how the modern layout would look like first and I noticed how the articles and headers are much bigger and bulkier looking than with the authoritative layout. I preferred the classical layout because I thought it sectioned off the categories of television decently by headlines, art & entertainment, sports, engineering, skill, # news, and an overall view of all articles included on the paper page. It flush mechanically selects articles in television receiver themes. It looks identical simple and easy to use but I was confused a set of the time because you actually have to navigate your manner through it with its tutorials for the blueprint you ’ d like such as the title baptismal font and sharing articles by reposting their connect in the adding subject section rather of sharing another post. I think the site does have a repost/sharing push button by I could not find it. But you are able to find more papers through the newsstand and visit other papers and favorite them. I besides liked how I could post articles I thought were interesting on the vane and I posted three of them on my newspaper page in relative to entertainment.

Kate Moore wrote an article that concisely covered some of the beneficial functions of Some of the things she pointed out were that you can “ mechanically find, publish & promote engaging articles, photos, and videos from across the web. ” ( Moore ) which I agree with. besides, it helps people to see what kind of business and interests you have that can help people find your content and vice versa. Plus they can track hashtags on chitter and connect the newspaper web site with your personal Twitter report. But the contribution that I found unmanageable was that if you want to mechanically connect your Facebook or LinkedIn it won ’ metric ton let you and some of the more customization layouts and features as well which were lone allowed use if you purchase the pro interpretation. There are two options of payments for purchasing the pro, $ 9 per calendar month or $ 99 for a year while the foremost calendar month is exempt. Unless you are a business and you want more forwarding I might see the worth in purchasing it but sol far I ’ ll pin to the detached adaptation for personal function. Though the web site is ambitious with trying to keep the audience concern in learning other relevant news it still caters to only one theme of content since the first thing they ask new users is to find a topic they like. So it filters and finds entirely late or popular articles based on that and therefore the sources shown are limited alternatively of sharing respective types of topics they claim to touch on besides.

So the affordances of the technology are that it lets us find our own prosecute articles and some design. But they control most of what we are looking for by managing our papers through automatic pistol suggestions and they technically own our newspaper since the link does not include our username or who the page belongs to, except for when you visit our pages. I suggest that they adopt that officiate as they do on where you create your own blog space on-line and it gives you an option to make your own sphere name. These are some observations I made when I was using and I could see the potential of the locate but I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe it is there yet in capacity connection or slowly mobility. such as reaching toward a larger consultation because everyone has different interests that can go in many types of topics or capacity so they need more unlike forms of engagement.

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