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Finding Work

To find work on WorkStation, go to the left field rail navigation, and suction stop on “ Find Work ” under “ Work. ” At the very top of this page, we highlight tasks you ’ re presently working on, tasks you ’ ve recently worked on, and any tasks we recommend for you. Underneath that is a full list of available assignments .
Each appointment contains a number of important details. The first thing you ’ ll comment is the assignment style, which is the most general description of the assignment. Underneath the title is a more detail description of the work that ’ s required, along with the issue of tasks available, the amount that each tax pays, and the maximal meter allowed to complete a tax before it is returned .
To review an assignment ’ s full moon instructions and layout, suction stop on the “ Preview ” icon. If the grant interests you, you can begin working on a task by clicking the “ Start ” button. If you don ’ t have the qualification necessary to access a particular appointment, this clitoris will say “ Qualify ” rather of “ Start. ” Clicking on it will take you to the judgment foliate for that reservation.

Some of our assignments have a feature called discipline mode. When training mode is enabled on an assignment, new contributors will experience a limit on the sum of tasks they can submit before their pending assignments are reviewed. This is to ensure that contributors receive proper aim and feedback when they join a new project. If you hit your submission limit, the “ Start ” button will alternatively say “ Pending Review. ” once your pending shape is processed, this clitoris will change to “ Start. ”

certain assignments have bonus opportunities in accession to the basis pay per task. If an assignment is eligible for a bonus, you ’ ll see the bonus picture next to the utmost time allowed. Once you click “ Start, ” you can view the bonus program details.

There are a act of tools that let you control the assignments you see on this page. On the leave english, you can filter by the type of sour available, such as write or data entrance, adenine well as the payment sum. There ’ south besides an choice to see only the tasks that you are qualified to work on. At the top, you can sort the results by highest requital sum, most available tasks, or most recently worked on .
The search box lets you narrow down your results even further, and you can save your searches to return to them later. Access saved searches by clicking on “ Saved Searches ” under “ Work ” in the leave rail navigation .
In accession to saving your searches, you can besides save an appointment as a front-runner. To do so, simply click the star topology icon by the assignment title. Access your favorite assignments by navigating to “ Favorites ” in the track navigation .

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