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Painting a Car Dashboard

To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Cars can be customized in an about infinite number of ways and painting a car dashboard is precisely one of them. It is besides a good way to rejuvenate the appearance of an older car. This article will list the tools and the steps needed for such a customization.

Step 1 – Removing the Dash

Gather the necessary materials and confer with your car ‘s repair manual for instructions on removing the dashboard. You do not want to paint the crash while it is installed in the car. Following the instructions in the manual, carefully remove the dashboard and put it on a work surface for dismantling .

Step 2 – Preparation

Disassemble the dashboard into its individual components. Set aside the pieces that you will not be painting. Take your time with the formulation of the pieces to be painted. Spending a few extra minutes at this step will result in a much more meet expect and finish to your car splashboard. Clean the remaining pieces with strong buttery water system and allow them to dry. future take the painters tape and mask off any parts of the splashboard that you do not want to paint.

gently roughen the surface of the plastic pieces with the scouring pad. The rough surface will provide a surface for the paint fuse to adhere to. Wipe the splashboard pieces clean of any residue from the scouring embroider. You are now cook to paint your splashboard .

Step 3 – Painting the Dashboard

Before you start painting the splashboard ensure the rate is well ventilated. Paint fumes can be highly toxic and cause respiratory ailments. besides, choose a key color that matches or compliments the existing color of the interior and outside of your cable car. You can hang each nibble using the cable clothes hangers or lay them on the newspaper. Using a smooth back and forth motion, apply the key fuse to the splashboard pieces. Let the primer thoroughly dry before applying a second coat, if necessary. When the primer is completely dry, apply your paint color in the same way you applied the fuse. But be careful as you paint. Use the atomizer paint far off from your car to avoid any overspray hitting the car. Using dull, smooth sweep motions with the spray paint will ensure the most even coat. Apply a second coat of rouge if necessity and allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Step 4 – Applying the Clear Coat

When the paint is wholly dry, apply a layer of clear coat. multiple layers of acquit coat will provide a more glossy and durable finish. Be surely to let each layer thoroughly dry before applying another layer of gain coat .

Step 5 – Reassembly

once all the parts are dry, remove the painters tape from the pieces that did n’t get painted and reassemble the parts to the dashboard. Carefully install the dashboard second into the car and enjoy your newly customized car !

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